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    Just seen a news flash that Sir Terry Wogan has passed away today due to cancer. I think you will all agree that he was a great personality and will be greatly missed. RIP Sir Terry.
  2. Engines
    Master dci90 2002, joined to sort problem with air in fuel line at entry to fuel filter, tried Renault garage, expensive not cured, intend going to a diesel specialist, problem is possibly pressure regulator or minor leak around injectors ??? so far had new heaters, new fuel filter after renault...
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    Hello my name is Terry, I have just aquired a 2003 laguna 1.9dci.
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi folk, found site very helpful,I have a Renault Master, which I converted to a camper van in 2009. having maintained my old cars I am continuing my DIY on basic maintenance breaks, oil change etc Have so far travelled down to Italy and around France averaging 38mpg.on a run. :cool:
  5. Heating & cooling
    s reg megane heater not working please help
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    I have 2 renault vel satis, both is a v6 dci auto and the other a 2.2 manual (both diesels). The ride is very bumpy except when on a motorway or smooth roads. Any suggestions......i don't think it is shock absorbers as both cars have only done about 60k miles. Thanks, terry
  7. Engines
    Is there anybody out there - who can answer a very simple question regarding the location of the oil filter on a 2000 clio grande petrol. There are very vague replies on the forums and on the internet. It does not exist in the Haynes manual so anyone purchasing a manual is wasting their money...
  8. YouTube
    If you haven't ever seen this guy I can recommend making the effort...... Nice.:cool:
  9. Electronics
    Hi Can anyone please help.I own a scenic 2003 dci,excellent car,but the readout showing the outside temperature shows -4 even if its + 10 !!it drives me crazy.. Thanks in advance
  10. Football
    Source:~,19528,11661_4154018,00.html So for all those who took him out of your teams:p :moonie: :rofl:
  11. Football
    Sorry, I couldn't resist it :devil: Why can't you get a cup of tea at the Bridge? All the mugs are on the field and all the cups are at Old Trafford. Heard about the John Terry tyre? Excellent durability but not so good in the wet. John Terry always listens to the same song before a game -...
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    Resident of Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) and owner of one 1977 Renault R-5. The car is in remarkable shape given its age and the harsh climate in our country. The Renault automobile has not been sold in North America for 20 years, hence, its numbers have dwindled. I am always on the lookout for...
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    Hi razza, and welcome to RenaultForums We only launched the site today, so you are one of our very first members! Hope you enjoy your visit :)