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  1. Wheels & tyres
    Looking to upgrade my kangoo's wheels away form steels to some original Renault alloys. I see an advert for some Clio 4 Stub 185/55/15, and I wonder if they'll fit my mrk 1 2008 Kangoo? Thanks for any info
  2. Exhausts
    Hi can any one answer this question please? I have a Renault Espace 2.0L Turbo mk4 on a 05 plate. Q:What size in mm are the exhaust studs that fit in and connect the Turbo to the down pipe please? Thanks Rizzo
  3. Wanted
    For 2006 Megane 1.9 DCi Dynamique Must be in good condition, with or without tyre. Cash waiting!
  4. Wanted
    Someone must have 4 or 5 steel wheels knocking around that fit, anyone? Based near Lincoln but will travel or courier.
  5. For sale
    All 4 are curb free and only have the odd surface scratch the tyres are prob just above legal and are not the same! There is also a spare part worn tyre I bought them just before Xmas to use over Xmas but I no longer need them and they are now of the car. Collection if preferred. I want £250...
  6. Brakes/Hubs
    I've been looking all over for some 4 stud 100 pcd 60.1 bore to 5 stud 108 pcd 60.1 adapters around 20mm thickess, H&R was my best bet but they do not do anything for Renault.. Many thanks Paul
  7. Wanted
    Hi, First post here and in need of some urgent help Having fallen foul of the poor state of the roads in Oxfordshire, my front nearside wheel lost in a fight with yet another pot hole.:mad::mad: I have searched the net quite intensively and called a few suppliers but no one has any of these...
  8. Engines
    I have an RX4 2001 scenic and have removed the turbo (exchanged it for a reconed unit) and the exhaust/inlet manifold with the engine left in place. The manifolds have been thoroughly cleaned and I noted an oily patch on the gasket as marked on the attached drwgs. I thought this was due to a...
  9. Wheels & tyres
    Anyone have any idea of what makes of alloy wheels fit 16" 5 stud Mk4 Espace? Iv'e been told the spec's below are right for the car but not sure. PCD / Offset: 5 x 108
  10. Giveaways
    Hi , I just joined yesterday! As a 'joining gift' to the forum, I have a set of 15" 4 stud Clio steel rims, circa 2002. The reason I bought them was to be a set of rims for winter tyres for my 2000 Scenic. But I later discovered that the offset is different between the Scenic and Clio, so...
  11. Wanted
    Has anyone got one for sale, or know of a breakers with some....? Much appreciated
  12. Wheels & tyres
    Probably a stupid question but what is / where can I find the stud pattern on my 2006 cabrio? I want to buy some new alloys online and obviously don't want to order the wrong ones! I know it's a 4 stud but don't know the dimensions. Thank you
  13. Engines
    I've just spent a couple of weekends working on my 2004 1.9 DCi Tourer - I had a collapsed bearing on 1st/2nd shaft in a PK6 box (as many others seem to; design fault maybe?), so took the opportunity while I had the front end apart to change most of the suspension components that were well worn...
  14. Engines
    Hello, I own a Mitsibushi Space Star fitted with a Renault 1.9 diesel engine. The problem is I tried to change the oil but I can't find a tool to remove the sump stud. It looks like a star/ torque type stud but the star bit will not fit the stud. I am in dire straits,can anybody enlighten me...
  15. Wheels & tyres
    Sorry to advertise goods for sale you need to be a subscriber. The rates are £1.50 / month or £12 / year. follow this link for subscription details
  16. Wheels & tyres
    hi i was just wondering are all the 4 stud renault alloys from 1998 all the same PDC bore and offset? i'd looked on an alloy wheels website, and this seems tyo be the case. just looking to confirm this. i'm planning to buy a set of alloys from a 2005 megane (4 stud) and was hoping they would...
  17. Wheels & tyres
    Hello all, Please can anyone tell me which larger Luguna 4 stud alloys will fit my Laguna 1? It is a 1.8 RT Sport. Also will Later Laguna front spliters with the round fog lights fit, i.e is it a straight swap? Many thanks in advance. Pete.
  18. Wheels & tyres
    Hi again another post to see if anybody would like to buy my 15" 5 Stud 2002 Renault Alloy Wheels & tyres 205/65/15 They are in very good condition well looked after plenty TLC. Price best offer will secure Iam in Scotland and delivery from here down south is p&p £40-60
  19. Wheels & tyres
    Hi ive got a 2002 espace 2.0 16v Expression 15" alloys for sale iam looking for a quick sale to help purchuse new wheels.Iam looking £200 for the alloys only the tyres are at the end of there life and would take off before posting via courier.The cost of sending is £14 per 10kg so would of...
  20. Wheels & tyres
    Hi iam looking to buy new wheels for my espace would anyone know what other make of car fits my 5 stud renault so it opens up the wheel range a little so i have choice your help would be grateful thanks.