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  1. Squeak from rear spring from touching middle thing

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi. Just before I bought the Scenic it had two new rear springs to pass the MOT. It's just started to squeak from the passenger rear and on inspection the 'rod' that goes in the middle of the spring is off centre and just touching a coil. What are the things in the middle and why might it be off...
  2. Fix the effin thing - please

    General Chat Keep getting emails about new posts and can see an extra page that got listed too but can never get to the damn thing to look at the page - get stuck on page 2:steam:
  3. Is this thing on?

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello there, noob signing in. :) Picked up an '04 2.2dci Grand Espace last week after our Citroen C8 pooped out its torque converter, can't survive the summer holidays in a 5 seater Xsara when we're a family of 7! I did want to hold out for the V6 but the boss wasn't having it. :crying2...
  4. What is this thing?

    Can some kind soul please tell me what the circled thing is and if anything should be attached to it.. It looks as if it should have a hose attached to it on the front side and perhaps something of larger circumference attached to the engine facing side. Has a wire going into it which suggests a...
  5. What is this shaking thing

    I noticed this in engine. On idle parked it seems to be shaking/vibrating a fair bit. id like to ask what this is and whether that should be a concern.
  6. Electric power steering motor, same thing as electric power steering pump?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have a MK3 Laguna Expression 2008 1995cc dci 130 with an electric power steering problem which, I'm advised, probably needs the power steering motor replaced/repaired. When I look for parts, all I seem to see for my car is electric power steering pumps; is that the same thing? Leading on...
  7. Car parts What is this thing called?

    Please see attached picture. What is this part called and where to buy? (UK) It's been worn by pulling and retracting of the seat belt. It's a 2007 Renault Megane hatchback. Many thanks!
  8. is facebook a good or bad thing

    General Chat
    I am just interested in views on facebook I never use it I would prefer to talk to a person as some words can mean differant things and can be taken the wrong way evan by a simple text message but over the last week have seen the bad side of it Ron
  9. Strange breather type thing under espace 2.2dci

    Hi folks. Just wondering if anyone knows what the strange breather system is under the espace. It apears to end just short of the exhaust. Not a problem but it just has me wondering!
  10. Whats this thing

    Hi all my first thread. I drive a Renault Clio LeSport, Iv being scratching my head wondering what the part behind right front light is. Theres some kind of sensor and rubber tube comming out of it please some one tell me what google cant anwser. Thanks
  11. Clio Mk2 (I Think) Pollen Filter location and Funny Blue Thing!

    Hi Guys I have got a new Clio that is in desperate need of some love and attention. First things first it needs a good service. Parts arrived this morning, but I cannot find the location of the pollen filter! Can anybody help. It is a 2005 model but have a feeling it is a Mk2 rather than 3...
  12. Last thing any car dealer wants to see

    General Chat
    Oh dear. But there is a 5000 euro reward.
  13. Very worrying this kind of thing..

    General Chat Unfortunately its nothing new as this will testify..
  14. Whats this box thing?

    Hi all, my wife bottomed the rear of the car today and i found a big black box hanging down and am wondering what it is . It has a pipe and wiring cable going to it and slides into a fixing that sit infront of the near side rear suspension and exhaust. I slid it back on and was wondering if it...
  15. What is this little thing? Pressure pump line?

    Hey guys. I've recently seen this little line on my Clio III 1.5 dCi 50kw engine, and don't really know what it is. There was a small improvized cork on it that I took off in order for you to see it better (put it back afterwards). Since it looks improvized I was wondering what is supposed to...
  16. 53 scenic wont do a thing no lights wont start just plain dead ;-)

    Hi all, i recently got my scenic, all of a sudden it wont start, i can open drivers door but no lights come on dash i put card in and nothing, i cant open any other doors or the boot. I tried to jump start the car and with car on jump leads and slightly charged it will start perfect, no warning...
  17. Espace Mk3 water pipe nipple thing

    Heating & cooling
    Hello everyone I have an issue with a small rubber nipple type thing that is capping part of the water pipe on the front of the engine just below the frint of the air filter. It sprang a leak a while ago and i patched it up. It since perished completely and although i've tried securing it as...

    Hello hello, first off: Now, if you want to read how daft I am trying to do stuff I have no idea how to do, feel free to read the above link. In short, I finally managed to complete the task, replacing the turbo and cleaning out...
  19. Cam belt/ timing belt same thing?

    Ok, so I put the car in for cam belt change this morning and when I got back I looked in engine bay on side of engine to see new belt. Wrong same old belt there! I looked at receipt and it states timing belt changed. I thought the timing belt and cam belt were the same thing am I wrong..
  20. The craziest thing ever!

    Ok here goes. 57plate scenic (mk2 facelift) 1.5dci normally fit and healthy. Was in the car ok and locked it. Locked fine. Went to unlock it and it wouldn't unlock. Ok nit a problem I'm around the corner from tesco will pop in for a battery. Done, still didn't unlock. Pulled the flap off to...