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    hello, i believe i am having a problem with my tappets. i have been having an issue for a while now. there has been a "tapping" sound from my engine. i will try to upload a video with the noise to be a little clearer on the subject. i was driving back from london the other day and there was, for...
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    Hi all, recently purchased a 1.4 Megane II, 109k. Car has developed what I can only describe as a old tappet sound?? Car also makes a knocking noise when you come off the accelerator at like 2-3k revs, as soon as you put your foot back on the pedal the noise goes away. No running issues, car...
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    I bought a clio project, Its a 2004, 1.2 16v, the car runs and starts ok but it misses at about 1500 - 2000 rpm, i have replaced both lambdas , injection system with throttle body etc i thought i checked the compressions when i first got it and they where ok but now i dont think i did as i have...
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    do i need to set tappets after head gasket change on a kangoo 1.5 dci, and how do you do this thanks
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    Can anyone advise me of a good place (well priced) to get tappets for my F9Q 1.9dci engine? It has non-hydraulic buckets (at least no oil holes in them) and they should have a thickness of 7.8mm from what I can tell.
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    my car is ticking and i dont like it, it has manual tappets so how do i go about adjusting them and do i need any specific tool for the job? :confused:
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    HI I have recently bought an old 1997 Megane Scenic. 1.6 8v Does anyone know if these have hydraulic tappets or are they adjustable. Just want to know before I start checking clearances as it is a bit noisy on the top end. Many thanks
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    I purchased this car about 2 weeks ago. I remarked to salesman about an engine noise which he dismissed as 'just tappets'. I adjusted valves, but noise still there. It particularly appears when I reduce pressure on accelerator; when load taken off engine; a clicking/ticking noise, sometimes...
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    hello i was wondering if anyone could help me with my noisy tappets on my clio, i need to know if my car has adjustable or hydrolic tappets, does anyone know or how i may find this out.... many thanks steven.
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    Please can somebody give me a detailed account of how to set the tappets on a Kangoo 1.4 petrol
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    I have a Renault Megane Scenic Alize Sport 2.0L. On tick over the hydraulic tappets rattle like a diesel, what is the cause and is there a cure??
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    Hi guys, does anyone out there know the valve clearance on a 2002 1.5 dci clio ? cant find it anywhere, cheers all, have a good one :d
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    hi can the tappets be adjusted on a 2008 clio 1.5 dci as the car has a loud tapping when cold but not as bad when its hot. thanks BH.
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    hey everyone, new to the forum still trying to figure out where to post what. Ill probs be using this forum mostly to help diagnose faults. Im currently studying to be a technician, so i advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    Our Espace III refused to go the other day. My wife reported that she started the engine fine as usual but it died almost immediately, and then would not turn with the starter. So she left it until I came home, when I turned the key the engine turned over, but easily as if there was no...
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    Hi i have a 2003 Kangoo 1.5dci with 50k - advised by garage that cambelt needed a change but now the tappets are really noisy - much more than before - any ideas? cheers
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    Hello all, I have just joined the forum it has helped me alot in the past, but I can't find the answer this time so if anyone could shed light on how to adjust the tappets on a 2001 clio rsi 167. I have read postings that describe exactly how the car is running and it all points to tight...
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    Hello all i'm back, Didn't get around to doing my timing belt, i got all the bits then looked out of the window last saturday morning and it looked a bit chilly so i've decided to postpone the job until sunnier climes. Anyway another problem has reared its head, I gave the scenic an oil and...
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    Here we go, my first post. Forgive me if this has been answered before, I haven't managed to find the full explanation as yet though. Ok, a bit of background, the car had developed quite a bad misfire, so I changed the oil, spark plugs and coil pack, but still had the problem I pulled off a...
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    Hi the tappets on my car are making it sound like a diesel even when running for long periods of times so i think that they need replacing! I have a 'r' reg scenic 1.6 8 valve so i believe its the K7M engine! What work is involved in this? Is it cylinder head off ect new cam belt? Or can i leave...