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  1. Engines
    Is it possible to swap an 04 engine in to an 03 body both are 2.5 DCI 120 engines one is the g9u754 and the other g9u720 can someone please advise
  2. Electronics
    Hello, I bought a 2012 Clio IV and I have problems with heated mirrors and rear window defogger. I checked the fuses and voltage on both mirrors and rear window - 0.00V. I swapped the relays but it didn't help either so I decided to leave my car in Auto Electrician. He said that he...
  3. Engines
    Hi Folks Can someone advise me if its possible to fit a 2.8 ltr master engine (S9W702) into a a master currently using a 2.5ltr (G9U720) any advise would be grateful regards, Pete
  4. Ask the Experts
    Hello, hoping someone can help me. I have a renult megane 2 1.5DCi its engine is suffed , i found a replacement but my question is will the new engine work as it has a drastically different Engine Number. my engine number is D111762 the replacement engine number is D254546. How do i decode this...
  5. Bodywork
    Hello ***x1f642; I have a dent on my farside front bumper. I can't find one anywhere and was just wondering will a standard clio 07 bumper fit onto a clio campus 07? Thank you
  6. Engines
    I'm running a MK2 scenic and just wondering what and if possible engine could I swap in place for the stock 1.6vvt petrol engine. I'm wanting something with more grunt and that can be turbo'd and upgraded with forged pistons etc.
  7. Electronics
    Hi All, First post and I have tried to search through the forums to no avail. I've recently purchased a Laguna 3 Sports Tourer 09 plate. It's the initale trim with a cabasse tronic carminat CD/phone bluetooth/satnav system. I am looking to replace the satnav with one of the later Laguna 3...
  8. Ask the Experts
    Hi all, hope you're all having a good weekend, mines whizzing with how I go about an engine swap and cant find info. Had some bad luck after purchasing a 2004 master Dci 100 and looking like belts slipped as engines jammed up and belts are good, had a shot gearbox any way and slightly clunky...
  9. Engines
    Hi, Is it possible to change the engine in a megane 3 1.4tce, to another engine like 1.6 or even 1.5dci if possible.
  10. Electronics
    Hi, I'm new to the forum, I'm having great trouble sourcing a mk2 clio engine wiring loom without paying megabucks, the last I bought was only £35 and wouldn't want to pay more than £50 as they're all such poor quality. I've just replaced the engine and don't want to spend much more on this...
  11. Interiors
    Hi all, I drive 1.2 clio mk3 and am interested in swapping my interior (seats, door cards etc). I've found something I'd like to by which is from a 197 and was hoping if anyone can confirm if it will be able to fit straight in or will need any modifications made to fit. Many thanks
  12. Engines
    Hi Guys, After a couple of years away I've now got my mark 2 Clio back 2004 dci 100bhp. Love the car - little go-kart. This forum kept it running for the 5 years I previously owned to so thanks to all who contribute. So, I've got it back with blown head gasket. I've stripped it and see signs...
  13. Electronics
    Hello all, I've just got a 2011 1.9 DCI Dynamique Tom tom and am getting to grips with it.. Is it possible to swap the positions of the stop/start button and the power socket?.. would just be more convenient for RHD. ...How can I pull that bit of the fascia out to have a look? Are there any...
  14. Wheels & tyres
    I have checked through the forum and there seems to be plenty of options for the Trafic but unfortunately not the Master. I would like to put some alloys on the van, cheaply of course so happy with second hand. PCD is 5 x 130. Any ideas what other brands fit Cheers
  15. Engines
    This is more of a progress report on, rather then I need help to do, as done many a engine swap in my 16+ years in Trade. So my sorned (being given to my skint sister) Scenic 1.6vvt is getting a heart transplant, due to a smokey, rattling engine .... Today I finally started and removed the...
  16. Engines
    Hello to all, I have 2006my Opel Vivaro with f4r petrol engine 117-120 hp Car use in city is ok, fuel compsumption acceptable, but when go to highway, it's pain to overtake someone, have to rev it till 5ooo rpm and after 120km/h car is imposibile to drive dinamicay. Any suggest for engine...
  17. Transmissions
    Hi hoping someone can help I have swapped out a pf6 gearbox and put in a pk6 from an earlier x70 master 2006 model My van is a 2010 model I found out the hard way that the boxes are quite different gearbox mounting bracket is different and drive shafts are different I have the gearbox in and...
  18. Electronics
    Hi all, My 2011 Megane 3 GT have TomTom with original radio without USB / Bluetooth support. I have Twingo original radio (silver version, with USB and Bluetooth), but this radio use another connector. I can modify wiring, but it is possible to use new radio? Will the new radio work with...
  19. Interiors
    Can I swap my manual seats for electric/heated ones and would that involve fitting a new wiring harness (I noticed spare electrical connectors under my manual seats) Granvil
  20. Interiors
    I drive about 1500 miles per week, but my seat is killing my back, is there an alternative drivers seat that can be used that is more comfortable, that will fit. Thanx in advance.