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  1. Syphon or drain fuel tank. Laguna MK2.

    Hi everyone. I'm new to forums so if I'm breaking any rules please let me know. I have a 2003 Renault Laguna MK2. One of the most reliable motors I have owned. I need to drain the fuel tank but don't know the best way. I assume there is a non return valve in the tank so a simple hose and...
  2. Expansion tank crack *** Sorted ***

    Heating & cooling
    I seem to have a hairline crack near the neck of my filler tank. Is it simply removed by taking off the 2 hoses and undoing the nut on bracket above tank or is it a bit more complicated? Phil.
  3. 2015 Master III dCI 125 Fuel Tank Vented?

    New to Masters so any help appreciated. I am fitting a diesel heater to the above and one option from the Supplier is to T in to the return line ONLY IF THE TANK IS NOT PRESSURISED. Now I have removed the filler cap whilst running the engine and there is no "hiss" so I suspect fully vented BUT...
  4. Expansion tank

    Hi All, Eleven months ago I spotted two minute holes in the expansion tank of my 1.4 Scenic 16 valve. I replaced the tank with a cheaper "pirate" one, bled all the air and problem solved. This morning noticed some water underneath the car. Yes, the water bottle was leaking again. I have...
  5. Noisy fuel tank pump

    Kangoo van 1.5dci..... My new van has a noisy fuel tank pump/sender, never noticed any noise on any previous dci Renault I've had, is it fubar'd or could it be something else, it's on all the time with ign on, I know it's a pig of a job to get the sealing ring back on I've done one before before.
  6. Leaking fuel around fuel tank on Trafic 2012 dci

    Just found it quite wet around the fuel tank and a few drops of diesel dripping off the fuel tank. Are there any known problems? Also is there any access points?
  7. What This Tank For?

    Hi all. I have owned my 2005 Clio 3 Dynamic S for almost 1 and half years. The other day I noticed this tank was open. It located behind the front right wheel. Jugging by the dirt and mess build up around the hole it hasn't been shut for a few years. See attached picture. I doubt it is anything...
  8. Clio MK 2 fuel tank replace

    Evening all, Ok got a strong smell of diesel in the Clio, found that the previous owner had used mastic (and a lot of it) to try and seal the sender unit in. I managed to dig it all out but the tank is so warped that I can***8217;t get a new seal and locking nut on, I have tried warming the nut...
  9. Bumper/wing for espace 4, TED69 +tank straps

    Hi, I am needing a front bumper and NSF wing, in silver TED69, for an 05 espace. bumper needs to have washer jets as it has xenon lights.Must be in good condition please. Also a set of fuel tank straps in gc if u have some. can collect if not too far, or can u send to CW1 4TW? ===== OR ...
  10. Renault Clio Punctured Diesel Fuel Tank

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All Newbie here looking for some advice I have a 2017 Clio which is currently now at the dealerships with a new diesel tank to being fitted please see the attached picture Quick run down off events on Monday the car was at the dealerships having the Media Nav unit replaced as the one in the...
  11. how to drain 02 kangoo petrol tank?

    1.2 16v kangoo with disabled ramp fitted (sloping floor with no access from above) petrol has been contaminated with water and needs draining. tried removing fuel line from injectors and switching on ignition so pump primes. it does for a few seconds forcing fuel out but then stops after 4-5...
  12. fuel tank strap

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I have noticed a rattling from the rear of my 02 laguna 1.8 16v and discovered the offside of the fuel tank strap has come loose. Can anyone advise if a standard nut and bolt is suitable or is a specific fixing is required? Struggling to find an answer online and the manual tells me nothing...
  13. Trafic 2011 fuel tank

    Hi ? Does any one know if the 2011 Renault trafic fuel tank has any kind of restrictors in the filler pipe? I need to put some fuel additive pellets in the tank, but they don’t work if they get stuck in the filler pipe/neck. Thanks in advance for any help
  14. Master fuel tank

    hi guys I am plumping a night heater into an 04 master , I have dropped the fuel tank and i am wondering what the green outlet on top of the tank is , it is seperate to the main sender unit ? regards Darragh
  15. Scenic 1.5DCI Header tank water cold?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, 2004 Scenic 1.5dci. Heater blows hot, engine seems to get up to temperture but coolant in header tank is cold, and fan doesn't start. I've tried bleeding the system via the two bleed screws, but no air seems to be in there. Also there seems to be no pressure in the header tank. Heater...
  16. oil in coolant tank

    Hi Ive got oil in my coolant tank ....I had a mechanic out on friday over a starting issue and asked him about an oil leak I have .....I think he said it was coming from the Thermostat Housing Manifold ( That was from searching on line after he pointed to the leak and called the part something...
  17. Fuel tank empty when gauge just in red area, computer says 60 miles left

    I've just bought a Laguna 2 and the other day it cut out on me with the message "Injection fault switch off engine" and refusing to start back up, it had happened before a couple of times, but it started straight back up - I have since learned that this was caused by it having no fuel, despite...
  18. Scenic 2003 1.6 16v fidji fuel tank replacement

    I have changed the seals on the fuel tank and there is still a slight weep from underneath the locking ring. I am thinking of swapping the whole tank out for one that does not leak. First question is ... how easy is it to replace the fuel tank. It looks like I just need to raise the rear end...
  19. Water overflowing expansion tank? GT Turbo

    Heating & cooling
    Hey guys, I have a Renault 5 gt turbo that has been kept in my garage under covers for a few years, its in really top class condition with a new engine fitted by a specialist which the car was then stored and unused I planned to bring it out again in the summer.. been too busy with...
  20. renault trafic gears and coolant tank

    hi there! hoping to find some answers to this problem. yesterday while changing from second to first gear my gear stick disconnected from the gear box and now wont go into any gear. there has been no grinding or any sign of the usual trafic gear box problem, so im hoping im not going to have to...