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  1. Engines
    My 2003 1.5dci starts really hardly when it is hot, but fine at the morning. Yesterday i found out, that after i put it in first gear then try to start (so it jumps one), it starts. Maybe it is not knowing the positions of the pistons. Is it TDC sensor? Just because i already changed it, can it...
  2. Engines
    Hi, I'm trying to locate the tdc sensor on my clio 2006 1.4 petrol, I have taken out the battery and air vent system I can see the gearbox and back off motor but I can't see the tdc sensor anywhere! Please help if you have photos and guidance would be great!
  3. Engines
    Scan suggests that its faulty (missing teeth etc.) but I can't feel the location at all in order to replace. The manual suggests its on the rear of the engine under / near the inlet to the turbo but I can barely get a hand in and can't see it with a mirror. Is it supposed to be accessed from...
  4. Engines
    Hi All, I am new to the forum have spent some time searching but i still cant find my TDC Sensor on my 1.5 DCI Clio Van. Ive seen serveral picures and videos suggesting its near the bell housing. Ive stripped out my battery ECU and still cant find it. Is anyone able to advise from my...
  5. Engines
    Hi, Can anybody tell me precisely where the TDC sensor is on the Clio 2 1.2 16v DF4 engine? I can see from various posts what the sensor looks like, how it fits and where it should be, but i`m blowed if I can find it ! It could be that most of the post descriptions are refering to the older...
  6. Engines
    Hello, Tried to find location of the TDC sensor on an Espace IV dci 2.0 here on site but I could not find it. Therefor I am asking someone for the location of it, and when I find it I will post pictures here for others to see. Cheers to all!
  7. Engines
    Hi, Just about to change my timing belt and wondered if anybody could post the length and thread of the pin that holds the crank at TDC? Cheers DW
  8. Engines
    Hi all Came across this site and despite lots of information about TDC sensors, for love nor money can I locate mine on my 2006 Megane convertible. I took the battery out, try etc etc to hopefully find it underneath the thermostat where most of the posts on here say it it and show pictures...
  9. Engines
    I have a 2005 Megane II 2.0 16v with a few Problems. the car will always start fine when it's cold, but when the engine is warm it cranks for about 3-5 seconds and sometimes stalls right after finally starting. I already replaced the TDC-sensor and checked the Connections and wirering, signal...
  10. Engines
    Where will I find my Top Dead Centre / Crankshaft Position Sensor? Based on information online, the general location is the lower right side of the engine, below the cooling thermostat housing. However, I just can't seem to locate it on my vehicle. I've attached a few images. Thank you...
  11. Engines
    I am tryin to change a timing belt on a reanault scenic 1.6 2007 petrol engine. I just cannot find the TDC blanking plug . Does any one have any idea where this is or by some miracle a picture.
  12. Engines
    Hi all ... I'm changing the timing belt , Clio 57 plate , but for the life of me i can't find the location of the crankshaft TDC hole, it not jumping out at me and its not where the haynes manual says it is Any help would be appreciated . John
  13. Engines
    is it a easy job fitting a new tdc sensor to my 2001 1.4 megane thank you
  14. Engines
    were is the tdc sensor on a megane 1.4 2001 please
  15. Engines
    Please could someone help. My car every now and then refuses to start. It eventually starts after about 20 goes (pressing the button). It then works for say 2-3 weeks then this happens again. Once it starts it then continues to work perfectly until it has another episode. The computer test shows...
  16. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all first post of many i think, ive been around for a few months mostly as a guest, i have a 05 reg 1.5 grand scenic, im changing the timing belt and having problems finding the TDC plug i have done quite a few belts on other cars but never on a scenic, can anyone please tell me were the plug...
  17. Engines
    hi my megane II 1,6 16v is dificult to start right now. as i read in forum, i still confuse about deferent between Crankshat sensor, Camshaft sensor and TDC sensor. what is the function and wheres the location in my Mrgane? thanks
1-17 of 261 Results