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  1. Help plese , strange things with scenic 2 light

    Hello everyone, i have strange problem with my scenic 2 light, somtime i start the car everything start perfect light automatically switch on, problem is with foh light and long light they not turn on after 30 min or 60 min ( not fixed time) they turn on normally. Somtime i start the car and...
  2. mudflap things

    General Chat
    after last nights rain i could hear a flapping all the way home from the drivers side front wheel area, this morning after trimming the tree and fixing the bike had a look. the mud flappy thing is not only loose its broken. decided to check the other side and errrrrr there aint one LOL. checked...
  3. Plasticine !!! the things people do for fun..

    General Chat :eek::eek::eek:
  4. Lets try this word game Things you can say during sex and at a funeral

    Jokes & funny stuff
    I'll start Hes in a better place now
  5. Important things in a woman

    Jokes & funny stuff
    It's important to have a woman who can share the household duties with you, cook or clean at times. It's important to have a woman who can make you proud when you go out with her, who can make you laugh and socialise in any situation. It's important to have a woman who you love looking at...
  6. You meet the strangest things on our roads

    General Chat
    Out on the Yamaha the other day, came up on some blind S bends chucked the bike into the first and immediately was on the brakes, when you ride a bike if you want to survive you learn to hit the brakes before you have worked out why, more or less at once I let go the brakes, what I at first...
  7. How to get things thro customs

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A distinguished young woman on a flight from Switzerland asked the priest beside her: "Father, may I ask a favor?" Of course. What may I do for you?" "Well, I bought an expensive electronic hair dryer that is well over the customs limits and I'm afraid they'll confiscate it. Is there any way...
  8. Just got my first Renault (Scenic) and wanted to check a couple of things.

    Hi folks, So I just bought my first ever Renault, a 2006 Grand Scenic II 1.9dCI 6 speed, and thought I should sign up here and see what's up! There's a couple of things I wanted to check if possible as I have no frame of reference. First of all, I love the car. it's in really good nick...
  9. Things to check after engine replacement..?

    Hey guys, I have a 2005 Scenic II 1.6 petrol automatic car. Question: My garage messed up my engien and they're replacing my engine (read story for details) and I wonder what do I need to check, what questions must I ask, what can go wrong in the process and how can I find out if it went...
  10. Kangoo Air Bag/Serv light.Done usual things!

    Hello,Have done all normal things like soldering connections under seats,disconnecting battery,checking edu for fault codes.(none).Also checked connections to pre tensioners. Lights still come on,with no fluctuation. Car was stood up for 6 months,ok before this. Any thoughts much appreciated...
  11. Megane starting problems....handful of things?

    Hi guys, I have read loads about possible solutions to my problem and they boil down ultimately to two very likely causes. First, the car. Megane 53 plate 1.6 VVT Dynamique (petrol), one previous owner, 103,000 on the clock nice car so thought I'd have it. Within a few days engine light on...
  12. Things to look out when buying an Renault Trafic from 1993

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi guys I'm looking at a very nice Trafic T1100 - T31a (4x4, 2.2l 70kw petrol) this weekend and wanted to ask the experts what I should look out for. The car belonged to firefighters and is really well kept. It only has 35000km on the clock, and I'm inclined to believe that (guy (2nd owner...
  13. A Facebook group for Renault buy and sell

    For sale
    I hope this doesn't breech forum rules? I found this group today, they seem a friendly bunch .
  14. 2 different things?

    can someone tell me if these parts are 2 totally different things. OR same thing but for different cars. reason i...
  15. New to clio - things to check

    Hi New to the clio world... Bought myself a super cheap clio out of circumstance. Just wanted tips on what I should go over. I'm no mechanic but basics should be ok. I'm not going to dump any real money into this til I know it's worth it! Thing is, it's only had 2 owners and pretty low...
  16. Trafic 2008 Wont start - Tried most things

    Ok so my van has been off the road the past 3-4 weeks. It ticks over but just wont start , had no issues before this. Parked up one night came out to it in the morning and it wouldnt start. Tried: Camshaft sensor Crankshaft sensor Fuel Filter Heater Plug Relay Give the engine a good earth...
  17. different things on same engine

    hi,being new to the site and reading every thing what amazes me is the difference of layout/parts on the same engine. layouts when I look at say a senic its different than my megane? Point of interest is the reversing switch mine I know has two pins but when I was looking to buy one some were...
  18. T Reg Clio...just a few lil things

    Hey guys i have a t-reg clio and i love it apart from the fact the display which has the time and temperature on isnt working. It stopped workign a few months back and its completely blank morning and night, apart from last night strangely enough when there was really bright sun on it and i...
  19. Things to look out for when buying a Megane

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All I'm looking to replace my current Renault a 07 Clio with its bigger sister the Megane. As I don't have a huge budget I'll be looking at a second hand model. Obviously I know I need the radio code (my first Clio never had one), manuals, tools etc and I've heard there's an SD card for...
  20. Have the Breakdown Firm Made Things Worse?

    Hi All, I bought an 05 Laguna Sport Tourer (Auto) a few weeks ago. Barely driven it more than 10 miles. When I opened the door yesterday I was unable to start it, and the dash was showing a 'Parking Brake Fault' message. Cue the breakdown call and out came the man in a van quite quickly. He...