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  1. Trafric 1990 - light switch problem

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi! I'm try to restore the electrical system on a Renault Traffic -90 The light switch has "burned" and previous owners have tried to solve the problem with their own solutions and their own cable colors. The original cables were cut off, in conjunction with their own solutions. Have bought a...
  2. Renault Megane 3 (Fluence) Inertia switch

    I had an accident and air bags activated and my Renault Fluence (2015) did not started. Does it inertia switch problem? And where is it located?
  3. Belt alarm switch off question

    Hi, Can somebody help me? I would like to switch off the belt alarm(driver and passanger side too). I have can clip but i don't know how to do it. THX 2009 Renault Laguna 2.0dci
  4. megane mk2 2005 cabriolet boot divider switch

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a renault megane mk2 Cabriolet which has a roller blind boot divider which when extended trips a microswitch Does anyone have a picture of the switch or send me some images of the switch area reason is boot lock stuck rear seats are fixed cannot access boot cannot trigger roof mechanism
  5. Switch radios between Clio 2002 and Symbol 2005

    Ask the Experts
    Hello everyone, I have on my symbol this type of radio with that update list. I want it changed with one like this from my older clio 2002 wich looks like this . The problem is, when I insert the older radio in my symbol, it won't display anything just the clock and...
  6. main light switch

    how do I remove and replace the main light switch on a Renault Clio5XSmuTcD many thanks
  7. Reverse Light Broken Switch / Stuck cable - Replacement Possible?

    Hi, while the car is off the road id thought id get some advice on fixing my reverse light switch, currently in the middle of changing the clutch. I only noticed this issue when it came to removing the switch connector. I relised it's stuck, literally stuck in the socket it won't budge move or...
  8. How do I switch on engine diagnostic

    I was watching YouTube whereby a guy had the same vehicle as my own (Clio dynamique 2007) and it automatically displayed a fault on his dashboard. How do I get my vehicle to display this also?
  9. Scenic EPB Fault / Handbrake Switch LED

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a Renault Scenic 2 1.6 on a 2005 plate which during its MOT started to display a parking brake fault. The fault started when the MOT guy used the handbrake switch on the dashboard. The EPB works just fine! The handbrake passed the MOT. The brake comes on when you press the stop...
  10. Tail gate switch

    Ask the Experts
    Hi just bourght a megane 3 sport tourer 1.5 dci how many buttons are there on the tail gate I seem to have one missing next to the one that opens the tail gate there's a small square hole with an electrical wire any ideas
  11. Switch off of Landlines PSTN No dial out in the future in power cuts.

    General Chat
    A very interesting article in about the future of telecoms and the ramifications of ending the PSTN network. The upshot is you will not be able to dial out in an emergency in a power cut. If you have a normal phone without the need for a power connection you can still use your phone...
  12. turn lights switch clio iv 1.5 dci 90 **Fixed**

    hello everybody and happy new year. clio iv 1.5 dci 90 2013 . turn lights switch yesterday . i turned on the low beam lights and then the high beam . smoke appeared from the switch . i turned the lights off . something smelled like burned or melted plastic. the switch will not move up or down...
  13. fuel cut off switch ( scenic)

    just looking dont panic but at the wright price maybe so is there a cut off switch or is it on the ecu on this model 2011 RENAULT SCENIC 1.5 DCI 110 DYNAMIQUE TOM TOM
  14. Clio mk3 2006 dci brake light switch problem

    Bought a seemingly sound and well looked after clio mk3 1.5 dci. Nothing wrong other than needing a brake light switch. Bought a new one from eurocarparts for 4 quid (haas). Fitted and worked no problem. Stopped working after a couple of months. Got a replacement under guarantee. Fitted it. It...
  15. Air Con Switch

    Hi. I have a new Renault Captur and just a tad confused over the air con switch, is it right that the air con switch is depressed and red light showing means that the air con is off?. if so, that means every time you start the car you have to make sure the red light is on otherwise the air...
  16. Renault Megane MK2 Drivers Switch

    Hello I have searched but can't find an answer to this . Im looking to buy a second hand drivers switch which operates the front and back electric windows and the door lock. I've seen a few on ebay but the connectors below the actual switches are different colours. Do these need to be exact...
  17. location of Neutral / Reverse switch on scenic mk3

    please can anybody tell me location of Neutral / Reverse switch on renault scenic mk3 2009 1.5dci
  18. Trafic cruise control dash switch

    Anyone know if the cruise on/off switch located on the dash is a standard Renault switch fitted to other models too? (Laguna etc) I’m about to try to retrofit cruise to my van but need the switch and don’t fancy paying £40+ for a single switch! My van is a 63 plate trafic sport if that makes...
  19. Ignition switch? - problem solving help

    Hey guys. I've looked on the forums and seen a few posts about ignition switches being a common issue. I'm looking to 'idiot check' if my assessment is right before going ahead with repairs. A few days ago when I had driven to the supermarket, I parked, turned the key off and removed it. But...
  20. Megane 2006 Drivers Window doesn't work - wire seperate switch possible?

    Have a Megane 2006 mk2 convertible with a problem with the drivers window, as in it doesn't operate with either the drivers door switch or with the operating of the roof. Is it possible to wire up a new switch directly to the Motor? Is it possible to remove the Temic unit and just put a...