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  1. Ask the Experts
    Hi all, could not seem to find any posts for this. I have just discovered that I have water in the secret storage compartment, drivers side It is the only compartment in the whole car. Now I have read about the drainage holes ,where you have to take away the wiper motors in order to get...
  2. Interiors
    Dear all, I am currently cleaning my car:crazy: and discovered that there are some documents stuck in one of the back seat storage trays. These trays are simular to the front seat storage trays but smaler. There already exists a topic on how to remove the front seat storage trays but this...
  3. Wanted
    hi all im after 1 of these storage units that goes above the front seats ,,hopeing to get it to fit an earlier model thx in advance steve its for a 02 kangoo mpv
  4. Interiors
    Hi I discovered about 50mm of water in the drivers side foot well storage compartment I've no idea how to find where it could come from:confused:
  5. For sale
    i have 2 leather trimmed door storage boxes for 3 door 2002/2008 megane's.will also fit cc These are in excellent condition with no marks to the leather and the hinges are all intact £40 posted
  6. General Chat
    Hi Guys I'm having to move house in a couple of weeks which means my Fiat Cinquecento needs to go. Sadly it's not in a state to go on the road and i can't part with it. I do intend very soon to get the welding done she needs get back on the road. So my question what storage options are...
  7. Interiors
    Hello, Does anyone know how to remove the sliding central storage compartment between the two front seats in a 2010 Grand Scenic? Some small but valuable items have fallen into a cavity under the console, so I really need to remove it. I have removed two 1/2 inch/12mm bolts from the back of...
  8. Interiors
    Would be grateful on any advice how to fix the lid on the compartment thats on top of the dashboard on 99 Scenic, lid won't close. Tahnks
  9. Interior styling
    My family and I love the 2003 Kangoo 1.5dci Authentique we bought secondhand last year, but there really isn't much space inside for out-of-sight storage for things like Sat-Nav etc so when I was at the scrap yard today looking for a clean Tracklist CD/Radio from a Clio to replace the...
  10. Interiors
    Hi all. My 2010 mk3 megane coupes driver side floor cubby is filling up with water all the time. I had it in the garage and they cleaned the door shuts they said . But its still filling up with water. Tons of it. Anyone got any ideas. Ive been googling . Lots about scuttles. But I have no...
  11. Wanted
    I'm after a set of the overhead storage boxes for my 2005 kangoo, don't mind colour and condition pm me with what you have
  12. For sale
    Hi, for sale I have a centre console from my 2010 Renault Grand Scenic, its grey in colour in really good condition, was fitted for about 12 months. Looking for £180, open to offers, located in West Yorkshire. Same one as this listing on ebay...
  13. Wanted
    I need the shelf that goes over the windscreen for a kangoo .
  14. Interiors
    Hi, I'm looking for some overhead storage shelves for renault master, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  15. Engines
    Got a 2010 (Sept) Scenic III and since the last time I vacumed it (about 6 weeks ago) there is water in both front driver and passenger footwell storage bins. My wife came back yesterday and said on pushing clutch down to start it, her foot got soaked. I mopped up the water on the carpet...
  16. Cars & motoring
    When you unlock the rear boot it also unlocks the seat. If you study the seat it is obvious that it is designed to be reversed, however there is a rivet of sorts under the pad that holds it in place. How can this be removed or is it a safety feature stopping the seat coming out? Anyone know...
  17. Interiors
    I have a scenic 3 and my heater started making a noise then stopped working. I then found a large amount of water in the drives under floor storage compartment. Any ideas how this has happened. Bulkhead leaking?
  18. Interiors
    the front copartment in my 05 grand scenic keep getting wet so i cant use them as everything get mouldy i have check the drain pipe under wings they seem ok and i havent got a sun roof so i dont know where to look next anyone got any ideas what could be causing this
  19. Interiors
    Hi, I am unable to close the lid of the storage compartment situated above the steering wheel does anyone know what the problem could be or if I am able to remove it. Many thanks:
  20. Interiors
    i have a renault grand scenic 1.5dci and the centre storage unit inbetween the 2 front seats has stopped sliding back or forth now and again it works i need help as i can not find out the fault