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  1. Stuck Rear Door

    Hi, I have a 2009 Renault Scenic III and my rear left door only opens few centimeters if I try to open it It feels like something pulling it back like a spring. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Wheel bearing split in two

    Wheels & tyres
    Hello, I was replacing my brake shoes yesterday and the drums were rusted fairly bad. It took a lot of brute force to get them off, i had to reattach the wheel and boot it from behind to knock some play into them then I was able to get them off. Trouble is they appear to have split the bearing...
  3. Modus side lights stuck on

    The side lights on my 2011 Grand Modus won't turn off. I have checked the fuses and they seem ok. There are no lights on the dash and nothing I do with the lights/indicator stalk makes a difference. As far as I can tell I don't have auto lights. I have had to disconnect the bulbs so the...
  4. Sd card jammed.

    Just purchased Clio mkIV Problem fiddling with new toy! Pressed the release sd card button. Maps disappear. Try to pull out the sd card - will not budge. Seems solid, no spring bounce back as on my laptop. Stucked! Tried to push a little harder to get back in place - computer say no card...
  5. Urgent help! Clio Sunroof Stuck

    Hi All Just bought a clio rxe 1999 and I can't shut the electric.sunroof . All the lights work which are part of the same console but this is an old car ! Does anyone know it manually as it's going to rain so and will get wet Here is hoping Regards Russell
  6. Reverse Light Broken Switch / Stuck cable - Replacement Possible?

    Hi, while the car is off the road id thought id get some advice on fixing my reverse light switch, currently in the middle of changing the clutch. I only noticed this issue when it came to removing the switch connector. I relised it's stuck, literally stuck in the socket it won't budge move or...
  7. Renault Clio III stuck in 4th or 5th Gear **Fixed**

    Hey, I'm having a problem with my Renault Clio III DCI 1.5 2008. It appears that the gearbox is stuck in 4th or 5th Gear where neutral should be. To even start the engine you have to depress the clutch and when you release the clutch it feels like it's stuck in 4th or 5th gear. The gear...
  8. Clio 197 Engine Problems - Stuck (again)

    Hello. I’m looking for some advice. I’m not sure how much further I should go with trying to fix a problem myself. The car is a 2006 Clio 197. The check ignition warning light came on about a week ago and we limped home on what felt like 3 cylinders. I bought a fault code reader and there...
  9. Laguna 2012 S3 2.0dci stuck in limp mode

    Hi, the story is the front intercooler pipe split and the car went into limp mode, i presume as the turbo wasnt getting any cold air. That pipe has now been fixed, some of the power has returned if you feather it in gently but it still keeps coming up with 'check injection' and wont rev over 3k...
  10. 2006 grand scenic rear brakes stuck on **Fixed**

    2006 grand scenic 1.9 dci I have removed the electronic parking brake unit thanks to advice on the forums. The brakes are still stuck on ; how do I un-jam them so I can change the pads / discs ? and potentially replace or repair the caliper.
  11. Cruise Control stuck on Renault Clio DCI

    Hi, I was driving with my Cruise Control switch on at 69m/hr but when I press my brake to slow down the cruise control didn't come off. The cruise stayed on and didn't respond when I pressed the brake again. The test conducted revealed no fault on the Cruise Control however the clutch showed a...
  12. 2006 Clio 1.5 dci - Ignition barrel replacement - Lug won't move

    Hey guys. So I’ve worked out that I need to replace my ignition barrel on my 2006 Clio 1.5 dci; thanks to some helpful guys conforming my assessment here: ( I’ve striped the shroud down and removed...
  13. Fuel Gauge Stuck On Full

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have just bought a Renault Clio Diesel Eco 2015 1 month ago and last week I filled the fuel tank right to the top, and it clicked a few times until the pump wouldn't let me put anymore fuel in.SInce that date I would say I have done approx 100 miles and the fuel gauge hasn't moved. Will...
  14. Windscreen washer stuck in reverse **Fixed**

    Hi. My first post here. I recently bought a Scenic 2. For some reason the front screen jets have stopped working. When I pull on the stalk, the front wipers work, but the rear washer jet is operated, so it seems that the washer motor is stuck in reverse? Is this something that you've heard...
  15. 2006 Renault master airbag light has just come on

    General Chat
    HI My 2006 renault master airbag light has just came on today while out and about in the van. Had the diagnostc machine plugged in but no codes were found. Following reading a few posts on the forum I disconnected the battery and checked the wires and plug under the seat and all seems fine...
  16. clio boot lid stuck shut

    Hi Gang. I'm new on here so bear with me. I've just bought a Clio on a 55 plate 1.2 16valve Mk 3. I can't get the boot lid open. I'm in the boot from inside and have undone everything I can see and still can't get to the lock. Any ideas how to unlock the boot from the inside?? Regards Mouse..
  17. stuck at home for another week

    General Chat
    we said no more but you know the mrs will change her mind and me being a old softy, so went out and got a friend for our gsd, a gsd x rotti its full of beans and i forgot about the tiny teeth :surprise:9 weeks old and 2nd injection next tuesday so puppy sitting at the moment
  18. Renault trafic dci 115 2008 injector pump stuck

    Hi to all & thank's for letting me join, I have a renault trafic dci 115 2008 & i am trying to get injector pump out to refurbish it, But it will not come out, it wiggles & has come away a couple of mm but that's it, Any one know why, thank's
  19. stuck with no bush puller not anymore

    Tools & equipment
    so i didnt want to buy a complete bush puller set i mean how often do you do them looked around on youtube and found the answer. get your new bush measure it then pop down to tool station get some threaded bar and nuts or all i did was use my old spring compressors then get the correct size hole...
  20. renault megane roof stuck CHECK ROOF

    i have a 2006 megane mk2 i was putting the roof down and for some reason my finger slipped and the roof stopped halfway and and wont do anything so i now have the glass part in the boot and the boot lid sitting up and cant close it, i have checked the blind in the book and it where it should...