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  1. Kangoo 2005 Tailgate Replacement *** Sorted ***

    Hi all, Someone crashed into the back of our Kangoo and the tailgate took the brunt. It wouldn't open initially but I've managed to do it now, but the whole thing is crushed in and needs replacement. Fortunately it seems like the frame of the car hasn't distorted etc, so I've sourced a...
  2. Modus tailgate lock woes *** Fixed ***

    Hi All, hoping someone can help here. The tailgate lock has broken (apparently quite a common problem on these) a piece of black plastic has broken away and now the tailgate won't lock. And because of that, NONE of the doors lock as it's upset the central locking. I need to remove the interior...
  3. tailgate boot wont open

    got a renault scenic rx4 the button to open the tailgate is missing tried screw driver still wont open tried solving it from inside havnt got a clue how can i open it fuse is ok how else can i get it to open
  4. espace tailgate locking ????

    Hi all we have a 2011 espace purchaced second hand with faults, most we have sorted but one, when the car is unlocked the tailgate is locked and when you lock the car the tailgate unlocks, any ideas anybody, as we have had one instace of the local s--- rooting through it
  5. Espace 2007 Tailgate intermittant

    Hi all, I found a lot of tailgate/rear door lock issues on the search function but none really describing my problem, here it is; I bought this Grande Espace 2.0Dci 2007 few months ago, lovely car, my second Espace and working like a champ. Since a few weeks the tailgate seems to refuse...
  6. Megane 2 sports tourer tailgate recall

    I just happened to be looking on the MOT web site and it mentioned a recall for the high level spoiler, due to the posibilityof it becoming detatched. Has anyone been for the recall? My Megane estate is now 12 years old, and the high level spoiler is now held on by screws. It is not 100% as it...
  7. Megane 2 sports tourer tailgate problems

    Hi everyone newbie here I have a 08 Megane Sports Tourer and the tailgate is refusing to cooperate I've changed the lock as that was goosed and now I've changed the switch and still no luck Traced wires as far as I can and can see no brakes, however my hi level brake light has decided to...
  8. Megane 3 creaking tailgate

    General Chat
    My Megane’s tailgate is creaking every time it’s opened or closed. There’s no grease or oil on the struts. Does anyone know if these can be lubricated or would we need to replace the gas struts? Thanks
  9. 2004 Laguna II 1.9dCI tailgate removal

    Hi guys, I need to remove the tailgate and despite searching t'internet, including this forum and YouTube, I have been unable to find any info. Sooooo, can anyone give me some guidance on how best to release the headlining si I can get to the nuts which hold the tailgate hinges in place. I...
  10. Replacement tailgate

    I have damaged the rear bumper on my 1.6 mkIII coupe, can I replace them with a 1.5 dci GT coupe?
  11. stupid me, i closed the tailagte latch while it was open and now cant cloase tailgate

    I have a Clio 2009 estate. I could not close my tailgate because I was moving a large table so I closed the latch on my tailgate while the tailgate was open so that I could rope the closed latch to my towing point. Now I find that I can not unlock the latch to enable me to close the tailgate as...
  12. tailgate unlock/lock

    Ok Just purchased A Grand Modus (2008) the car has only the one key which has 3 buttons the car locks/unlocks all doors and tailgate no problem but the single tailgate button does nothing, any ideas what could be wrong? Second question the first press of unlock does just drivers door press...
  13. MeganeII Estate Tailgate Locked

    Hi. I currently drive a Megane II Estate 1.5 DCI, 2008/9. Needing help in opening locked tailgate. All other doors open and lock normally but tailgate has decided to stay locked. It worked fine about 10-15 mins prior to my last attempt to open it. I have checked and I cannot see anything stuck...
  14. Megane 4 tailgate paint scrape

    Hi folks, Not long after getting my Megane IV GT Line, I noticed the tailgate had been scraping on the top of the rear bumper either side of the lock. This removed the paint from both. My dealer had a look, sent pictures to Renault and came back to me to say it as a known fault and the car went...
  15. Scenic 2 tailgate lock jammed closed

    Hi, I am new to this forum but I have a 2005 scenic, the tailgate lock suddenly stopped opening. I purchased a new genuine lock changed the old one for the new one. Tested it with a screwdriver with door open and the button switch 4 times all good. Closed the door before replacing the door...
  16. Renault Megane II Cab Tailgate Advice

    Hello, Joined the forum as trying to get some help with the tailgate. My partner has a 2008 Megane II Cabriolet. The sidelight bulb blew and was a nightmare getting that fuse changed. However only one of the number plate bulbs is working and with an MOT coming up I need to get it sorted. The...
  17. Megane 2 estate both and tailgate not opening

    Does anybody have a writing diagram for a megane 2 both. Can't get the both to open,it only works by growling thru the back and open it with a screwdriver. Checked the left side from the both to the car and I have a few(all) wires have been cut and redone and 2 or 3 broken problem is...
  18. Renault megane 2011 estate tailgate

    Hi I have just purchased a 2011 megane estate and have noticed a square gap next to the boot button on the tailgate that looks like something is missing? The two number plate lights are there so just wondering if it is just a cover and can I get a replacement? Thanks
  19. Kangoo tailgate will not lock

    Hi, got an 06 Kangoo Expression and since yesterday the boot will not lock. Been having trouble with locks past month: n/s rear door locked and would not unlock so deactivated the safety feature for when you open fuel cap (when you open up panel in luggage compartment and disconnect) and that...
  20. Kangoo tailgate - opening from the inside?

    Is there any way via modification or other to open the MK1 Kangoo rear tailgate from the inside ?