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  1. Misfire on idle when warm and stalling in cold temperatures - K4M720 1.6v 16v

    I have a 2000 Renault Laguna with a K4M720 1.6v 16v engine and seem to have an issue with a misfire on idle when warm and stalling under cold temperatures which I can't seem to fix. The engine always starts first time without any hesitation. After 5-10 minutes once warm, the revs drop to around...
  2. 05 Grand Scenic Air Con Output different temperatures

    Heating & cooling
    Have noticed that from the four facing vents one is very cold but the other four are considerably warmer. Any ideas? The air con was regassed late last year and has been used through the winter just to keep it ticking over.
  3. does a diesel need glow plugs for uk temperatures?

    hi ya,i have a renault espace 2.2 rxe dt on a 98 plate,gradually its getting harder to start from cold sometimes running the battery down forcing me to bump start it,once started it will continue to start lovely for the rest of the day,even after a few hours,i have got a new set of glow plugs to...
  4. Radio stops working in Sub-Zero Temperatures

    The radio in my wifes 07 Grand Scenic II stopped working last week, when it was -4c outside. Took it to the garage and they've just told me that the radio / cd / display will cut out in sub-zero temperatures!! All they needed to do is re-set the Radio. They then said "let's hope the weather...
  5. Renault Laguna II - Air con dual zone temperatures

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all My 51 plate Laguna II, I thought the Air con had packed up but the temperature was cold on the passenger side but not cold on the driver side with the temperature set to the same on both, the fan speed is the same and blows. Any suggestions what to check?
  6. Climate Control Syncing Temperatures?

    Heating & cooling
    I have the dual control Climate control in the Laguna II (dated '56) is there a key press to set both temperatures to the same, its so annoying when I have to turn both dials from 26 to 16 or vice versa. The Audio A8 allows this function from just holding a button in but I can't find such a...