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  1. Clio III 2006 Clunk when turning at low speeds (parking)

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, I understand its a common issue but I can't seem to find a definitive answer. My Clio only really clunks when parking, seems to be quite loud and can be felt through the steering wheel. I'm thinking it's to do with the suspension, as there was an advisory on the last MOT regarding both...
  2. My Mk4 Clio 2014 failing it's mot :( n/s suspension arm

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi as above, a bit sad today. Didn't think it would fail. Was quoted £180 to fix this including steering alignment. It seemed rather steep to me. I'm wanting to try and do this myself, is it an easy task?do I need any specialist tools? Thanks in advance
  3. Renault Clio 4 - Knocking noise front axle

    Ask the Experts
    Hello everybody, I bought a Renault Clio IV Grandtour 0.9tce last year with 5.000km from Renault agency directly. I drove it for 15.000km and I discovered some "cloc" noises coming from front axle/suspension every time I driving on non-flat surface. Because the car is in warranty, I sent it to...
  4. Lower rear suspension on my Megane Scenic 1

    Ask the Experts
    Please help me lower the torsion bar. Step by step process.
  5. Renault Master Air Suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    Ok, I have a 2009 Master Ambulance. After replacement of a flat battery air suspension stopped rising. Checked a few things, and changed the pump as only working intermittently (when tapped). Now not doing anything, and showing a series of error codes. Can anyone recommend a diagnostic tool...
  6. Rear suspension bolt

    Steering and Suspension
    Rear-right spring 2 years ago... And up until very recently... I've watched the YouTube videos how to do this. Only 2 bolts to undo, easy job right? Boom... What do people think is the best course of action? Given how tight it was, I highly doubt a bolt extractor will get it out. Drilling...
  7. Suspension cracking

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi people I have a big problem with my 2005 Megane II Estate (KM0/1) 2,0l 6speed Problem is when car is hanging on the lidt and turning the wheels to endpoint (both ways) the suspension gives some big cracking sounds and I just can´t find the solution to the problem. The car is lovered with...
  8. Slaguna mk3 1.5 weird knocking sound from front suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi . I have a knocking. Hiking from front suspension, not very loud and usually on turning steering wheel tightly , or acceleration, jobs already done ( outer tie rods, drop links , top shelf mounts, both wish bones, was a problem with subframe which wasn***8217;t reassembled correctly causing a...
  9. Laguna 1 Front Suspension Part

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place, I have not posted before! Please can anyone help me to locate an Offside front lower coil spring seating plate for a Mk 1 Laguna? I have a 2.0 RT Laguna (Nov 1998) hatchback which has just failed its MOT because: Offside Front Lower...
  10. Master - New lower suspension arm query...

    Steering and Suspension
    Hey guys, Been having some knocking noises recently in my 2005 Renault Master. Noticed a split lower ball joint so decided to have the whole arm replaced. I bought an arm online (not an official Renault part) and had it fitted at a garage (in France where I'm currently traveling). Drove it...
  11. Front suspension seat cups

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I have a grand espace mk3 and the spring cup seats have broken and are no longer available from Renault has any one any idea where I may get some or if there is an alternative option help
  12. Rear suspension springs have rust (MEGANE III)

    Steering and Suspension
    I've found a few breaks in the protective coating on my rear suspension springs. These areas have rust. Is it worth taking a wire brush with rust remover to clean up the affected areas, followed by some underbody seal to be applied onto the fresh metal? Thank you. MEGANE III Petrol hatch 1.6...
  13. Removing front suspension

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all. I've been told that my macperson strut mount on top may be worn down as I'm experiencings some knocking and I've had all my front and rear bushes etc looked at and they are perfect. That's all they can recommend. So while I'm thinking about getting it replaced I'm also thinking about...
  14. Espace suspension

    Ask the Experts
    I have recently purchased an Espace Grande 2008 and love it. but every time I go over a slight pot hole its like hitting a kurb? The garage say it seems OK, but I dont think it will hold together at this rate. It seems really bad? :frown2:
  15. Front suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    Can anyone help... I have noticed my rubber suspension tops are about 15mm maybe more off the mounting points? Will try uploading some pics
  16. Suspension baring

    Steering and Suspension
    I fitted a new suspension top baring on a mk2 Clio a few months back and today It failed. Am sure it was seated correct , bolt was right down to last thread on shock. Going to fit another tomorrow, it***8217;s either been me or the part at fault... Anyone seen new bearings fail, is there any...
  17. G Espace IV Suspension Arms replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello, My first post and I'm asking for help. My Grand Espace IV has just failed an MOT, needing both front suspension arms and a drop-link. I've been quoted almost £600, which seems a bit steep, and would like to know if it's something I could have a go at myself. I assume that the drop...
  18. Renault Grand Espace suspension help

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi any help would be appreciated I’ve had a constant ratting on my car been to a few garages they have had it up on the ramps unable to find the issue,so I gave it one more try at walkers they took car for a drive and said sounds like a joint or something on front wheels so they booked it in 60...
  19. Renault master 2008 ex ambulance battery flat,suspension,door lock, electric query

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I am converting a renault master 2008 into a campervan and having a couple of issues. firstly keep finding the battery is flat. I have had the battery tested and have been told is fine, i press the battery isolator switch whenever I am not using (does this isolate the main battery as lights...
  20. Renault Trafic seven leaf suspension??

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Today the MOT tester condemned the rear leaf springs on my Trafic T1100 4x4. I'm desperately trying to find replacements however all of the leaf spring sets that I can find for the T1100 are single leaf and the originals on mine are seven leaf. Here is an example of what seems to be...