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  1. Can a bad coolant temp sensor cause hard warm starting?

    1.5 dci, 2003 clio 2. My clio starts really hard when warm, but it's fuel economy is good, and it doesn't overheat. Besides that can the coolant temp sensor be the problem. I already changed tdc, no change at all.
  2. Coolant temperature sensor

    Heating & cooling
    Hi. Can some one please tell me where the temp sensor is on my 05 1.9dci trafic. And is there any other temp sensors in here? I've had a look around here and the engine bay but I'm stuck. Ta Daz
  3. 2009 trafic misfire when up to temperature

    Hi all, Just joined forum and have a prob with my 2009 trafic 115. Runs & pulls as should until temp gets to normal then it starts to hold back and it seems like somebody flicking a switch off then on again, have seen once or twice 2 flickers of red lights in centre / bottom of dash. If anyone...
  4. Temperature gaugr

    General Chat
    Just picked up a new captur today and noticed the blue temperature gauge goes off when the temperature is right. Driving home and it went off but came back on a few seconds later again showing blue for a seconds. Is this normal as I thought once it went off that would be it?
  5. Fuel temperature **Fixed**

    hi all seem to have another problem on the 03 1.9dci ... i have a fault code saying fuel temperature circuit high imput .. cant find nothing about it checked live data it says fuel temperature is -68 ?? just cant find the fuel temperature sensor location ??? is it this ive circled it in the pic...
  6. Location of coolant temperature sensor / Engine management light flickering

    Hello, I have a 2007 Renault Trafic van. When the van is idling everything is fine. When I drive the van everything is fine, temperature gauge is half way as normal but every couple seconds the STOP light and the red engine management light comes on flashes off and repeats. Flickering. To me it...
  7. Fluence Temperature Guage

    I have a 12 fluence 1.5 DCI,and the temperature guage in the dash registers one bar only when up to operating temperature.Is this the normal reading or is something amiss(as an aside,it seems to be drinking fuel)
  8. Clio mk2 1.2 16v cold map temperature?

    Heating & cooling
    Anyone know what temperature goes the cluo c9me out of its cold map please? Reason i ask is latly my temprature guage use to show 4 bars (upto operating temperature so i always thought) but recently its been showing just 2 bars so i replaced temp sensor and thermostate. Thermostate opens at 89c...
  9. where the hell is my outside temperature sensor - clio 2

    hi all, trying to locate the outdoor temp sensor for our Clio 2 2003 car ... so I merrily prized off the Passenger side door mirror only to find that the black nipple thing under the mirror is a blank / dummy !! - so now what? - where does the outdoor sensor live on our car then? thanks.
  10. Scenic II 1.5 intake air temperature sensor location

    Hello, I would like to ask if anybody knows where is the location of the intake air temperature sensor on (Grand) Scenic II 1.5 dci. Mine is back from 2004, with a 74 kW engine and the Delphi injection system. The ECU tells that the temperature of the intake air is -40C, so it seems that the...
  11. Renault Megane Scenic 1.6e 1999 temperature running high?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi forum, I am the proud owner of a Renault Megane Scenic 1.6e from '99 for 3 months now. Of course, as it is my first car, I want everything to run smoothly. However, I feel like the temperature of my car is running a bit high, mostly in between the middle line and the line above that. When...
  12. Temperature Gauge failure

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hello all, 1989 2L Petrol Trafic. Some weeks ago the gauge incorrectly started to show the engine as running cool and now does not register anything. The remaining gauges are working and I can’t find a fuse or wiring fault. Should I replace the Coolant Temperature Sensors? I appear to have one...
  13. Temperature Gauge drops

    Heating & cooling
    Hello, I have a Renault Clio 1.5dci 2004, About 10 mins into my morning journey from home to work after getting to optimal temperature, my temperature gauge drops down to two bars for about ten seconds and then goes back up to normal temperature, Why is this? Thanks
  14. Clio dci (80) temperature sensor

    I had my car on a scanner and it said iaf -40f so i have had a look at the sensors on the car and can only find one its a gray sensor to/from intercooler, should there be one for air intake which is the one the scanner If there should be another sensor could someone with a k9k take a pic and...
  15. fuel, temperature gauge, warning lights not working

    Hi all, just bought a 07 Traffic DCI 115, Got a few problems to sort,The heater controls had no illumination so removed gear change cowling and popped out heater controls, checked bulbs with a tester they were both ok made sure plugs all still connected still not working then noticed all my...
  16. kangoo water temperature fluctuation

    Heating & cooling
    02 1.9 kangoo diesel 86000 miles. had overheat issue which after exhaustive investigation seems to be a gasket failure or crack in head. bought some steel seal which may or may not have worked. only driven it 3 seperate journeys of 6 miles since - on one the temperature went up to bring the red...
  17. Temperature rating ?

    Heating & cooling
    Yes, it also happened to my Megane Scenic1 which i bought in 2001.The fan switch would only work on 4. I managed to get a thermo fuse rated at 117°C and 15 Amps. Am I not risking any fire damage by using a higher temperature rating and will the 15A rating be high enough to last a long time? I...
  18. M9R DPF issues might be temperature related? **Fixed**

    My brother has a 2012 Traffic fitted with an M9R engine. The van drives very well, has plenty of power, and does not smoke at all. His usage patterns are a mixture of urban and motorway driving. He and his wife also have diesel cars that have same type of usage, as were his previous vans. All of...
  19. Clio 1.2 year 2000 temperature gauge showing over heating

    Heating & cooling
    Hi.. temperature gauge was working fine fan etc kicking in when needed to. Though on way to work this morning after no more than 5 minutes driving the gauge went straight to the top the dial, no warning lights came on and no fan has kicked in.. heater is blowing hot air as it should, any...
  20. Temperature gauge erratic

    Heating & cooling
    Y reg Clio Grande in the hot weather with the heater off the temperature gauge drops bellow bottom line. Turn the heater on and (after a short period) the gauge goes to normal level. Strange thing is that when the heater is off and the temperature gauge is bellow bottom line ... turning the...