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  1. Electronics
    Hi Im using DAB adaptor, but have lost 12v power in my USB connection. Where do I find fuse for this. Cant find it in the instruction book. Dan Rasmussen
  2. Electronics
    My Megane (2005 16v 1.6l) stalls at idle in couple of seconds after starting cold if I don't keep the rpm around 2000. I began investigating for the cause and found out that bad camshaft position sensor could cause this behaviour. But to my surprise the sensor's wires seem to be faulty. I...
  3. Transmissions
    So long story short when changing the cabin filter on my 2010 megane estate I managed to snap the clip with the metal insert in off the end of the supply pipe for the clutch master cylinder . Anyway after a week of it leaking slightly with my ghetto rig of some tape and cable ties holding it...
  4. Electronics
    Kangoo done 140k miles cut out on motorway yesterday and showing sensor supply voltage fault Is it likely to be one of the 5v sensors or the feed wire in the loom somewhere? Anyone had this before and rectified? It’s intermittant so obviously more difficult to diagnose
  5. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi All, I recently had a small electrical fire resulting in damage to the loom which I have now rewired, my problem is somehow I made a mistake with the 12v power to the ignition module. My question is: Where does the 12v feed for the module originate? As far as I understand it, 12v for the...
  6. Electronics
    Hi, I had my abs light come on and the scanner said ABS sensor. Turned out it was the little clip on the back of the hub holding the abs sensor on that had detariorated so I changed the whole hub and abs sensor. Now the ABS & SERV lights are still on and the code I'm getting is DF001- Computer...
  7. Electronics
    My 2001 1.9 Espace Turbo has wiring fault for both 12 Volt Supply & Cigarette Lighter, Nopower , Fuses Replaced still No Power
  8. Engines
    A little question regarding the engine on a 2002 scenic. I have bit of a leak on the near side of the engine,that seems to be coming from between the aluminium thermostat housing and the head. I know this unit carries water and oil,does oil pass through it under gallery pressure or is it...
  9. Brakes/Hubs
    Hello, I have a 2006 renault clio dynamique S 1.6 petrol and the ABS Warning light is on. The car has been code read and the fault code is coming up as (DF001, abnormal computer supply voltage) all of the wheel sensors work correctly and the supply voltage to the ABS is constantly around 14.16...
  10. Electronics
    Hi there " IT JUST WON'T START" Just bought a Renault 19 1994 M reg 1.4 RTI, single point injection, with 43kmiles! on the clock. and with a lot of service history. 480.00 spent at last mot 1 year ago. It as stood outside for a year . It was a little bit moist! Its battery showed 1volt. The...
  11. Electronics
    Hi, Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere at the rear end of my Grand Modus that I can connect to a 12 volt supply that is switched on by the Ignition switch.
  12. General Chat
    Hi, does anyone know how long Renault are legally obliged / promise to sell parts for their cars after manufacture? If you do know can you point me in the direction of your source? Thanks in advance Jon
  13. Electronics
    Hi there I need to find a 12v power supply in the boot of my '06 Megane Cabriolet to power reversing sensors via a relay. I can switch the relay from the reversing light feed but need a 12v supply for the actual sensors. Many thanks
  14. Formula 1 news Haas's new Formula One team will use Ferrari power units as part of a technical collaboration with the Scuderia agreed ahead of the American squad's planned entry in 2016. Ferrari will provide the power unit and transmission, as well...
  15. Electronics
    Hi I'd like to wire in an auto-dimming mirror from a Laguna II. AFAIK it has a +ve, ground, and reverse +ve (line active when the car is reversing, used to disable the dimming function). Aside from the reverse light on the rear, is there anywhere I can access this feed? Thanks!
  16. Electronics
    Hi, I am looking to find a permanent live power supply in my car so I can run strobe lights and a(cb style) radio system without the engine running. Can anyone give me an idea where I can find one without having to find a way to get a feed straight from the Batt. every time I think I have...
  17. Engines
    hi all, my problem is that i changed an engine in a clio 1.2 which then would not start,after i reset the fuel button,it started !! whoopee i drove it 500 yds and it fizzled out,there is no fuel supply now, how do i trace the supply?presumably electrical regards REG
  18. Engines
    Hi all first post on this forum! I got a 2004 Espace 2.2dci a couple of weeks ago and started some service work on it today, replacing the air and fuel filter. Car now won't start...It turns over but won't fire up (although it did fire up very briefly the very first time I tried). I assume it...
  19. Electronics
    Bit of a quandary here I fit a towbar and the usual electrics via the Renault wiring kit earlier to my Laguna Tourer However For the 12v supplies (For running Fridge etc). I need to get a power supply directly from the battery. For the life of me i can't find any logical way of getting a lead...
  20. Engines
    This is my first post on this forum so hello to everyone. My problem is that i have no electric supply to in tank fuel pump on my 2001 scenic dci. On switching on ignition no pump noise is heard. AA man checked out everything and there are no fault codes on diagnostic check. is this a problem...