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  1. Laguna 2 Front Windows, Folding/Heated Mirrors not working

    I came back from holiday with the car not having moved for 8 days or so and neither front window nor the folding mechanism of the wing mirrors nor the electric adjustment of them work. I have taken the door card off and investigated and when I took the 29 pin connector (I counted them) off the...
  2. Rear TEMIC replaced - Window controls reversed

    Hi, Recently had my Nearside rear window stop working on my 2005 Grand Scenic MKII 2.0L Petrol 4 Speed Auto and diagnosed the TEMIC had failed. Ordered and installed a replacement and the window now works again with full functions BUT when I press the button down, the window goes up, vice...
  3. Scenic II Window - Front Switch Up, Rear Switch down

    Here's a good one, and I think I know what the answer is (but I'm seeing if anyone else has any ideas before I start pulling the loom apart!) When I bought my car, (amongst other things) it had 1 working window (thankfully drivers!). The service history said the NSF was a burnt out temic and...
  4. Megane Scenic 2 (2006) / Temic regulator - Window Switch going wrong way

    Hi, I just replaced the rear window regulator in my grand scenic, however the window switch now results in the window moving in the wrong direction. I searched the forums and found the reseting windows (hold for 6 seconds+ at top an bottom) but this assumes the switch moves them the right...
  5. Renault Scenic Mk 2 Rear window switches not working!!

    Hi. Been lurking these forums for a while and can't find anything related to my problem. My 2005 1.5 DCI scenics windows all work correctly from the drivers switches but neither of the rear windows will work from their own switch. I have changed the window child lock switch, fuses, both Temic...
  6. Scenic temic or soggy UCH?

    I unblocked my air con drain in scenic because i had a wet carpet....sorted (and even got nominated for write up!) but just left carpet / foam /uch to dry on own! now...
  7. Temic clarification

    Hi all, Apologies if this is answered elsewhere but I'm looking for a definitive answer to the following: on the Scenic II, are the Temic window regulators identical or do they differ? If so, do they differ left/right or front/back? Or are they unique to each window? Thanks.
  8. megane window problem

    Renault window module replacement is not a black art. All cheap and cheerful up/down replacements can be may with a soldering iron and a few connectors. I myself (electronics engineer) and a girl have been making them up friends and family. I dont sell them but if you want to make one Please...
  9. Are Temic units 'handed'?

    Sorry if this has been covered to death, but I can't find an answer to this specific question: are Temic units 'handed'? Moreover, are they specific to front and rear? I've got a 2005 Scenic II Expression and whilst all the windows worked, the NSR had no one-touch or global-close. My...
  10. Temic control module

    Hi guys a quick one here, My drivers side window is working ok but passanger side isnt, just wanted to know does the temic module do both windows, there is also no noise coming from passanger side motor, cheers Tommy Megane scenic 1.4rt 2000 2001
  11. back and front temic

    o/ all i have a 2005 renault grand scenic my temic on my driver side is not working can i use 1 from my back passenger side so i can fix my driver side window
  12. temic

    hi my scenic 1.9 on a 05 plate has started a problem drivers side window goes down stops when you let go of switch. press to close ie up and window goes down only comes up when lock button is pressed, A friend has told me a temic plug which can be repaired is the problem but before I strip the...
  13. Laguna 2 electric window temic issue? *fixed*

    Hi. New to the forum and not sure if I am getting it right, but here goes....... I have a 2005 laguna 2 sports tourer estate with an issue on the rear passenger side electric window. The window got stuck in the down position, so stripped out the regulator and with a bit of testing found...
  14. 04 megane cabriolet window working backward

    Recently replaced the temic and plug on the front passenger window. All was working fine until it came to drop the roof. When I pressed the all windows button in the centre console. The window in question operated in reverse. Went up instead of down and down instead of up. Did I do something...
  15. Cabriolet Temic Repair

    Hi All, After making a note to self to strip down and seal my temic regulators before they suffered after reading HeatherJ sticky the weather has beat me to it. Hence with mine being a cab i want to retain the centre all in one roof button function and one touch button feature. Hence I want to...
  16. Windows & Mirrors not working - Faulty TEMIC 6106?!

    Windows & Mirrors not working - Faulty TEMIC 6106?! As it says above my electrical friend has confirmed this is the faulty item but I have no idea from where I can get one!? any help will be greatly appreciated. I have a Laguna II V6 Auto and I love it. this is the only fault apart from a...
  17. Temic Window Control Unit for Scenic 2

    Hi - I have had a failure of the control unit on the driver's window on a 2004 Scenic and just need a replacement unit. Renault only supply the whole set (regulator/motor etc) at £200+ - I would therefore like to know if anyone knows where to source one and how much they are. Thanks.