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  1. Exhaust temprature sensor location on mk3 megane 1.5dci

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone knew if the exhaust temperature sensor is an easy replacement for a novice. I can't find any diagrams or reference to where it is and was hoping that if I take the plastic engine cover off, that I could access it from the top and see it somewhere on the exhaust? Any...
  2. temprature sensor

    Good day I need to change my temperature sensor but is not sure where to find it on my car I have a renault 2000 1.4
  3. trafic ambient air temprature sensor

    Hi, I have an 06 long wheelbase trafic dci 100 1.9l. Can anyone tell me exactly where the outside (ambient) air temprature sensor is located.Thanks:cheers:
  4. 1.6 scenic fan kicks it self and it says battery low .oil pressure is low temprature

    i am driving 2004 scenic 1.6 petrol.last week it was just stuck shoing nothing on the dash bord but locking and unlockin was of the electrion fixed the probem and the car was starting.but just after a day its giving me few other problems.when i try to start the fan goes on it self in...
  5. engine temprature

    Hi there ! I have not long brought a clio 1.4 rt ,It is a great little car , however i am getting a bit concerned about the temprature guage ! It seems to be creeping up a little higher than i would like , towards the three quater mark . I was wondering if this was normal for renaults because...
  6. temprature sender megane coupe

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all Can some please tell me where abouts the temprature sender is located on a megane coupe 16v. Many Thanks !!
  7. Megane temprature fault

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone My Girlfriend has a renault megane 1.6 16v (v reg) not sure on year...We have noticed that the temprature gauge keeps rising & falling,I have change the thermostat but the problem is still there..any pointers of what to check next. Thanks !!
  8. Exterior Temprature sensor

    Hi there, on my clio 1.4 (2003) the temprature display is showing outside to be a lot warmer than it actually is, example its 24 when it more likely near 10. I have been told that the sensor is behind the passenger side mirror behind the glass. The little nipple i was told about is there but...
  9. 2002 Clio - External Temprature Gauge

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I believe the external temperature gauge on my 2002 Clio is on my passenger side wing mirror. It constantly reads between 25c - 30c. Does anybody know how I go about resolving this issue or how to place the thermistor? Where can I pick up a working replacement? How do I open up the...