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  1. Renault Scenic Fidgi sticky handles and switches

    General Chat
    Thanks to all who responded to my Sticky residue problem on my handles and switches. I've tried all the suggestions but still have the problem. I thought the surgical wipes had done the best job but not cleared entirely. Not an easy problem to resolve. I've tried a few different valeting...
  2. Sticky brakes when cold

    Hi, With the beast from the east well and truly here, I have a newish problem. This morning, at -6 deg temperature, I released my hand brake to set off to work. My rear passenger caliper did not release and just kept locked. So, driving was a nightmare when you're constantly crabbing and...
  3. Laguna Alize 1.8 16v Yr,2000: Throttle sticky when engine is running.

    Good day everyone, I have just acquired a Laguna Mk1 'Alize', 1.8 16v, manual, petrol, hatch/saloon (yr:2000), which I like very much. The car has done 82,000 miles. The car has one small niggle: The throttle is sticky, but only when the engine is running. Can anyone tell me the likely cause...
  4. Rubbery sticky interior plastics

    Hi, sorry if this has been covered previously. I have a 2004 Scenic 2 Privlege and have a problem with a sticky rubbery coating on the interior door handles (what you pull to close the door) and the upper central console (the casing surround for the heater climate controls radio etc) These...
  5. Sticky brake issue (Front? Front left?!)

    Hi All I’m hoping someone can help? I’ve looked for a solution to this but as yet am getting nowhere and would like to avoid yet more unnecessary work… I have a 2004 Clio MK2 DCi that is used as a commuter car, doing 60miles per day. From cold, brakes are usually fine. After a while of...
  6. Sticky Brake Light

    Hi All Have noticed my brake light staying on for a short time after breaking (intermittent) - I can only see the reflection of the high light but assuming it is all, and I only ever notice it in the dark. The car isn't actually braking unless I've got my foot on the pedal. Could this be a...
  7. 2015 clio .9 the with sticky slug on bottom of dip stick

    i own a 2015 clio for two days now and have noticed that the idling of the 3 cylinder engine just doesn't seem right. On my driveway there are noticeable soot marks!! and when checking the oli stick, i found something that resembled chewing gum on the bottom of it:eek:
  8. Sticky Nut on Axle Sub Bush

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all thanks for letting me join :) my problem is, as you can guess we are changing the sub axle bushes on our 53 plate laguna 1.8 16v, after removing the plate under the bush we have tried to remove the centre bolt that runs through the old bush but after 2 or 3 turns it is now just spinning...
  9. 54 plate clio sticky clutch

    Hi all Clutch pedal when pressed seems to stick very slightly as i release it, it doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, will be for the entire journey. It's a very minor stick but just want to know possible causes/fixes in advance. Thanks
  10. Sticky Wastegate? 1.9dci

    Hi again, yet another problem over here! I have noticed that when I really give my Lag II 1.9dci the boot it will go well, but then the next time I get no turbo. I thought at first OH S**T IT KILLED IT! I've heard stories of the turbo on these cars going pop. However, if I simply switch off...
  11. renault engine cambelt tools poss sticky

    am always looking for this for members any chance a member/mod can list the page with out a link i have no idea how to and make it a sticky as it also shows how to use the tools Ron
  12. Sticky gear change.

    My Clio had a sticky change at about 30,000 miles and a oil change helped a lot then at about 85000 miles it started again, so I changed it to MTF 94 this is a manual transmition fluid as far as I know around the 75/80 mark, this as transformed the gear change especially from 1st to 2nd and back...
  13. Steering Wheel leaving sticky black hands

    I have a general question which actually relates to my Vaux Astra but I did also have a similar situation with an old Triumph Herald years ago:- My car is 19 years old and now especially in damp weather (doesn't seem to do it on warm days) when I hold the steering wheel the rim feels vey tacky...
  14. replacing steering motor on scenic 2 (poss sticky :) )

    So after a lot of searching I couldn’t find a guide I thought it might be useful to any one else who might have the same problem. forgot to take photos so Ill try to be as descriptive as I can so here goes Fault diagnostic steering fault on dash stop light car still starts steering lock...
  15. Sticky dashboard

    What can I use to clean my Scenic 11 sticky dashboard?
  16. newbie with a sticky fan! advice please!!!

    hi all, i am new to the world of renault! ive just picked up today a 2002 renault scenic 1.8 16v. On the 110 mile journey home, it became apparent that the fan wasn't working/blowing. I've trawled through the many threads on here and followed the advice i found with regarding checking certain...
  17. Clio Sport Sticky Throttle

    Hi i've a 05 Clio 182. when the throttle pedal gets close to the floor it has a sticky point you have to press harder to get full throttle. I've a spare throttle pedal with the same thing. Should it be like this? If yes, does anyone know why? thanks
  18. Sticky injector? Fuel addetives

    Hi. Have jusy put 4 x 2nd hand injectors in my espace. There is a loud 'ticking' under acceleration load, not at idle or under no load revs, and it disappears as the revs get higher. I assume this to be a noisy injector. I have put some injector cleaner in a tank of fuel, does anyone rate this...
  19. Sticky accelerator??

    Hi, brought 02 1.5 clio recently. Since had it the rev's go up slightly when changing up through the gears. Thought clutch was slipping but have had that checked and garage said was fine. Am now wondering if it could be the accelerator sticking, as when I release accelerator for a second before...
  20. Sticky Tappits on an Espace 2.0litre

    Hi guys, I have a couple of questions about my car before I go to a garage and have work done. 03 plate with 63k on the clock. 2litre advantage My car makes a racket whilst on tick over, when I press the throttle the noise goes...took it to a garage did an engine flush noticed there was no...