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    O/S front suspension arm with complete ball joint required?
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    Hi all. I'm knew to the forum and perhaps should have introduced myself prior to trying to get answers. Anyway I'm Jason and own a slightly bruised 2000 plate1.2 Clio, well until it's handed over to my son. I'll try and turn my hand to most things mechanical and on the wrong side of 40 I've got...
  3. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Thanxs for adding me to your forum.:d
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello all just to say thankyou for letting me join your forum I have a grand renault scenic 2006 petrol thankyou again peter
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    As of Friday 4th April 2014 I will be getting a new car and yes the Renault will be no more. As my new car will not be a Renault I am sadly saying goodbye to everyone I have spoken to unless I am ok to stay on this forum and continue to talk to you all, if not then I would like to say a huge...
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    It late in coming as been ill but thank you to the threads i received i contacted icap (independent code assessment panel)after finding the leaflet in my Renault folder.I would strongly recommend that if your car is still under warranty to contact these people.Jobs done driving excellent...
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    I would like to thank the administrators and all members who have helped me while I have been a member of this forum. Your all kind, friendly, helpful and the things I have done so far on my car is down to the help and advice I have received. Thankyou to the administrators for allowing me to...
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    I would like to say a huge thankyou to Dancingdad, Renoir White, Chuffer690, Hondo, Bugsb Megane Man and Lancs Dave for your help and advice and I hope you will all help and advise me still on current and new items to do with my car. Also I am a big believer on having a laugh too. Thankyou all...
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    all you helpfull clever chaps out there I had a problem this week and looked through your answers and found my fault, fixed the fault without paying any money out, you must help out lots of people like me without knowing it. a big well done and thankyou
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    Thanks to everyone who have posted on the forum. I have just helped somebody buy a very tidy Megane, and I can honestly say that the posts on this forum have helped me immensely. Keep up the great work. Kind regards Oily.:)
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    Hi folks from the land down under (New Zealand) I had a problem over the Christmas period with my 1996 Laguna with the immobilisor. I was finally able to obtain the code which i was able to enter via the centre consol central locking switch. Goodluck to Renault, i will never buy one again.
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    I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Mike for all his hard work in updating the forum recently.It has taken a few days to get used to the new features,but I think it is a definate improvement over the old one and Mike must take full credit for it.:) As I write this,he is currently at...
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    At the end of last year I came on here looking for advice concerning a problem with the Auto box on my Laguna 1 being "stuck in second". Following some sound advice from Uncle Sam I took the car to a proper auto gearbox centre (my local Renault dealer (in Letchworth) had told me I needed a new...