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  1. Clio 4 TCe 0.9 - Weird tapping noise

    Good morning everyone, I have this weird noise (tapping) inside in the passenger compartment near the glove box, it started at about 8.000 km now it's more apparent at 10.000 km. I can hear it every morning after starting the engine and even if I let it idle for 15 minutes the noise doesn't...
  2. 2.5Dci 100 Master loud tapping sound

    Hi all... I have a 55 Master 100 Dci 2.5 Turbo diesel which was making a light rattling sound around the 2000rpm mark until yesterday when I got in to drive away and a loud tapping sound was coming from the top end near the front of the engine. Any ideas what it might be? I did think maybe a...
  3. Clio 1.2 16v mk II low idle & tapping noise

    I am a carer and use my 04 plate Clio for work. It was registered Jan 05 and I brought it a few months ago from a chap who did say that the car was idling low but hadn't bothered to get it fixed, thinks it was a sensor but as the car drove beautifully on test drive with no idle problem, I...
  4. 1.5dci scenic 04plate tapping

    Hi all new here ok so down the dirty work I've read a few bits and bobs here about the tapping noise with these but mine ain't same has all here the tapping noise i get is not mega loud (music is off) it idles fine and runs fine some times doesn't start instant on cold mornings and when does...
  5. Timing belt kit, rattling / tapping **Sorted**

    copy pasted from another forum, if anyone could be of any help it'd be greatly appreciated, i've just about had enough of it.. :frown2:
  6. Tapping Noise in Megane Cabriolet

    Tapping noise behind the dashboard adjacent to the passenger airbag lot on my 2003 1.6 Fidji convertible. Let me know if my title change is correct. It used to give your user name
  7. Hi input wire tapping

    In-car entertainment
    Hi guys or gals looking for a bit of advice. I'm looking to install my underseat sub but I'm struggling to find out which cables to splice off for my high input speaker wires and the best remote wire tap aswell. I have removed head unit and have pictures of the two plugs. Help much appreciated...
  8. Espace 2.2 DCI Tapping

    My 2004 Espace has developed a tapping noise from the what sounds like under the rocker cover on the battery side. I have unplugged the injectors individually with the engine running to try and eliminate a faulty injector and as you would expect the engine runs lumpy but the tapping noise...
  9. Scenic engine tapping

    My engine seems to be tapping. I've took it to an engine specialist who says its not crank or cam related. Originally thought it was tappets but these are solid and not hydraulic and very rarely wear. Took cam cover off and measured valve clearances they seem to be within spec. The engine...
  10. clio mk3 double tapping sound from engine

    sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but i am a noob here and don't really know much about cars. anyway here it goes, i have a clio mk3 55 plate, which i've had for 3 yrs, 100,000k on the clock. the problem is that since the late summer i have noticed a loud ticking sound coming from...
  11. Engine won#t start - strange tapping sound

    Hi all It's a loooong story but basis of it is that 2 weeks before Christmas, Engine Management Light came on and car started missing badly. Sure enough, when I hooked it up to Torque on my phone, cyclinder 4 was misfiring. Changed plugs etc but still no joy so decided to change coilpack. This...
  12. Tapping noise

    Hi all, i have a Renault scenic 1.9 dti w reg a loud tapping noise is coming from my engine bay, ive checked oil level and it seems ok it seems to be getting louder and i cant afford to be without the car. Id be grateful for any advise
  13. Megane II 1.6 tapping noise from right front wheel/suspension

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I've recently bought a 2005 Renault Megane II 1.6 which runs fine at all times except for right when moving after being stationary for more than 1 hour or so. Every time I drive away after parking I get a drive joint-like noise from the right front side of the car. The noise always comes in a...
  14. Megane engine rattle

    Hey guys I'm having a slight problem with my 2001 megane 1.6 16v. Over the weekend I've done a fair bit of motorway driving, about 350 miles. I noticed quite early on that over 3000rpm through all the gears is a rattling noise coming from the front of the car. Driving at 70mph the noise is...
  15. Laguna III tapping 12v feed

    Two threads within a few minutes of each other - sorry! I'm curious as to which 12V feed members would suggest would be the best for me to tap in to for my tablet. While the engine is running, I want 12v but when the engine is off then the supply is dead. Ideally, I'd be able to have a supply...
  16. Megane II 1.5DCI - Loud Tapping Noise - Changed Copper Washer - Running Bad!

    Hello people :) My missis has a 05 Megane II 1.5DCI and we had noticed an exhaust fume smell in the interior, at low speeds/idle when the heater fan was on, it then also developed a loud tapping noise (sounded like tappets!!), worse when cold. Long story short - I found the first injector...
  17. 2005 espace 2.2 dci tapping noise from top end

    Hi all,have got a 2.2 dci espace on a 55 plate, last week when driving down motorway a loud tappet type noise started, i crawled the last mile home popped the lid and could hear the tapping coming from top of engine above the EGRvalve under the rocker cover ,took it to a local garage they have...
  18. Engine tapping noise

    I have 2001 laguna 1.8 , when the engine is first started it really quiet , when it warms up the engine sounds like a Diesal ! This is only on Tickover (750 rpm) if I take the revs up too 800rpm noise disappears ! The car runs great with no loss of power or performance ! Is it the dephaser...
  19. Scenic III front tapping noise

    I've a 2009 Grand Scenic bought in Poland and it has developed an annoying front tapping noise which sounds like its coming from the suspension. The noise is like metal on metal or a bolt coming loose. It is intermittent which makes it hard to pin point.The noise seems to happen on bumps when...
  20. Tapping / ticking noise from head / plugs

    Hi there.... Could somebody please help with ticking / tapping noise from the cylinder head / glow plug area of the engine. Do the glow plugs make such a noise if failing...or maybe the diesel injectors if loose ? Or could it be something more sinister ? Puzzled as noise has come since a 50...