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  1. Electronics
    Hi,i have a reno scenic 1.4 gasoline/lpg 2001,in the morning when the car is cold or when it didnt worked for 5 hours or more ,its very difficult to switch it on,i have to try 15 or 20 times until it can be switch on.after that (switched on) i can switch off and re switch on normally in the...
  2. Electronics
    Hi I have a 64 Renault Captur and it is now beeping from the parking sensors long after the car has been shut down and locked. Can anyone advise what is likely to be the cause of this problem. Many Thanks
  3. Heating & cooling
    Hi, My 63 Scenic xMod Diesel is quiet as a mouse when running until you switch the engine off when as you hear the engine wind down you hear about two seconds of gurgling coming from the vents. This only happens when the air conditioning is on (and it seems to be working fine in this hot...
  4. Wheels & tyres
    I have a well looked after (aka spent a LOT of money on) 2006 megane coupe/cabrio ... a couple of months ago, a thief broke both window regulators forcing his/her way into my car through the windows to steal a backpack ***61516; Turns out Insurers just wanted to write off my car, unseen...
  5. Electronics
    Car has not been used now for about month. Now it refuses to turn ignition current on. There is that much happening that on pressing start-button, radio and fan come on. It feels like it does not recognize clutch or brake pedals pressing (I can compare this to working car as I happen to have...
  6. In Car Entertainment
    Hi I'm really hoping you guys can be of some assistance , I have a Renault Clio media nav 2013 the media nav screen freezes then switches on and off. when I press anything on the screen it is not responding please help ?
  7. Electronics
    Hi all Hope someone can help me out with this. My 56 plate renault clio radio has start messing up. After the car has been switch off, the radio stays lit but not playing any music. This has started to drain my battery. Cheers
  8. Electronics
    Recently picked up a 11 reg Grand Scenic with CC and SL. When I flick the switch for the speed limiter it lights up on the display that it's active and I can use the steering wheel controls to adjust the speed. However, when I flick the switch to cruise control nothing happens, no message...
  9. Electronics
    This is probably a stupid question, but I have looked through the manuals and not found an answer. Anyway, the on button for the Carminat sat nav is the audio power button. This switches on the radio. I don't want music playing when I'm following sat nav instructions. So the question is, how is...
  10. Transmissions
    Hi everybody, I've recently run into a spot of trouble with my 2012 Megane 1,500CC Turbo Diesel with 35,800 miles. Whenever I try to get the car moving, there is often a loud grinding noise when the gear changes from 0 -> 1st -> 2nd and sometimes it won't even change gears. However, we don't...
  11. Heating & cooling
    After a short trip on the motorway id come home and even after switching engine off you could here the radiator fan still spinning colling it down. But recently Ive never heard the fan or opened bonnet to see fan spinning. Also noticed lot of water being used up without noticeable overheating...
  12. Electronics
    Hello. Some days ago I received my car from service station, they were fixing air conditioner. They had to replace UCH module, then they used CLIP to configure car parameters. They forgotten to enable hands-free, so I had to visit service station one more time. They've connected CLIP again...
  13. Electronics
    Hi everyone, i just recently bought 2004 clio 2 and have question if i can switch my car computer from miles to km. Thanks for any help
  14. Electronics
    Hi all I'm new to this forum and looking for some answers, Please please help....I bought a new battery for my megane scenic 2004 diesel after waking to a flat battery twice in one week, the problem continued even with the new battery ,I have since noticed that even when the car is turned off...
  15. Electronics
    I have asked this once before without success so here goes again. The fuse box in the engine compartment contains 9 relay slots with 8 of them occupied by relays. despite extensive research I cannot discover what these relays do and would like to know. Can anyone tell me?
  16. Electronics
    2010 grand scenic ... hazard warning lights have grown mind of their own ... at the start they came on immediatly on starting the engine but i could switch them off at the switch ..... now they come on when the vehicle is parked up and i cannot turn them off..... have tried locking /unlocking/...
  17. Electronics
    Hi Guys, Wondered if anyone could help. My Megane III is ill again, every time I start her up the hazard lights flash, and it's really strange. If I switch the hazard lights on and start the car the car switches them off when it starts. And the other way around if they are off the car...
  18. Electronics
    Hi My radio keeps switching to speech all the time and it just turns back on whenever it feels like which is frustrating cause i like listening to the radio and ipod.Please can you advise on how i can sort this out please cause its very frustrating??? Many thanks Alex
  19. Engines
    Hello, I have a Renault Megane Scenic 2007, and few days ago it started jerking while switching on to small gears. It feels like someone is pushing break while you are trying to push gas. Once "select neutral" flashed on the screen but hasn´t seen that one any more, just jerking really badly...
  20. Electronics
    Hi Can anyone help. I have a 01 Scenic and the stero powers off after about half an hour, I just switch it back on and it works also how do I switch off the flashing af on stero display and should the stero power off when you remove the key ?????. Thanks in advance:confused:
1-20 of 30 Results