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  1. Heating & cooling
    Hey. So I set to repair my A/c system and its been a bumpy ride... But maybe just maybe the last thing I need to do is replace the A/c pressure sensor. At least thats what I gather from fault codes and a lot of google. Thou I still would like to test it before I go out and buy a new one. Is...
  2. General Chat
  3. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, does anybody on here know how I can test a '90 T1100D glow plug relay or have a wiring diagram that I can figure out what the 4 spade connectors are... thnx Mark
  4. Engines
    hi. my 2.5 05 Renault master van wont start want to do a compression test does anyone know where to find out what the compression values should be
  5. Bodywork
    Please don't reply in this thread I want to know though if once read this thread stays on your thread lists or disappears. Thanks
  6. Brakes/Hubs
    Please don't reply in this thread I want to know though if once read this thread stays on your thread lists or disappears. Thanks
  7. General Chat
    S****horpe seems a nice place to visit
  8. Engines
    Hi I have a vivaro with the 1.9 engine in and I want to perform a leak off test on the injectors. When I remove the leak off pipes to connect my leak off tester to the injectors am I supposed to block the leak off pipes off with something? I tried it briefly yesterday and noticed diesel was...
  9. Engines
    Does anyone know what the ideal results should be (apart from them all being the same) from a compression test on a 2.5 dci g9u engine? Ill be testing mine over the weekend. Thanks
  10. Tools & equipment
    My Android OhNo app is picking up the bluetooth ELM327 but not reading modules. I am assuming I have not gotten the car into test mode. OhNo says press the start button for 10s. I'm not seeing anything like test mode or software versions. How do I know I am in ?
  11. Electronics
    Is this true, should we avoid using incandescent test lamps when undertaking electrical fault finding in cars fitted with airbags ? Using a Test Light
  12. General Chat
    Won't need to reverse around a corner anymore but must be able to use a Sat-Nav ... Driving test: Learners must be able to use sat navs - BBC News .
  13. Engines
    hi all... anyone know easiest accessible point on a 05 2.2dci espace to test the vacuum level, and what figures to expect at idle, and higher rpm? I suspect low vac, as I am not getting turbo boost at low revs, despite new genuine turbo and actuator and VNT. I note also now the brakes are not as...
  14. In-car entertainment
    I bought my car without a radio, bought one from a scrap yard but it would only beep. Swapped it for an older model; I reset the time so it no longer flashed. And now this radio just beeps if I press a button. Nothing at all has been displayed where the time is displayed. Is that what should...
  15. Electronics
    Does anyone know how to activate a dash test procedure on the MKIII Laguna? Ive done it before in a few of my previous Renaults my holding the menu button on the end of the window wiper stalk and inserting the key card etc. But this doesn't seem to work on the Laguna III, just wondered if...
  16. General Chat
    hi all, i'm about to take the plunge and buy said car. My 2002 Mazda 6 has corroded to the point where i doubt it'd pass the next MOT without serious welding jobs, and I don't want a bit of suspension to shear doing 60mph round a corner. It's time to buy a replacement car. I spent AGES...
  17. Engines
    hello all we have a Renault Scenic 2002 1.9 dCi which has been stood a few years. was runing fine till the starter motor failed. changed the started,cleaned the egr and put a new maf. it will not rev above 3.000 rpm. and if reved hard the glow plug light flashes. when we pluged in it gave a...
  18. General Chat
    Common Daughter in Law is about to take her driving test in a week or so. Asked if I could go over the "show and tell" questions with her and show her things like checking oil, coolant etc. No worries except she will be taking test in a Mini (and NFI what engine) so can only show her on the...
  19. General Chat
    A little quiz for you: QUIZ: Could you pass a modern day driving test? (From Maldon and Burnham Standard) I got 15/17 (messed up on Q7 & Q8) :o
  20. Engines
    1.5 dci megane 2, does anyone know the delphi test run and expected amount of fuel collected. I always thought it was 10% of each other, but then i thought if they were all bad they could be within 2% of each other and still be bad. Looking at other car manufacture forums they say idle for a...