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  1. Help please!!! Stranded hours from home

    Hi, just wondering if you can help. A mechanic ran a diagnostics on my car because of power draining intermittently, the following code was found (1525f328) using delphi but we are unable to find what that code corresponds to. Thank you, right now I am stranded 2 hours from home on a Friday...
  2. scenic trouble, help please my parents are stranded in London!!

    hi all........ my dad was bought a renalt scenic the other day for Christmas by my mum... all was well driving around our village. they left for London this morning to see my sister, ive just had a call... 3/4 of the way there the accelerator lost all resistance, the car slowed to a stop & the...
  3. Stranded need help, scenic won't start

    Hi all, Really need help here, scenic won't start , just says on screen that does not reconise card. The battery in the key card works but the car just won't start. Any help please?
  4. Stranded

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    Frozen carburettor On a bitterly cold winter's day several weeks ago on the Desert Rd a N Z Police Constable on patrol came across a motorcyclist, who was swathed in protective clothing and helmet, stalled by the roadside. "What's the matter?" asked the constable. "Carburettor's frozen,"...
  5. Renault Laguna 2 - Engine Management Light On

    Living in the middle of nowhere my recently purchased (private sale) Sports Tourer 03, 1.9 DCi started but sounded non too healthy. Accelarator did nothing! Element light with warning light appeared on dash. Since told it is an ECU problem & I should "remove & send it away"!?!? Is this even...
  6. Stranded - Laguna II dCI No Ignition

    Desperately seeking help/suggestions. :( Have tried searching but don't think any of the similar threads are exactly the same. Basically car has no ignition lights when keycard is pushed home. Immobiliser light stays on permanently, but no wipers, no starter turning over. So far I've tried...
  7. Help! Stranded with a dead Laguna 2...immobiliser?

    Hi There, first of all let me apologise if this has been asked before!! I opened my 53 plate Laguna Dynamique ok using the credir card type key, but when I placed it into the reader nothig happens except the radio/interior lights come on. There is a flashing red light that flashes faster when...
  8. URGENT HELP NEEDED! Espace Imobilizer, wife/kids stranded

    HELP! my wife is stuck away from home with our 3 babies/ todlers in the car. I think the immobilizer is not switching off so it won't start? The othger day the alarm kept triggering all the time, then the car would not start (imobilised) i didn't have time to look at it but when i tried the...
  9. SOS call as driver's car gets stranded in the Thames

    Cars & motoring
    SOS call as driver's car gets stranded in the Thames SOS call as driver's car gets stranded in the Thames | the Daily Mail