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  1. Sunroof issue - any suggestions?

    My sunroof does not go all the way back, neither does the sunroof cover/slide. It feels as if there is something stopping it from moving. The sunroof tilts up perfectly fine, but only opens about 3 inches, same for the cover. How would I go about sorting this out? I've managed to squeeze my...
  2. Clio MK2 2.0 16v gearbox dead. Suggestions?

    Hello! A new Clio MK2 2.0 2001 owner from Latvia here. Run into a problem. Due to loose maintenance of previous owner, after couple of days in my ownership the gearbox died. Clutch or no clutch, whichever gear - car won`t move. Got the car to the repair specialist. After having a look he says it...
  3. RX4 - pressure hose parts discontinued - aftermarket suggestions

    Steering and Suspension
    After finding that the power steering started to make an unusually strange noise on any given turn, Took it to a garage to find that the Power steering high pressure hose has gone completely. Also the fluid was contaminated. Topped up with new fluid and it drives fine but for how long? A new...
  4. Scenic 1 2.0 RXE F3R motor cutting out, any reasons or suggestions

    Hi All, New to the forum and hoping you can help me out with my Scenic 1 2.0 RXE. I am form South Africa. If the car is cold it starts up first time and you can drive it for a few KM's. Then just after it reaches operating temp. it will cut out and then does not want to start. Engine...
  5. Headlight bulb suggestions for RX4

    If anyone knows of any good bulbs for the RX4 on ebay, amazon or elsewhere it would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. rx4 suggestions???

    Cars & motoring
    hi guys, i have 2 rx4's both which have developed serious faults which i have posted over the last year or two. for some time now my wife has been driving the rx4 with a slipping clutch but looks like its ready to pack in soon as its real bad when trying to go up hills. anyways my other rx4...
  7. Any suggestions welcome.

    General Chat
    Ok guys I am suffering with this.. So not able to sit at my PC for longer than 10/15 mins at a time and then it gets very painful..I have increased the size of the fonts to 125% on my PC but the forum board isnt bigger..:confused: so how...
  8. knocking suggestions....

    hi i have a scenic 2, 1.9dci,currently 88000 on the clock i have posted this problem before but never got to the problem. i have this knocking from under the car on acceleration and braking but it doesnt happen all the time, things i have replaced on the car that can be ruled out are, new...
  9. Suggestions on hardwiring iPhone charger into clio 1.2 please!

    Hi, I have a Clio 1.2 Extreme 4 model (05) and am wanting to install something to charge my iphone whilst not being unsightly. **Warning: Sorry this post is hard to read, I just want to hear opinions and any suggestions are welcome** I don't want to plug a charger into my cigarette lighter as...
  10. Drivers door squeels when it unlocks on LAGUNA mk2..and suggestions what it might be?

    Hello all. I've just bought a cheap 2003 Laguna 2 but when I use the key card button to open the door there's an awful squeel, it sounds quite similar to the noise you get when you start a car (with a normal key) and keep it turned so the starter motor squeels when the engine's started. It...
  11. What to do - suggestions welcome

    For sale
    My son has a Renaultsport 172 and the cambelt has snapped. The car is now a non runner and the damage to the engine is unknown at this stage. What sort of price would be reasonable to ask/expect. It is a 2002 (registered Jan 2003). It is in fair condition and has had no major faults until...
  12. Radio not working correctly, any suggestions?

    Hi to all, I recently purchased a grand espace but I do not seem to able get an instruction manual for the Radio. The radio only works with the lever at the steering wheel but none of the buttons on the psychical radio (hidden in the dashboard) does work. I cannot even put a CD inside, as the...
  13. help, any suggestions

    Hi all, ok i have got a 05 1.5 dci clio (mk2) and have had multiple problems with it the last few days and just after some ideas as to what it might be so whats happened well i have just done a nice round trip to Swansea (280 miles each way) and have been crusing at 70 for most of the way...
  14. megane tyre suggestions

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi guys, I am about to buy a pair of tyres for front of my megane 1.6 vvt 2003 hatchback. I was thinking of michelen but it is quite expensive thus looking at more affordable options. I have bought a budget tyre for the past few years and they only last around 10-12 k while my assumption is...
  15. Mods on my megane, Suggestions welcome :)

    Exterior styling
    Heres a few pics of the car.... I have idea's for it but id like your suggestions Sent from my E15i using Tapatalk
  16. 2.2 espace IV oil leak - any suggestions?

    I have a 2.2 espace IV with 60k miles and have recently gone on 1500 holiday trip and found the top engine cover and engine from glow plugs down front of the egine and the side including the drive belt covered in oil - which explains why I had to top up with 2 ltrs. I cant see where the oil is...
  17. my passanger seat has come off its runners any suggestions!!

    my passanger seat seams to have come off its runners is there any body out there with any suggestions to fix it myself or does any body no any decent but not to expensive repair shops in sunderland?
  18. Possible Turbo or Cat problem? - any suggestions?

    Hi all, first of all apologies if this thread has been done before, I did have a look but couldn't find anything as specific as this however here goes: Whilst driving a couple of weeks ago the engine suddenly started to lose power so much so that I could only reach 40-50mph flat to the floor...
  19. Career suggestions

    Job Club
    After being rejected for the fourth time for an apprenticeship in the motor industry I've decided to give that up. But I'm all outta ideas so any suggestions for what I should do with my future? try to keep suggestions legal and preferably sensible. Thanks :D
  20. Renault Laguna 2 - Pre-Purchase Advice Thread

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Renault Laguna 2 - Buying Advice hi thinking of getting a 1.9 dci laguna dci est.can anyone give me any help on this.thanks john