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  1. Cam Belt Tensioner Stud broken. Please help!

    hi all, Today I’ve been changing the cam belt on my renault clio 2011 dynamique tomtom. I accept that I’ve made a huge mistake on putting everything back together. As I was tightening the cam belt tensioner, the stud snapped off. I tightened it too much and I’m really angry with myself. is there...
  2. Auxiliary belt tensioner

    Ask the Experts
    My auxiliary belt tensioner on my 2003 mk1 scenic auto 1.9 Diesel is making a loud rattling noise, is it because I need to charge the delt or dose the tensioner need replacing as well?
  3. This V-belt tensioner pulley..

    Steering and Suspension
    Thought I'd post this here, since I'm not sure where to put it and the v belt also powers the power steering pump. Hi! My old megane scenic Ph1 has this type of belt tensioner (see attachment). I must say, what a completely crap way to tension a belt. How am I supposed to tension the belt...
  4. 79 Trafic Timing Belt Tensioner

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hello All. I have been trying to find a replacement Tensioner which my local Dealer advises is no longer available. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Seat belt tensioner

    Hi all! Just changed my seat from single to double in my 2009 Renault master and I disconnected the seat belt tensioner because there was not one on the double seat. Since doing this I have to lights on my dashboard one is the airbag the other is the service light? What should I have done?
  6. Help with alternator/battery and belt tensioner.

    So,today I was changing the alternator on a 2002 Clio 1.4 automatic with air con. and I cant see anyway to get the tensioner loose/off to refit the belt, anyone got any tips to do this? Also, I replaced the alternator and battery, as both weren't functioning properly, and before refitting the...
  7. Auxillary belt tensioner - 2000 Laguna 1 1.6

    Hi. I'm getting an odd, almost rattling noise from the aux belt area. I'm pretty sure it is from the tensioner. Previous owner had alternator changed recently, so not that and the noise goes with a quick squirt of WD etc. Car only has 35k on clocks, so water pump etc should still be good...
  8. 1.6vvt timing belt tensioner

    I am just going over all my bits before the job. I have a Gates tensioner like Fig.2 right, in this link. The eccentric is free to rotate in the bore. To get the pointer to move I have to lock the eccentric with a pin at...
  9. Need Setting the timing belt tensioner on Clio 1.2 16v

    I wasn't sure wether my timing belt was done so I have decided to strip the engine down and put on a new belt and water pump. Good job really because the water pump was leaking slightly and belt was starting to crack. I want to complete my task but having a problem guessing where the 2 lugs on...
  10. espace 2.2 aux belt tensioner pulley

    Hi all, i have a 2000 w plate 2.2 espace turbo diesel and aux belt tensioner is very noisy and moving a lot, is and it a big job to change it and how long will it take ? I am a reasonably competent mechanic myself ! Can i find diagram of belt arrangement online somewhere and would the idler...
  11. Laguna 1.9dti auto tensioner removal

    Hi. I need to replace the auto tensioner on a Laguna 2 1.9 DTl. When it the tension is loosened, is it possible to lock it in place to make removal easier? Cheers
  12. megane k4m/k4j problem with idler and tensioner

    hello again all ive been rebuilding k4mk4j engine I have problem with idler. fitted new idler and torq the bolt 45nm I have done this but the new idler seems really tight and doesn't want to turn easily will this free up once started or is there problem with it ? also tensioner is giving me...
  13. Belt tensioner 2.2 Espace diesel 2005

    Hi, I'm just changing the belt tensioner on my Espace, I've got the old one off easy enough and have bolted the new one in and put the belt on, but the new unit has a pin in it to keep the spring in the tensioner closed. With everything in place it's almost impossible to get a hand/pliers etc...
  14. Laguna II belt tensioner

    I'm trying this post again. How do I correctly remove and install the belt tensioner in my Laguna II? And how do I know how much tension to apply when installing new one, or is this somehow automatic? Is this an OK begginers job? I've replaced window mechanisms, And added towbar +...
  15. Laguna II dynamique belt tensioner

    Hi! I have had a problem with my ac compressor making gritty noises when engaged, and in the process of trying to find out what's wrong firstly my local garage told me: nothing wrong, but the cold air isn't getting into the cabin. Well I insisted that there is a noise coming from engine when ac...
  16. Tensioner setting K4M-834

    Hi! really need some help, I'm in the middle of an timing belt change and very confused where to align the tensioner :crazy: The tensioner is the new version (red) from gates My engine is K4M-834 78 KW 1.6 Hi-Flex 16V Mod: KW01 Service manual...
  17. fan belt and tensioner replacement

    hi all im new to this so any help would be gratefull how do you replace the fan belt and tensioner on a scenic 03 reg 1.4 16valve ????thanks :d
  18. Sheared Bolt - CAM Belt Tensioner, Modus 1.4 2006

    I recently had an incident where one month after a cam belt replacement the bolt holding the cam belt tensioner sheared off causing cam belt failure and bent exhaust valves. (see pics attached) The service agent is saying this is an unforeseen event. I talked to the mechanic who performed the...
  19. 1.9D (F8Q) timing belt idler pulley and tensioner replace interval

    Hi, As i understand 1.9d ening (F8Q) the timing belt should be changed after every 60 000 km. But I was wondering if anyone can tell me when to change the ilder pulley and tensioner? Should they be changed every time the timing belt is changed, every other time (120 000km) or on condition...
  20. tensioner problems

    I have just changed the auxiliary belt tensioner on my laguna 2.2 DCI which stopped the rattle in the belt and stopped the head lights dimming when ticking over all was good for 2 or 3 days but now the belt is getting noisy again and the lights are dimming again please help it's just one thing...