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  1. Clio 2 (1999) tilt sunroof leaking

    Hello I have a Renault Clio 1.2 RN (v reg/1999). I have checked the threads and cannot find an answer to my particular problem. The sunroof is the tilt type which does not fully open. I have a leak which is causing wetness to the drivers side pillar. I have had problems with my immobiliser...
  2. Laguna sunroof component has come adrift

    The following rather large bit has come adrift from the sunroof and I've extracted it from the inside. A rubber strip on it matches the curve of the rear edge of the glass. The mounting clips fitted in the holes you can see, one has the broken remains of a clip in it and one is empty. Can anyone...
  3. faulty sunroof

    Hi all, Just found this site so i am a newbie on here wonder if anyone can help with this... I have a lugunaII 1.8 16v 2001, the sunroof keeps opening on its own... it can do it anytime when driving or if it is parked/locked up.. This is becoming a pane its no fun when your doing 70mph and its...
  4. Manual sunroof

    Bodywork wife has an 03 clio with a manual sunroof.When we bought the car it did not come with handbook! Advice needed please as how to remove the glass so I can try and stop the awful rattle which drives you mad :crazy: Thanks in advance.
  5. front sunroof

    hi ive just bought a scenic and found that my front sunroof wont open it makes a clicking noise any ideas please
  6. Clio III sunroof stuck open :(

    On my drive home last night my sunroof opened by itself and will not close. The button/control knob does not respond when i turn it or when i try the emergency close feature as stated in the manual. I haven't used the sunroof since the summer. I'm hoping it may just be a fuse but I don't now...
  7. clio sunroof

    my wifes clio (1997) has water leaking in the roof at the front ,any ideas where to start looking ,are they prone to leaking in the sunroof ??
  8. Water Leak (Scenic) - Where are sunroof drain pipes

    Hi there - I am very new to Renault Forums so please be gentle and have read several posts relating to water in the driver / passenger footwells. My Scenic (1.6 W Reg) has just started to have this as well and I thought the initial leak was at the corner of the windscreen at the drivers side as...
  9. Clio sunroof squeaking

    Like a great many other Clio owners, I have suffered from a squeaking sunroof which was really annoying. Whilst searching for answers on the Internet, I found a very interesting answer to this problem on UTube. It was a short video which recommended removing the sunroof completely (by pushing...
  10. will 3dr clio sunroof fit a 5 door?

    Hi, My sunroof has packed up in my 2002 clio. It jammed open and I managed to snap a metal part of the slider mechanism while trying to close it. I have been offered a sunroof from a 3 door 2001 model. Will this be a straight swap with my 5 door sunroof? Thanks
  11. Laguna sunroof leaking.

    does anyone know how much and where i can get hold of a new sunroof seal for a laguna 11?
  12. Clio sunroof leaking?

    I have a 2003 Clio DCI 65 with a manual sunroof, having a lot of electrical problems but only when it's raining, just noticed that the passenger side roof lining is soaked through. At first I thought that the seal was leaking (the side that meets the roof metal) so I put some clear silicone...
  13. Scenic 2 rear sunroof

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All Can anyone tell me where the drain tubes for the rear sunroof are located? As i am getting about a pint of water a day from the roof seatbelt i think the drain tube is blocked or disconected.. :mad:
  14. Rx4 Sunroof leaking

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi Folks,first post regarding leaking sunroof(are anything).I have read most of the postings on the forum on the above.I have removed the roof liner and have checked to see were the water was coming in.both sides are leaking and the water comes in after a while or when the car is going up a hill...
  15. Creaking sunroof!! Driving me nuts!

    Hi i have just recently purchased a renault clio 1.4 mk2. Its my first car as i am 17, i have had quite a few problems with it which i have put right e.g. replacment of the front shock asorbers and also three out of the four wheel bearings and have got a feeling that the fourth will be coming up...
  16. Scenic Sunroof

    Tools & equipment
    Hi folks Just got a 1999 Megane Scenic 1.6 auto How does the sunroofs operate? And whats the Switch with the letter S for on the gear lever? When switch on a red LED lights up. Thanks in advance!
  17. RX4 front sunroof not opening fully

    The front sunroof on my RX4 only seems to open about half way. The blind only goes back as far as the join in it and then stops. Is this correct or should it open all the way?
  18. help my boot is full of water

    Help me please... my boot carpet is soaking. Ive done a water test and found the water is coming through both of my sunroofs. How do I cure?????
  19. scenic sunroof

    Hi I am having problems with the sunroof not closing and tilting .I need some advice as what to do
  20. Laguna sunroof

    Help! The visor on my Laguna sunroof only slides halfway back. Thus the sunroof itself only opens halfway. Is there an easy fix for this or do I have to have the roof stripped down?