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  1. Wheels & tyres
    Looking to upgrade my kangoo's wheels away form steels to some original Renault alloys. I see an advert for some Clio 4 Stub 185/55/15, and I wonder if they'll fit my mrk 1 2008 Kangoo? Thanks for any info
  2. Exhausts
    Hi can any one answer this question please? I have a Renault Espace 2.0L Turbo mk4 on a 05 plate. Q:What size in mm are the exhaust studs that fit in and connect the Turbo to the down pipe please? Thanks Rizzo
  3. Engines
    I have an RX4 2001 scenic and have removed the turbo (exchanged it for a reconed unit) and the exhaust/inlet manifold with the engine left in place. The manifolds have been thoroughly cleaned and I noted an oily patch on the gasket as marked on the attached drwgs. I thought this was due to a...
  4. Wheels & tyres
    Probably a stupid question but what is / where can I find the stud pattern on my 2006 cabrio? I want to buy some new alloys online and obviously don't want to order the wrong ones! I know it's a 4 stud but don't know the dimensions. Thank you
  5. Wheels & tyres
    hi i was just wondering are all the 4 stud renault alloys from 1998 all the same PDC bore and offset? i'd looked on an alloy wheels website, and this seems tyo be the case. just looking to confirm this. i'm planning to buy a set of alloys from a 2005 megane (4 stud) and was hoping they would...
  6. Wheels & tyres
    Hi iam looking to buy new wheels for my espace would anyone know what other make of car fits my 5 stud renault so it opens up the wheel range a little so i have choice your help would be grateful thanks.
1-6 of 6 Results