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  1. Clio 3 1.2 Battery and Stop light

    Hello everyone! I have 2006 Clio mk3 1.2 75hp. 9 months ago i replaced the battery. Ever since after 10-15 minutes drive Battery and Stop light comes on. Restart the car and lights are gone. Charging is normal. Hasn't drained the battery once! Nothing else happens when the lights come on, radio...
  2. Dashboard RED STOP light

    Hi all, I just bought a Modus 1.5 dci 86 oasis, On my way home the Red Stop light came on and after a few seconds it went of again, any idea what that means? Many Thanks Dom
  3. Clio mk2 54 plate takes longer to stop

    Hi I have noticed that my clio is taking longer than usual to stop, I have to hold my brakes a few more seconds for it to completely stop on a red light. I have replaced brake pads last year and did a brake check recently and still has enough thickness of 5mm. When I did replace my front pads...
  4. stop light on dash

    hi there my daughter just brought clio 2007 and after 10 mins driving the stop light and battery light on dash goes on theres no loss on power nothing else it has new alternator from previous owner hopefully she hasnt brought a dud
  5. Stop warning light

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I was having problems with my renault trafic, overheating and not running right also stop warning light and temperature light would stay on, narrowed it down to coolant temperature sensor, changed it and it's now driving good again, My problem is the stop light and temperature light are...
  6. Stop Start / Hill Assist

    Hey I have the 2015 Clio IV RS Cup and was wondering does the car have a stop start function? If so how to activate? Also how about Hill Assist? How to activate and deactivate? Thanks
  7. Parking break faulty (!) STOP

    Good morning, recently my car has been saying parking break faulty, it was fine but now sometimes it starts sometimes it doesnt. The car runs smooth when it is. But now it says STOP. is there anything I can do to fix it. ?
  8. Check stop and start message

    Ask the Experts
    Hi! I have a renault clio sport tourer limited edition. I bought brand new in april 2018. I have som problems with a message in the messageboard. It's usually come when I drive at the highway. Suddenly the message comes and it says "Check Start and Stop". My car have been at the dealer for check...
  9. 2012 Grand Scenic 1.5dci 110BHP 'Engine Failure Hazard Stop'

    Hi all My Renault grand scenic with K9K 656 1.5dc Engine has decided to pop up the nice big red warning 'Engine Failure Hazard Stop' on way home from work last week, I pulled over stopped car checked that nothing had fell off, quick google and decided to start on my way and within a few...
  10. Twingo Charging / STOP light (Dimmed)

    Hello, New issue with my little Twingo dCi from 2012 (CN03) This morning, in the dark, I noticed the charging and STOP light is glowing, very weak though, but also when the engine is not started. It lit up as it should when stating and then it got back to the weak glowing. Is there a common...
  11. Stop warning light but drives ok

    Ask the Experts
    Morning, we have a Renault Scenic 2010 DCi and about 6 months ago the stop warning light came on. The car drove fine and one thing let to another and we just carried on driving it, eventually it started check ESP and we noticed cruise control wasn***8217;t working, few months later and it cut...
  12. What causes brake stop warning to activate ? **Fixed**

    Hi, more espace problems.. my espace issue list is now 18 things needing fixed over the next year with about 6 needing attended to ! Thats not counting the 30 things I sorted over the past 2 years. Well it is 13 years old and gets used a lot. Now the brake stop light warning is coming on the...
  13. Trafic II blowing NS Stop and Tail bulbs **Fixed**

    Struggling to diagnose a problem with the near side stop and tail light which keeps blowing bulbs. It's saying short circuit or over voltage to me as the bulbs are white inside and glass sometimes cracked, but I can't seem to confirm it. Have tried swapping the bulb holder with the off side one...
  14. Clio mk2 2004 stop light and oil light on?

    Hi guys got a clio mk2 2004 plate And a fault has started in that everytime i turn hard round a corner or round a round about the oil can light come on and the stop light , this comes on for a few seconds then goes out until the next round about or harsh turn would come be causing this ...
  15. can worn valves, cylinder or rings stop the injector from spraying ?

    Have some black smoke and 20% loss of power, but only after the 1.9dci espace warms up a good bit. When cold all seems fine. So have spent the past week checking all the fuel lines and taking live data for each injector and all various parameters like fuel temps etc. After about 10 trips I...
  16. ABS light STOP light and Break light on

    Laguna 2006 2.0i hi all it was raining about two days ago and I went out in the car to the shop and the lights came on the dash board and the speedo went to zero MPH and haven't worked I checked both abs sensors in case rain got behind them but all seems okay and also changed abs fuse what else...
  17. Auto Start Stop

    Hi guys just wondering keeping auto start stop deactivated makes any difference to the car performance is it bad to keep it off as it really annoys me so every time I start car I turned it off Renault Megane 1.5 dci
  18. Stop alert for no reason?

    My Laguna 2 lately started to show "Stop" in red but works mainly OK... Had the alert before but then there was an obvious leak in the fuel return circuit. Now rectified and alert disappeared after car was locked/unlocked. Could low oil level be a reason, or is it just 'Gremlins' like the tire...
  19. Stop alert in Laguna 2

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, new to this forum ***x1f642; Owns Laguna 2 1,8 16v Grand Route. Also we have 2 more Laguna 2 in the family... Live in Sweden. Hope to find knowledge here ***x1f642;
  20. Renault Clio mk3 braking fault with stop light (FIX)

    Hi guys, took my Clio in today after having the ***8216;braking fault***8217; warning message display intermittently along with the red STOP light and the red braking system warning light. I read a lot online about this combination of warning messages being caused by low brake fluid so, having...