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  1. volvo v50 1.6D thoughts

    Other makes
    just looking :grin2: but like the tax free bit so good points and cons very welcome
  2. Infotainment System Problem - Any thoughts?

    Just to start, I have the car booked in at the local Renault garage in a weeks time. I just thought I would see if anybody had any experience with a similar problem. So... I was out on a nice drive in the peak district with my music playing through my memory stick; there had been a few bumpy...
  3. thoughts on gear box oil

    General Chat
    the spec for my x type is 75-90w but as the gearbox is now 13 years old and at 111000 miles is it worth going to 80-90w i guess i have opened a can of worms but should be interesting on your thoughts Ron
  4. your thoughts on the outcome in june

    General Chat
    so any good bad ugly thoughts as we get closer to the vote Ron
  5. Laguna coupe - thoughts after test drive, is this normal?

    General Chat
    hi all, i'm about to take the plunge and buy said car. My 2002 Mazda 6 has corroded to the point where i doubt it'd pass the next MOT without serious welding jobs, and I don't want a bit of suspension to shear doing 60mph round a corner. It's time to buy a replacement car. I spent AGES...
  6. Key card or Reader, your thoughts on which is faulty

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on which I should be looking at. 1. I only have 1 key card anyway so need to buy another. I can step out the door and press unlock on the key card and it could work on the 1st click sometimes it can take about 10 clicks, 2. I can walk...
  7. Initial thoughts.

    Cars & motoring
    Well got her home ok,just got a 2007 Laguna Sports Tourer 1.9 DCi 130 Expression Nav with 170k on,bought trade for a one-way trip to Spain in march,its 8 months MOT and had suspension work done at the last test. 1st impression is great,drives lovely,smooth 6 speed change,15 mile drive back and...
  8. To confirm my thoughts on CC rear window fault

    Hi all, not long had a an 06 plate Megane CC 1,9 Dci What i have done is remove the rear seats and side panel as the rear passenger side window will not go down, with any switch, the all window down console switch or rear independent one. But at time when i press the console switch all the...
  9. Thoughts on Scenic 4x4

    General Chat
    Anyone have any thoughts on the Scenic 4x4 as I am interested in getting one. The road tax does not bother me as I get it free with my DLA. I also like the side hung rear door, easier for me to open and close than the normal up tail gate. What are the tyre regulations for it as some 4x4's have...
  10. A champion's thoughts on 2014 - exclusive Mario Andretti Q&A

    Formula 1 news wasn't much that Mario Andretti didn't experience in his 128-race F1 career, so who better to cast an eye over the first half of 2014 season than the 1978 world champion? In this exclusive interview, the American offers fascinating...
  11. McLaren abandon thoughts of 'going radical' in 2014

    Formula 1 news's recent performance upswing has persuaded the team to continue their current development of the MP4-29, according to racing director Eric Boullier. Back in May, Boullier suggested that the team might turn their attention to more...
  12. Strange fan-like noise in a Kangoo - any thoughts?

    Hi, I don't really know how to describe this fault so I'll simply write down as much info as I can in the hope it rings a bell with someone: // 2006 Kangoo 1.5 DCi (car). Runs fine, starts fine, drives fine., no smoke, really lively etc etc. In the past week or so a strange whirring noise...
  13. Hi guys what's your thoughts??

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I've just purchased a 55 plate megane 1.9 dci sport hatch, one owner from new with 130k on the clock, lots of options on it as it was a demo for 6 months prior to first owner, it's got pano roof, 6 disc changer, colour coded body, xenons, etc etc,,,, taxed and tested, with full documented...
  14. Dealer Complaint, just wanted your thoughts on the situation.

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys, I had a very infuriating experience with my local Renault dealer yesterday and wanted to share it with you to get your feedback. Firstly, this is the second time that I have had to complain to Renault UK about this dealer, :censored: I have a 2002 Clio V6 and on Sunday noticed that my...
  15. Clio Mk4 Thoughts

    Cars & motoring
    So, the new Mk 4 Clio has been out for a while now. What's everyone's thoughts on them?
  16. Fitting an Amp/Subwoofer to Factory Stereo. Thoughts ?.

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all, Looking for a "Bit" of BASS from my Laguna's sound system. I upgraded all the door speakers last year, but they are only 5" so not really big enough to make any Bass as such. So im looking at 10" or 12" All-in-One Subwoofer boxes that have Built in Amps. (With High Level Inputs)...
  17. Terrible MPG, any thoughts?

    Fuel Economy
    Gents, Traded up to a Grand Scenic 1.9dci 120. Very happy with the car, lovely drive but I can't get over 37 mpg, even on a run. I'm thinking air filter etc? Emissions are fine, any thoughts? Alex
  18. intercooler thoughts

    Hi folks, just a question about my 2001 1.9dci scenic,, im having the dreaded intermitting power and glowplug/electronics light, ive been looking round the engine today and have noticed that the pipes coming of the intercooler are very wet and dirty so was wondering could the cooler be done and...
  19. buying a new van....renault trafic??? thoughts please.

    General Chat
    hi all. i am going buying a new van but im unsure what to buy.i would love to get a trafic and have my eye on a 2007 one but im unsure how reliable they looking for some help to decide what to do. Thanks in advance.
  20. Thoughts on this? - DPF Related..

    Ok, I've now come to the conclusion, that one way or another, the DPF has to go on our 05/55 Grand Scenic 130 Dci - I just don't think it will ever work correctly bearing in mind that most of the driving it will do is going to be stop/start urban.. So,I was thinking.. Apparently, the DPF has...