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  1. Laguna III strange noise under acceleration

    Hi, I'm a newby to this forum this being my first post. I've recently bought a Laguna Initiale 2l 175 CDi FAP manual 2009. The car is in great condition. My concern is raised when the car is driven up a long incline under hard acceleration, there is a noise from the front passengerside of the...
  2. Heres a strange one... Fans when cold, engine running without key

    Hi, recently purchsed a mk3 clio 1.4 16v very cheap and all was well till about 24 hours after I had driven it home haha. Anyhow I came to my car this morning and there was no power for anything, central locking, radio, etc ... nada. Bought a new battery and as soon as I connect the terminal...
  3. strange electronics

    I have a problem with my electronics when I indicate the green light begins to flash then speeds up and slows down. the left indicator lamp doesn;t actually flash any ideas, have checked and replaced the lamps
  4. Strange electrical gremlin

    Over the past week, whenever I'd borrowed my wife's Scenic I've noticed occasionally when starting it from cold that either pressing the brake pedal or engaging reverse gear makes the foglight warning lamp on the dash illuminate? If I jabbed the brake pedal say 10 times, it would flash up each...
  5. Strange noise from Clio's central locking

    Within the past couple of days there's a loud whizzing noise coming from the driver's door when I activate the central locking. It only happens to this door and hasn't happened up until recently. I own a 2006 Clio 1.5 dCi.
  6. New Car - VERY strange turbo/boost fault... Long post , sorry...

    Ok, so the Laguna served "her indoors" well, but with the arrival of child No 8... It was time to become a two "7 seater" family rather than just a two car family... Managed to track down a VERY clean 05/55 Grand Scenic Priv 130 dci (fap) with 120k miles, one company owner from new...
  7. strange clutch noises laguna 1.9 dci

    Hi I have a laguna 2 1.9 dci. Whilst driving down my friends drive which is loose stone my car started making a grating noise from the clutch/gear box. The noise continue with the clutch up or down and there was feedback in the pedal that coensided with the noise. I assumed the dual mass...
  8. Megane Rear Wiper Strange Problem

    First of all i'll introduce myself, my name's Hernan i'm from Argentina and owner of a 2000 Megane RN 1.6 MK2. I'm having a very strange problem with my rear wiper. It stopped working randomly, some days it worked, some it didn't, and now all of sudden it just doesn't work. I've checked the...
  9. 97 Renault Megane - Strange Ignition Condition

    Hello everyone, I have a 1997 renault megane RT with the 1.6liter with a manual transmission. I recently changed the heater core, which was completed plugged up and at the same time correct the click click issue from the blend door motor. After all was said and done, now i have a strange issue...
  10. strange knocking

    when I spin the wheel there is a matalic knock when I start. Tried it in both neutral and 1st and it makes no difference. It seems to be coming from inside the hub. I checked the bearing by wobbling the wheel, 9&12 position solid, 3&9 about 5mm play. Any suggestions? tanks Dan
  11. Espace 1V strange intermittent electronic issues

    A few strange electronic issues keep cropping up in my espace. In November the horn would not work, the electronic handbrake sometimes stayed on and had to be manually released and funny things happened to dash. The dash packed in so I had it repaired and it is now working great. However the...
  12. Strange engine noise on RX4

    Hi. I finally managed to solve the "Low idle and cutting out" problem on my Rx4 2.0 petrol BUT now there is another problem that i need advice on please. The engine makes a strange noise. Difficult to describe but definitely not a metal on metal noise. To me it sound more like a high...
  13. megane 1 died but strange...

    hello, i have a 2002 megane 1.9 dti, 80HP, F9Q 782 left hand drive. it was starting and running perfect. after parking we started put in gear moved 2m and it died. no lights in the dash,no power to starter however, all accessories, radio, lights etc works. check the battery (with v meter)...
  14. Clio running strange

    Cars & motoring
    Hi My 2002 1.2 16v clio dynamique has a bit of a problem, at idle it runs ok but every so often it does a bit of a blow or puff out the exhaust a really really small backfire, but it also occasionally cuts out at junctions. I was thinking something to do with the coils or spark plugs, but after...
  15. Strange handling feel / all-season tyres??

    Wheels & tyres
    Hiya ... just bought this Clio. It has its pluses and minuses, and having just figured out the numero uno one of the latter it's on to the second. The steering / handling feel... it's very weird. Sort of like it's far too sensitive and jittery, with no neutral zone on the wheel lock, like it's...
  16. strange wire?

    looked under the car today and found a multiplug hanging down on the passanger side. Couldnt find what its supposed to plug into so traced it back to the rear wheel arch where it dissapears into the body. I have no warning lights on the dash, and all the electrics at the back are ok. Has anyone...
  17. Strange bumping sensation

    Wheels & tyres
    The last couple of days our Laguna 1.9dci estate has developed a strange chugging type thing from the left rear wheel. It only happens at very low speeds and feels like the left rear brake has been activated and feels akin to a car trying to drive with with the old fashioned handbrake on and the...
  18. Traction controll kicking in on left hand turn and strange feeling!!! HELPPP

    Hi iv owned my megane for a year now with no problems. Recently had 4 new tyres on 235/45/18 (should be 225 on the front)? Now on left hand corners the traction controll kicks in. Iv read my steering rack mite have gone but i dont no how to check it?? Please help. Cheers Mark
  19. Strange electrical fault

    Mk1 Clio RSi. The immobiliser 'died' (no light flashing, key plip not working) so was sent off to be bypassed by an auto electrician. On collecting the car, as soon as the headlights were put on full beam, everything cut out - no electrics at all. Further testing of the light stalk resulted in...
  20. 1999 Megane Cab Very Strange Electrical issues.

    Hello All, I had what was supposed to be a simple problem with my car... I came back from overseas and the car wouldnt start so I got a mechanic around to fix it he said the immob was faulty and so he had to remove it.... Not a problem... Except there is no central locking now...