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  1. Engines
    Hello All, After reading numerous posts about high oil consumption i thought i would share what i am currently experiencing with my 2004 1.9dci g'scenic. Quite a bit of history to the car ( i will stick to the engine for now...LOL!) April 2012 it had a new turbo at about 80k, didnt go into...
  2. Engines
    A couple of weeks ago, during a wheel change I noticed the inside of the wheel was covered in grease from the CV. (front far side). I didnt replenish the grease, and carried on with the wheel change. A few days ago, halfway through a journey, the ABS and Serv lights came on, but the brakes were...
  3. Exhausts
    My 2005 Clio 182 is being put up for sale. So I decided to take the vehicle to my local Renault dealership in Harlow to have a 48k mile service and new MOT in preparation for the sale. The car 'failed' its MOT due to the emissions test. The dealership called me and told me that it had failed...
1-3 of 21 Results