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  1. Electronics
    Evening. My Renault is 3yr old under warranty and one tail light has a lot of condensation that does not clear naturally and been this way for months. When 1 year old both headlights were replaced for same reason under warranty. Car just serviced, and i asked to change tail light but Renault...
  2. Electronics
    2013 Master After having a towbar incorrectly fitted, ive sorted it out myself since, my rear left side light isn't working, checked with a multimeter I have 0.26v I have traced this cable back to the engine compartment fuse box, But cant get the little box open for fear of damaging it ...
  3. Electronics
    Help. Dodgy number plate bulb, changed it, now all the right hand side lights, tail lights and number plate are not working. Has to be a fuse, but whre? Nothing obvious in the glovebox, teh engine fusebox just has half a dozen big fuses. HELP!!!!!
  4. Electronics
    I have a 2005 Renault Modus 1.4 Dynamic. The Nearside Tail light wasn't working, so I replaced 10the bulb but this didn't work. The side light isn't working either. The 10amp fuse under the bonnet had blown, which was also replaced. When the lights are switched on the it blows the fuse. Can...
  5. Ask the Experts
    Hi just bourght a megane 3 sport tourer 1.5 dci how many buttons are there on the tail gate I seem to have one missing next to the one that opens the tail gate there's a small square hole with an electrical wire any ideas
  6. Electronics
    Hi all. Both of my rear tail lights have stopped working, I have brake lights, indicator's, reverse lights and fog lights all working. I have checked the fuse and replaced bulb p21/5w. Still no luck. Any ideas?
  7. Electronics
    Hi all.Hope is in the right place. I have an issue with my tail light (LED) type on my 08 G Scenic. It has stopped working but the stop light (same LEDs?) are working fine when break pedal is pressed. Is this a simple fuse issue (can you pls confirm location of that fuse is under battery...
  8. Electronics
    Struggling to diagnose a problem with the near side stop and tail light which keeps blowing bulbs. It's saying short circuit or over voltage to me as the bulbs are white inside and glass sometimes cracked, but I can't seem to confirm it. Have tried swapping the bulb holder with the off side one...
  9. Electronics
    Hi I have Renault Megane MK3 Hatchback 2011. There are 4 tail lights 2 on driver side rear and 2 on passenger side rear. The outer tail/brake light on driver side is working but the secondary inner tail light which has Fog light in same bulb is not working. The fog light turns on but the tail...
  10. Electronics
    Hi everyone, I've got a 2003 Clio 1.4 and the side, head and tail lights aren't working including main beam. I've checked all the fuses, swapped all the relays around by the uch and I've even replaced the stalk that has the headlight switch on with no success. When I turn the light on the dash...
  11. Electronics
    Hello, My Clio mk3 side lights, tail lights, number plate lights not working. I checked all the fuses under the steering wheel they are ok. When I opened fuse box near battery it looks like fuses are missing according to a diagram. I'm adding a picture. Is it the reason why my lights not work...
  12. Electronics
    Hello People I have an issue with one of my licence plate bulbs at rear. Right works, but left doesn't, even after new bulb replacement. Could I have some help solving. Apologise forgot to ask for link to fuse box layouts on Kangoo 03 plate. Thanks Neil
  13. Interiors
    Hi, I have a 2010 Grand Scenic, I need help in removing rear tail gate interior trim as I think I have water coming in from top windscreen seal. cant see any screws any where, do I just pull it off or is there a technique to do this Thanks.
  14. Electronics
    HELP!!!!!!!!! renault espace mk2 1996 - headlights and tail lights do not come on - I have brake lights, hazard lights, indicators, air con , horn , electric windows etc all working but no side lights, headlights or tail lights? i have had a 'friend' check the relays but they were unsure which...
  15. Electronics
    Hello Guys, I've recently purchased my Scenic and I've already had the dash go bust but I sourced a replacement, Last week I approached my car and found that when unlocking it the lights seemed dim, the battery had gone flat ? Once jump started it was going done again gave it a little drive...
  16. Electronics
    I have a problem with my 2003 megane saloon tail lights. Both work but when you brake they both go off and one reversing light comes on faintly. Could it be the bulb holders, the high light doesnt work at all. Thanks guys
  17. Electronics
    Hi My drivers side day time running bulb and tail light have stopped working after replacing the bulbs I can't figure out which fuse it is. All my engine compartment ones are ok, but struggling with the glove box. Also my electric light adjuster and dash brightness adjusting dial have stopped...
  18. Electronics
    I am trying to replace a bulb in the tail light of a grand megane, it's the section that is attached to the boot door, does anybody know how to remove or open this section of the light cluster?
  19. Electronics
    Hi guys thanks for looking. My mk3 clio left tail light and number plate lights not working. I haven't got a clue cannot see a blown fuse. The tail light bulb / stop light . But the stop light still works ?.. Any ideas:confused::confused::crazy::crazy:
  20. Electronics
    I have a late Phase II Espace. While out the other night all was well until it was parked for unloading. When we came to return home, the engine was started and then the lights were turned on and nothing came on. No main or dipped beam, no sidelights and no light indicator on the instrument...