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  1. Stop Braking System Fault repeatedly coming on

    A few days ago I had a message come up on my dash saying to STOP braking system fault. I took to the garage and they put a diagnostics on and told me it is the brake light switch and they will charge for £150. I decided to get the part and change it myself, however, the the warning message is...
  2. Rear Brake Lights Do Not Get Brighter When Pedal Pressed

    I have a 2011 Megane RS Coupe and bought some LED Rear Stop/Tail light bulbs for that extra brightness. The problem is when the brake pedal is pressed the brake light doesn't come on when the main lights are off and when the lights are switched on the light comes on but doesn't get any brighter...
  3. Stop light coming on every 10 miles

    I purchased my car 4 months ago and from the 2nd week the STOP light comes on after every 10 miles. If i shut off the engine and start the car, it disappears and then comes on again after another 10 or so miles. i had a diagnostics check and was told whilst its likely its something to do with...
  4. Abs, Handbrake and STOP light

    So I bought a 2004 Renault Clio 1.2 the other day from a private seller, all was fine test driving until I got it home and the Abs, Handbrake and STOP light all came on together. They go when the ignition is turned off and back on the lights go until I get to a high speed or break a lot so it...
  5. Braking System Fault message - Megane 3 **Fixed**

    Hi guys, Really hoping someone can help. My Megane iii 2010 wont start and has the message Braking System Fault displayed on the dash. As well as the warning lights ABS, STOP, (!) symbol and the spanner symbol. Also the headlights a stuck on too! I have checked Brake fluid levels which is ok...
  6. Fuel Injection Failure. Power cut completely

    Fuel injection failure and complete loss of power, happening intermittently on autoroutes. I was driving through France, from Calais to Chamonix. After about 500km, the engine cut out, a warning light on the dashboard said STOP and FUEL INJECTION FAILURE. I had no power so had to pull into the...
  7. Dci, fuel cut out, engine stop light, miss fire

    Hello Folks, I have recently taken on my wife’s 2004 1.5Dci clio with 100k on the clock. I have had my problems with the car in the past but it seems that this one is a little more major. I was driving the car two weeks ago and the car miss fired and lost power and then carried on as...
  8. Battery charge fault light but charging fine! **Fixed**

    Hi, In decemebr last year I started to get a battery charge fault light on the dash but only every now and again. After a few weeks the car failed to start one morning and battery would'nt charge. So I replaced the battery and all seemed fine expect the warning light still came on...
  9. Stop light's on

    Hello in the english forum. I am the owner of an Espace ph 3, 2,2dt from 1997, I am danish, and after having repaired (engine in and out, timing belt crash, different dammages in cylinder head ....) i'm having trouble to run the engine. Stop comes up, after this battery sign, then oil can. Low...
  10. Megane gone mad !!!! HELP

    :confused:I am in panic mode at the minute as my wifes chosen car, the 37,000 miles coupe automatic 2 litre VVT petrol Priviledge megane has gone from her dream car to a nightmare. She loves it but we now have twin baby girls, Ok they seem to fit in the small back seat in their little carseats...
  11. Renault Laguna - Changed battery - now no power

    Hi folks, Need a little help here, Ive searched the forums but can find nothing similar, although I dont know how this isn't a common problem. The original battery on our 04 2.2D Laguna had gone, constantly going flat and driving didnt charge it. It was the original Renault battery, so 7 years...
  12. Coolant leak

    My 2002 Clio has developed a coolant problem. I noticed last night that the temperature gague was at the max and the "STOP" and "engine" lights were on. There was also no heat from the air vents even though I had been driving for a while. When I checked the coolant this morning to see if it was...
  13. can anyone help? clio 52 plate 1.2

    ive got a clio 1.2 16v 52 plate ive only had the car for about a month, and on saturday, while driving, the STOP warning light came on the dash for about 5 seconds and went back off. i also noticed that the heater is blowing cold even when set to warm. i only know the basics and when i got...
  14. Glowplug problems

    Hi All, I'm a newbie here and have searched for an answer to this on the forums but not found a fitting answer. I have a Scenic DCi 2001. It has done 108000 miles. Recently I am having problems starting it. Initially the glowplug light would not always come on and the car would not start...
  15. Odd ABS problem!

    Wheels & tyres
    Hello, I seem to have had a fault develop with the ABS on my phase 3 espace. Earlier today under light braking it felt like the drivers side front wheel was slipping! First time i thought I may have driven over somthing slippery, but then it happened again (and tyres clean). Just as I was...
  16. Stop light coming on

    Renault megane 2 1600 The stop light is coming on / beeping sound when on steep incline or heavy braking. this does not happen at any other time.