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  1. tempreture gauge goin to high

    Heating & cooling
    wen i start my car after about 5mins my tempreture gauge goes to 3 pins below the max level and sometimes the car loses power wen i try to start it can sum 1 help plz
  2. Outside tempreture digital reading

    Hi guys (and girls) to be PC! On my Lag 2 the digital readout t for the outside tempreture has become incorrect by about 4-5 degrees. Can I re-calibrate it or is it question of replacing the sensor and if so where is it located?
  3. Low running tempreture

    Heating & cooling
    In my 2001 1.9DCi Megane: When the weather is cold I find that the engine temperature never gets up to the usual running temperature. This is especially the case if I have the cabin heater on to stay warm. Sometimes, when it is really cold and I turn the heater up you can almost see the engine...
  4. does a tempreture sensor operate turbo

    Hi there, Does anyone know if theres a tempreture sensor that conrols the turbo? The reason being that when the weather is hot or very warm my car drives great, but when its mild, cold or even raining it seems to struggle and I have to accellorate hard to get the car...
  5. Comes upto tempreture then stalls

    I have a J reg Espace 91/92 whilst it's cold it will start OK, but as soon as it gets hot it cuts out. I've changed the plugs and fuel filter, still the same. If I try and restart it turns ok but won't fire, I've notice if I take a plug out after trying to restart the plug is dry and not wet...
  6. my tempreture needle keeps going up and down

    i dont no what to do my tempreture needle keeps moving up n down then staying at the bottom for about 20 seconds its been happening for about 3 days i went and brought a tempreture switch but does any 1 havea clue as to what this could be and any advise on what to do ?:confused: but 1 good...
  7. Scenic - External Tempreture Sensor

    Andy Hi. Just joined renault forums. I drive a Scenic 1.9 Dci. Had been looking for advice on the outside temp sensor and came across this site. Not sure if i have a real problem with it .,but it seemes to be a few degrees down on the real temp.