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  1. Master Sun Blinds

    Hi I need a set of front and side blinds for my 2007 Renault Master will a set from a 2010 master fit as I wonder if the screen and door windows are the same size
  2. Repair Sun Visor

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, I own a Renault Koleos and I have problem with a floppy sun visor on the drivers side. Is there any way I can remove or repair it. Thanks. :grin2:
  3. Floppy Sun Visors

    General Chat
    Hello. Has anybody got any suggestions on how to fix the floppy sun visors in my Mk1 Scenic Fidgi. The main one is the passenger side which falls a couple of inches and won't stay up to the roof. The driver side is not as bad but still falls about an inch. I went to the main dealers to buy new...
  4. Leaking sun roof 05 Clio

    We have an 05 Clio. The sun roof is leaking. Main dealer has asked for ridiculous £ to sort it. We don't need to open it. I thought of filling the groove around the glass with silicon sealer What do you think Thanks
  5. Adhesive for sun visor shell: 02 Scenic Megane?

    Hi The top of the plastic shell on my sun visor has split and the spring and arm have become exposed (02 Megane Scenic 1.9 auto) I know plastics are notoriously difficult to bond so what adhesive would members use on this joint please, especially as it has to take the pressure of the spring...
  6. Laguna 2003 rear passenger door sun blinds

    Hi, does anyone have any info on how to fit the genuine Renault rear door sun blinds to the doors, do you have to screw them onto the door cards themselves,? They came with a fitting kit but no instructions, Any help or advice please Kevin
  7. Sun roof will not close

    I opened my Laguna electric sun roof about 6 inches but now it will not close. Each time I operate the switch it jumps back about 6mm then forward the same amount and stops. It does this in every position of the switch, and I have tried pulling it at the same time without any improvement. Also...
  8. Rear parcel shelf sun blind

    Hi I am looking to buy a Rear parcel shelf sun blind for my Renault Laguna 2.0 DCI MK III hatchback, any ideas where I can get one other than Renault themselves? I would like that one that is factory fitted.
  9. Sun roof glass shattered !

    Hi all I own a Renault Modus Dynamique DCI (86) on a 59 plate. I have only had for just three months. On the way home while driving on a dual carriage way (55 MPH) the glass in my electric sunroof suddenly shuttered. I was no where near a bridge and the weather was warm but not hot. I did not...
  10. 04 megane scenic sun blind issue

    Hi all new to the forum, a little stumped at the minute ive just replaced my rear passenger sun blind as my daughter snapped old one but I cant get it to retract cant find any clips or springs for it. Has anybody came across this issue before and what resolved it. Thanks for any help in advance.
  11. Rear sun blinds

    On my car I have these but one doesn't retract into the door card, was just wondering if anyone has any experience with these? is it just a simple spring or clip that needs replacing?? Thanks paul.
  12. Hot from sun, my Renault Megane won't turn over

    Cars & motoring
    Hi everyone, I live in hot Queensland Australia, My beautiful Megane gets hot from the sun and won't turn over. Ive learnt how to take it out of gear (automatic) when not running, rocking it, letting fumes out of the tank, rocking it more. Then she starts. I'm guessing it could be the sensor for...
  13. Sun Visor Problem

    I've just got a nice new Renault Megane Yesterday took into the car park and put my yearly car park pass in the sun visor behind the mirror cover where it slid into the back of the visor because I am an idiot:confused:. Can anybody help I have taken the plastic gromit out but there is no screw...
  14. Espace IV Sun Bling / Roof

    Hi, I have a 2006 Grand Espace IV with panoramic roof, the Sun Bling is stopped half open. The sunroof also does not operate.It has been this way since we bough it a few months back. I've tried the reset sequence and it's not done anything. There is no sound at all when I try to operate any of...
  15. Kangoo Electric Wesbasto Type Sun Roof Fault

    Hi I have a 2002 Kangoo Authentique 1.5 DCi fitted with a fixed Glass Panoramic Front Sun Roof and a Renault Electric Fabric Rear Roof (Wesbasto Style). The roof opens and closes without any problem and doesn't leak - But when it is in it's closed position, it is about a 1/4" short of being...
  16. Scenic- Sun Visor Mirror Removal

    This plea is a long shot. I have a 60 plated Scenic which has a problem with the sun visor on the drivers side. I have managed to get my RAC card stuck inside the visor (I tried to clip the card behind the small card retaining "strap" on the visor, whilst not really watching what I was doing...
  17. sun roof glas dimensions

    Hi Everybody, Does anybody knows the exact dimensions (metric) of the sun roof glass for Renault Twingo/1999th? Thanks in advance!
  18. sun roof fuse

    Can anyone help with this . I bought my Renault Modus from a friend who only used the sunroof once in 9 yrs , it does not work at all , could it be a fuse, if so where is this located, or what else could it be. Thank you
  19. Roof bars for 2004 Megane scenic WITH sun roof!

    I'm looking for a set of roof bars to fit our 2004 scenic. It has the double sun roof, but also has the blanking plates where the roof bars should fit. If nobody has any bars for sale I'm wondering if you really need to get special bars for sun roofed scenics? The bars are only for lashing...
  20. sun roof problems

    the sun roof just clicks when you try to open it. and the cover does not close that just clicks to