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  1. So many tests so little results

    Ask the Experts
    Please don't reply in this thread I want to know though if once read this thread stays on your thread lists or disappears. Thanks
  2. Forthcoming Diesel Emission Tests

    Cars & motoring
    A new real-world test for diesel vehicles will begin later this week to more accurately measure emissions of vehicles sold in Britain. Starting from 1 September, tested cars will be driven on urban and rural roads as well as motorways, with measuring equipment placed on their exhaust system. The...
  3. MOT play tests

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi Guys, I'm about to put my car in for an MOT - I'm just wanting to know how much play is usually allowed on the driveshaft and the tie rods? The Offside driveshaft has about 1mm play if rocked towards the front and back of the car -it takes a bit of force to feel it. More notable is that it...
  4. McLaren's MP4-29 passes crash tests

    Formula 1 news have confirmed that their 2014 car, the MP4-29, has passed all of the mandatory FIA crash tests, clearing the way for the team to participate in next week's opening pre-season test at Jerez. Under Formula One racing rules, a new...
  5. Raikkonen tests GP3 car

    Formula 1 news's Kimi Raikkonen took time out from his summer break on Friday as he got behind the wheel of a GP3 car in Spain. The test, part of an official GP3 development programme in preparation for the junior single-seater series' 2014 season...
  6. FIA approves post-race tests, penalty-point system for 2014

    Formula 1 news FIA's World Motor Sport Council has approved a number of changes to the Formula One regulations for 2014 after meeting at Goodwood in the UK on Friday. Among them are post-race tests at four Grands Prix and the introduction of a...
  7. Pirelli: tyre tests did not favour any team

    Cars & motoring One racing's official tyre suppliers Pirelli have responded to speculation about of its recent tyre test with Mercedes, saying that it did not favour any team. Their response follows a protest in Monaco by Red Bull and Ferrari...
  8. Red Bull tests for Da Costa, Frijns in Abu Dhabi

    Formula 1 news Bull have confirmed that their line-up for the young driver test at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina circuit from November 6-8 will be Portugal's Antonio Felix da Costa and Dutchman Robin Frijns. Da Costa, 21, is a Red Bull Junior team member...
  9. Tuner list radio tests

    Hello. A while ago I am sure someone put on how to get the test modes up on a tuner list radio, (it tested speakers and radio station signal strength etc) and was wondering if it could be put on again as I cannot find it on here now even after using the search option. If any one could help, this...
  10. First wet-weather tyre tests for Pirelli

    Formula 1 news's pre-2011 tyre test programme entered its latest phase this week with the Italian company's wet and intermediate rubber taking to the track for the first time at the Valencia circuit in eastern Spain. The test also marked the...
  11. Tougher floor tests prompt minor changes to McLaren

    Formula 1 news have revealed they have carried out minor modifications to the MP4-25's floor ahead of this weekend's Italian Grand Prix, in light of the more stringent tests to be applied by the FIA at the Monza event. The sport's governing body...
  12. Fisichella tests Ferrari 'F-duct' at Vairano

    Formula 1 news Saturday, Italy's Vairano circuit saw Ferrari debut their version of McLaren's 'F-duct' system, whereby the driver can stall the rear wing in order to cut drag and boost top speed. Ferrari trialled a 'passive' blown rear wing at the...
  13. Ferrari tests in Barcelona

    Formula 1 news world champion Valentino Rossi is back behind the wheel of a Formula One car after beginning a two-day test for Ferrari at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya on Wednesday. Rossi has been given the opportunity to drive by the Italian...
  14. Citroen tests hybrid WRC car

    Rallying news
    :MORE @ Hmmm, wonder where they got that idea from :rolleyes: Go on Max, you know you want to :crazy:
  15. spider tests

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  16. New Renault fails FIA crash tests

    Formula 1 news
    :MORE @ Ouch, takes a lot of work to make a chassis :(
  17. Mansell tests ALMS Lola with son Leo

    Other motorsports news
    :MORE @
  18. don't trust the diagnostic tests

    HI -have been driven to this forum due to constant 'fuel injection system faulty' scenario - engine cuts out etc. I drive a laguna initial 02 plate. Problem occured in the first month after i bought the car - following list of work been done. april/04 - replaced injection computer sept/04 -...
  19. which car security tests

    Cars & motoring
    i`ve just been reading which? and the feature on car security the test was on how well the cars performed in "thefts from vehicle" in the large car section the laguna came 2nd last (80%) out of 24 cars tested in the medium cars section the megane came 3rd top(47%) mpv`s the scenic came 4th top...
  20. Renault Safety Tests

    Cars & motoring
    Everyone will find the attached link of the greatest importance! :devil: