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  1. Strange Problem

    Hi there On saturday i was driving home climate controll on radio on, then the radio went off for about 4 seconds and came back on again. then i noticed that all off the climate controll display,fans and rear window would not work. i thought of a blown fuse so when i got back i...
  2. Strange noise after engine off or when ignition turned on Master DCI100 / G9U

    Hi all, I have the exact same fault as in this video on YouTube on my 2007 Master DCI100. It happens when the ignition is turned on to a lesser extent also. Without knowing what the hell is causing it my googling has only turned up this video and no answers!!!
  3. Strange Metalic Rattle From Timing Belt Area

    Hi everyone, Yesterday night for some reason my car was driving strange, revs were jumping up and down and car was bopping on the road as if I was constantly pressing and releasing the accelerator. I ignored it as I thought it was due to a cold start as normally for the first few minutes when...
  4. Strange braking

    Hi all. I have a Dacia/Renault Sandero 2011 model. I ran out of fuel a while ago. The car cut out and obviously one loses braking pressure. To maneuvre the car out of the road so I could walk up to the nearest filling station, I had to step quite hard on the now solid brake pedal. After filling...
  5. Strange heater problem -kadjar

    Heating & cooling
    Hi chaps, not quite sure what to make of this. I have a 2016 Kadjar signature thingy a few months ago the windscreen vents packed up and I had to have the heater box? Replaced, today I noticed that the passenger centre console vent is blowing much hotter air than the others! When I say hot I...
  6. Strange behaviour in clock and radio with new battery in Clio MK2

    Hello everyone, I have a Renault Clio MK2 from 2002, where I have changed the battery recently in the end of November for a new one, and in last 2 weeks, I notice a strange behaviour with the dashboard clock and the radio. It have started with the dashboard clock, where in the morning when...
  7. Help plese , strange things with scenic 2 light

    Hello everyone, i have strange problem with my scenic 2 light, somtime i start the car everything start perfect light automatically switch on, problem is with foh light and long light they not turn on after 30 min or 60 min ( not fixed time) they turn on normally. Somtime i start the car and...
  8. Strange bit of metal in Turbo

    Had this 2014 master 3 dropped off to the workshop the other day with a limp mode issue, initial engine scan showed that all 4 glow plugs had issues, but none that would put it in limp. Checked from GPM and only 1 was low resistance, changed the naff one and again same codes. Checked for the...
  9. strange sound engine Scenic 2005

    Does anyone recognize this sound Skickat från min H8324 via Tapatalk
  10. 1.5DCi hesitation, air in fuel line and a strange clunk

    Hi, So I have a 2010 1.5DCi Meange with 72k on the clock. The belt was changed at 63k. Over the last year, mainly when the weather is warmer there's been some hesitation, most noticable when driving along and I then take my foot off the throttle, due to a corner or say going down hill. If I...
  11. Strange noise in 6 gear

    Hi. My laguna phase 2 has just developed a whining sound. It only happens when cruising at around 70 or 80. There is no change in performance nor do I have problems changing gear and the clutch is absolutely fine. It's just 6 gear that makes the sound only.
  12. Renault Safrane strange misfire!!!

    Hi folks Ok going to try and see if anyone can help me with a problem on my Safrane(actually own 2 of them!) I have a 1994 Phase 1 2.2(J7T)manual engine and I have a strange misfire.... So I start the car up and it runs perfect for about 5 mins from cold,then suddenly a misfire develops. It does...
  13. Master strange indicator issue

    Hi all. Got an interesting one here for my 2003 Renault Master Van. (Master II) A few months ago my indicators started going a bit funny and would either flash fast, slow, intermittently or not at all. This would include the hazards too. Last week they completely stopped working, both...
  14. Really strange brake Issue. Scenic 2001

    Hello, I am in the process of fixing a Renault Scenic 2001 1.9dci. Before you ask I know what I'm doing and I'm a qualified mechanic, but I've ran in to a problem that I've never before experienced, even my cousin who has over 20 years of experience never seen this before and we cannot figure...
  15. megane 2 2006 strange idle

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and new to Renault all together, so, please, be gentle with me :/ I've recently purchased Megane II (2006 1.5 dCi) and noticed that it's idling in a strange manner. To be precise, it's pulsating. I've noticed it when it's cold (below -5C, maybe less, as of right...
  16. strange running fault 1.6 8v clio sport

    Hi people, new to this forum n first Clio ever. Bought a lovely 1.6 8v Clio sport on a W, black, 17s, stainless pipe, 10 disk really nice car, been stood 9mth, bought it with knackered gear linkage, done that, wont run right, it starts fine n ticks over till leccy choke knocks off then goes all...
  17. Strange alarm issues

    Hi again - so another strange occurrence this week, I finally got the dash board out and rebuilt the plug needed to put it back in - the dashboard is still out and I am using a GPS speedo on my phone so i know my speed etc. If i turn on my hazards the alarm sounds - and also at random if i hit...
  18. laguna estate II, LHS rear strange noise

    Sometimes just after starting up, there's a sound like the window being wound down from the LHS rear. But the window hasn't moved and it's in normal working order. I originally thought it was something to do with the rear wiper, but the wiper is switched OFF, Any ideas, thanks
  19. Scenic strange happening with electric window

    This started with a clicking noise from the control unit of the rear drivers side electric window. Then the window went down on a few occasions when locking the door. I managed to get the window back up bit by bit just by removing the fuse and replacing it until the window was fully up. I then...
  20. 2007 clio strange

    Hi all so I've got a 57 plate clio petrol and when I start driving after between 2 to 10 min I get this problem my front electric windows go down my hazard lights come on and the electric boot catch opens all at the same time all on their own it doesn't affect the car in any other way no limp...