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  1. A noob saying hello (and thank you)

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hey everyone. Just bought a Renault, and seeing as answers from this site helped me out I thought it only right to join up and say thank you. I am now the proud owner of a grey 2005 face lift Laguna 2.2dCi Initiale, which is without question the comfiest thing I have ever sat in (although I...
  2. Wharfdale head unit in to clio PLEASE HELP

    ALRYT PEEPS NEWBIE HERE so heres the downlow Have a 2001 clio mrk2 phase 2 already has a kenwood head unit installed now i wanna put a cd/dvd whafdale headunit in i bought off a mate and i knw it works same double plug as the clio anyway so i thought eyyy this will be a peice a cake ...
  3. Scenic 02 Toxic Fumes Warning Light - A "Thank you."

    Hi, I hope you dont mind me posting like this. But I just wanted to convey my thanks to both this Forum, the AA and Renault. This morning, my partner called me to say she had just made it to work - and the toxic fumes warning light had been on all the way and car was running odd. Having...
  4. Just a quick "Thank you"

    General Chat
    Just a quick thank you To all the members that awarded me points over the last month. :d :d :d :d