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    Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, Who had 8 kids already, Three who were deaf, Two who were blind, One mentally retarded, And she had syphilis, Would you recommend that she undergoes an abortion? Read the next question before looking at the response for this...
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    Heres likely why some drivers seem to be asleep. I went driving and motorbiking in my sleep - BBC News :surprise:
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, Wayne here from Manchester, To define the title more, this is the first normal or modern car i have wanted to keep, god knows why but i do, much to knowing all the tales about Renaults not being good, although SWMBO has always had Pugs and Citroen`s. I came by this Megane CC 06 plate...
  5. Non-motoring news
    Can just see Cameron N Corbyn doing this :rofl: :rofl:
  6. Engines
    Hoping someone out there can help! I just bought a 2008 Grand Espace with just over 12,000 miles on the clock from new – all the service data ties up so I am pretty sure it is genuine. The interior condition seems to also support that. On the test run all was fine but the following day when I...
  7. Tools & equipment
    Hi all, What's your thought on this for working on and under a Megane Scenic? Five Piece Lifting Kit I.E. would the jack be big enough to lift the ca?r, would the axle stands hold the weight?, never purchased something like this so just asking before buying. Hugh
  8. Announcements
    I don't know if this has been done in the past but seen as a lot of folk are finding things hard in these current times i just wondered if a Swaps section might be of some help which of course means postage would need to be paid but wouldn't that cheaper than struggling to get money together for...
  9. Electronics
    Firstly, thanks for advice ref getting fault codes, i brought a ms 509 maxi scan £30 bucks sure beats the 89 renault wanted and i can use it over and over, One fault Exhaust Gas Resircultion open circuit / A what does this mean and how do i fix it? i had the egr out about 2 weeks back...
  10. Exterior styling
    1.9D Kangoo, stocker engine. Future plan/dream is to 172 it. Mods are almost infinite, cant remember half of them! But as you can see, it's running Clio 172 rear hubs and Brakes, modded onto the rear beam by myself. 4 degree rear camber shims, 2.5 degree front camber, Clio 172 front drive train...
  11. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, I'm new here, bought my first Clio about 4 weeks ago and came across this site whilst doing some research! you guys seem to be really helpful - keep it up thanks
  12. Heating & cooling
    when i have my aircon on in my 98 s reg scenic i thought i could smell petrol but apparently the garage says it is coolant and i have a bit of a leak from the coolant somewhere but i dont know where !! what could this problem be?
  13. YouTube
    Separately opening glass (that breaks) is one thing... But how about this?
  14. Cars & motoring
    I know nothing about cars so when my battery went flat and my central locking stopped working I was quite worried so I am posting this for anyone who is like me really. I tried to use my door key which came with the central locking fob however my it wouldn't unlock my car, I thought I might...
  15. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi folks Just been out and bought my new (to me) 1994 espace diesel. Previously had a 2000 galaxy tdi mk 1 which have up couple of months ago. Was going to stay galaxy but got tempted by older espace as less gadgets and techno stuff, therefore less to go wrong. Car runs nice, no reason to...
  16. Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi names warren i own a clio 2 which i have managed to enjoy for the past 2 years whilst spending vast amounts of money keeping it on the road 2 sets of suspension and wishbones, coil springs snap all the time, anti roll bushings i bought 2 spare sets as they keep snaping the bolt :S and to talk...
  17. General Chat
    The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything : They just make the best of everything they have.
  18. General Chat
    Donald!.:) Have a look here,they aren't the cheapest T-shirts in the world,but they make a change from the usual stuff...... I could be tempted by quite a few of those.:)
  19. Engines
    Hi , ive recently bought a 1.4 megane scenic 03,ive only had it a week and the "toxic fumes" warning light has come on,so i did abit of online research and found this site, ALOT of ppl recommended changing the coils which i have now done , i also changed the spark plugs while i was there...
  20. General Chat
    So I thought about buying one of these . . As usual, I was dioing my research on the web . . I started to look into crash prtotection and durability as you do these days . . When i stumbled upon this photo . . Stuff it, I'm sticking with a ton and 3/4;s of 4x4 :crazy: