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  1. Tesco Selling Cheap Wiperblades

    Cars & motoring
    Howdy All. Just a tip...I was out shopping in Tesco (as you do) and i spotted they were selling own brand winscreen wipers for 1.68euro each (all sizes).For the complete wiper not just the rubber:d. For that price I thought you cannot go wrong they have been on the car for a few days in the...
  2. Tesco is running it's 5p off a litre offer again

    Noyiced that this hadn't been posted up recently [couldn't find in search anyway]. Tesco's are running their 5p off a litre with a £50 spend either instore or online again. In the current fuel price climate I thought if you hadn't seen the adverts then I'd give you the heads up :) Seeing...
  3. Tesco piles into MP3

    Computer Club
  4. Tesco Diesel East Anglia area

    General Chat
    Anyone had any problems using Tesco Diesel in East Anglia? There has been a lot of press last week regarding cars breaking down because off Tesco Diesel. Our car cut out without any warning on Saturday potentially because of above (booked in to Renault tomorow) Just wondering if anyone had...
  5. Mono ethylene glycol (tesco)

    Cars & motoring
    Yes it’s anti freeze time again soon and I’ve noticed that Tesco is offering “Mono ethylene glycol” anti freeze for £1.47 litre. Question what’s the mono all about and is it ok for my Laguna MK1 phase 2? There must be a reason its cheap isn’t normal antifreeze about £2.50 There must be...
  6. Tesco fuel payout

    Cars & motoring
    £9m payout over contaminated petrol -
  7. Tesco synthetic oil?

    Hi, need an oil change but partners maternity pay really kicked in this month so no lovely Amsoil for me :( I did notice Tesco have their own brand Synthetic at something like £4 a litre. Sounds like a bargin. Do you think it's better to buy a cheap synthetic like that over any standard or...
  8. Not a good day for tesco!!!! "contaminated fuel issue"

    Cars & motoring
    Bailiffs seize alcohol from Tesco in contaminated fuel twist sounds like the high court was involved. Bailiffs seize alcohol from Tesco in contaminated fuel twist | the Daily Mail
  9. Tesco says sorry FOR FAULTY PETROL phone 0800 028 6428

    Cars & motoring
    Tesco says sorry FOR FAULTY PETROL phone 0800 028 6428 Tesco has promised to pay for car repairs BBC NEWS | UK | Retailers offer car repair refund Sky News: ''We'll Pay For Repairs' BBC NEWS | UK | Tesco in car repair payment offer
  10. 3 Items to freak out the check out girl at Tesco

    General Chat
    If you wanted to freak the checkout girl at Tesco, but were only allowed to buy 3 items, what would they be? My suggestions so far: 1 - Pregnancy test, saw, bin bags 2 - Fishnet Stockings, Mini skirt, A-Z of Ipswich.
  11. Bio Fuels + Tesco = TROUBLE

    Cars & motoring
    <EDITED: You Can't Say That Here> Check this out from a veg oil site ;- Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2006 20:33 Post subject: *Warning* Buying from Tesco - Port solent Hants. ------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------- Well today i went to tesco and loaded my...
  12. Tesco on-line voucher codes!!

    General Chat
    Guys, check out Tesco Voucher Codes - for vouchers at Tesco, have tried a couple and got delivery for 99p, beats queuing over the weekend and will give you more time for livley debate on the forum. Obviously you have to register for TESCO, but when getting...
  13. tesco and software

    General Chat
    Great new today Tesco moves into the software market I am hoping for titles like supermarket sweep. BBC NEWS | Business | Tesco moves into software market