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  1. Is a trustworthy supplier for original Renault parts?

    Tuning & Modding
    I'm looking to order original parts for my Renault Megane III Coupe 1.4 TCe 2009/04. I want the parts to be delivered to an EU country. By searching I found, which seems to be Poland-based and offers reasonably priced delivery to EU countries. However, there aren't...
  2. Parts supplier..

    General Chat
    I have one near me and its very good..fill in your post code to see if there is one near alternative to cheap Chinese junk parts..:d
  3. espace auto drive shaft supplier?

    hi i have a 02 espace 2.0l 16v auto the other day the n/s drive shaft snapped so i thought a visit to my local unipart would solve the problem wrong! They cant get the part and every other part company cant get it.does anyone know of a supplier that stocks them? thanks
  4. locating supplier of anti roll bar bushes

    Steering and Suspension
    I know this may seem stupid, but after being quoted €20+VAT + Postage for each antiroll bar bush by the Renault main dealer, I was trying to buy the parts from a motor ffactors but seem to be getting a lot of head shaking when i ask for them. does anyone know where i can buy them online at a...
  5. Pirelli to remain as official F1® tyre supplier until end of 2016

    Formula 1 news will continue as Formula One racing's official tyre supplier for three more years, it was announced on Thursday. The Italian company, whose new supply deal runs from 2014 until the end of 2016, have also collaborated with Formula...
  6. Spares Supplier?

    Hi all I drive a Grand Senic 1.4 TCE and would like to replace a badly scratched RHS rear seat boot cup holder and with no local Renault dealer in my immediate area I am looking to do this via internet sources Can anyone suggest a source for new or good qualty used interior parts. Thanks...
  7. Clio 1.5dci 2002 - Hand Primer Bulb part number or supplier?

    As the title suggests, is anyone aware of the part number or a supplier of a replacement primer bulb for a 1.5dci 2002 clio? Thanks
  8. Recommended online tyre supplier.

    Hi there. I recently (and unexpectedly) needed to replace the rear tyres on the Merc, following a blowout on the motorway on Christmas Eve... Thus began the online searching, and I found this company; where I could buy (and did) a pair of 265/35 x 18 tyres for £127...
  9. online genuine parts supplier / need a part number

    i am going to renew the big o-ring that fits around the throttle body to seal the airbox and was wondering firstly if anybody knew the part no. and if there was anybody selling genuine parts online ? thanks in advance
  10. Who is a trustworthy supplier of reconditioned/ remanufactured engines?

    We have been told we need a replacement engine for our Renault Grand Scenic Dynamique 2004 1998cc and have been quoted £4000.00 for a new one. As the value of the car does not warrant this we wanted to investigate the possibility of fitting a reconditioned/ remanufactured engine - either in...
  11. Pollock planning F1 return as engine supplier

    Formula 1 news BAR team boss Craig Pollock is hoping to return to Formula One competition in 2013 as head of a new engine manufacturer. Pollock's PURE Corporation plans to supply engines under heavily revised regulations that will see the current...
  12. clio mk2 phase 2 - radiator grille removal and a supplier

    im looking to get my car tidied up a bit for selling it, and with damage to my radiator grille at the NS i am wanting to replace the grill but can only see it attached at the top with top eassily removed clips. im unsure if the bumper needs to be removed as the grill seems to go further down and...
  13. Recommend an online supplier please

    Hi Can anyone tell me where to buy parts for my megane 1.6. Have only owned it for 2 days and already I need a tdc sensor and short loom. As it's such a simple job to replace the two parts I don't want to take it to a garage and pay labour costs but am having trouble finding somewhere to buy the...
  14. Spare side indicator supplier?

    Some numptie scrapped the side of my 2003 Scenic expression, not too much damage to the paint work, some T Cut will sort that out. They have however smashed the side indicator. Anyone know of a supplier who can send the part and I'll fit it myself. I'm also looking for a few other we parts, side...
  15. Trusted Engine Supplier?

    Hi, My 2001 Renault Meganne Scenic 2L/16v engine ( F4R746) has been out of my car for nearly 6 months :( . We have had a nightmare trying to find a used/re-con engine, and have already been stung for £800+ to remove our engine, fit another, remove that one and we are no better off. Can...
  16. Supplier for glow plugs for my Kangoo?

    1st post, so hi to all! Anyway, my Kangoo (1.9D non turbo) has had starting problems for ages, so I popped out the glow plugs yesterday, tested them and 2 of them seem to be dead. I am having trouble finding them locally (at a reasonable price), so I am gonna try and find a good supplier in...
  17. '93 Pug 106 - OSF Wing supplier?

    Hi guys, Not strictly a Renault I know, but my mate is repairing his parent's old 106 at the mo and needs to source an OSF Wing - I've recommended GSF, but are there any other suppliers you guys could recommend that are reputable? Cheers, Karl :)
  18. who is a reputable turbo supplier?

    I have recently suffered turbo failure number 3 on my lag 1.9dci 2001. This time i am going to do the repair myself (all warranties have run out). Which of the turbo companies is reputable?
  19. exhaust supplier

    has anyone found a source for quality exhausts as I'm looking for one for our safrane 2.5rt 20v thanks in advance keith.
  20. DCI EGR Valve supplier info

    I'm sure I saw a post here a while ago where someone had found a decently priced supplier of EGR valves for the DCI engines, I've tried the forum search but I'm buggered if I can find it. Can anyone else remember seeing this and point me in the right direction. Cheers. Simon. P.S. I'm posting...