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  1. Newbie issue with Trafic reverse sensors **Fixed**

    Hi Folks, I have a 2015 1.6 traffic and the factory fitted reverse sensors are quite often in fault. Typically as soon as you start the engine you get a constant beep and a message to check parking sensors. The issue appeared about a year ago while it was under warranty and was fixed under...
  2. Handy cheap tool for damaged threads

    General Chat
    Just accidentally came across this while browsing on YouTube .... looks a very useful item to have in the toolbox Deburring external chamfer tool
  3. Special characters not displayed in threads

    General Chat
    Is it just me?....................... I have tried on a few different computers/browsers and I always end up with stuff like this when people post.
  4. Laguna 3 Glow plug threads.

    Hello everyone! I've got a Laguna 3 2.0 that had problems starting in the morning. Checked the voltage on glow plugs and one was 0. Replaced it and the problem still there. Then I've checked the glow plugs and ohms were more than 150 on two of them, one was ok with 0.7 and at the new one was...
  5. why are my threads getting deleted?

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Everytime I post a tgread it gets deleted?
  6. Jump to threads

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi; i'm sure it's only me. But how does one 'jump to' start a new thread on tech issues? So far every time i've put something on, i seem to have only put them in the starter page (where is says 'do not post tech threads here'). Is the an easy way to 'jump to' from the home page? Many tars.
  7. posting of new threads

    General Chat
    Just wondering how to get access to posting new threads on problem solving. I wanted to share my experience
  8. Run out of threads on track rod end ???

    Steering and Suspension
    Wife's grand scenic has had a new trackrod end fitted by a friend, the friend said the tracking will need to be adjusted (I've been away working) get back today run the car down to the local garage for tracking to be done and the bloke doing its says he can't adjust the side with the new end on...
  9. Posting duplicate threads / posts across the forum. (please read)

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi there. Just as a bit of background for your information; for newbies, there may be a delay in the thread or post you add to the forums. This is regrettable, but a necessary step, as the Mod/Admin team have to ensure the thread / post complies with the rules and approves / amends / rejects...
  10. unresolved threads

    General Chat
    starting to feel this site is a waste of time . i have read through countless threads all end with the problem not fixed is it a case of , well my car is fixed no need to go back on the forum , i feel that threads that get resolved should be moved to a separate place feel better now...
  11. Please remember to update your thread when a fix is found

    Ask the Experts
    Please could I ask all members that if they create a thread asking for help, that they update it when they actually fix the problem. This will help other members enormeously when searching for answers to their own questions. If you also bring the post to the attention of the admin team by...
  12. Master 2.5 dci stripped injector threads, please help

    Hi I'm a DIY mechanic basic understanding of engines, I need my 2.5 dci van for my business and am need of urgent help. initially ejector 1 was weeping fuel from a crack in the side due to severe corrosion, this was cured with liquid metal, then the injector suddenly became loose and ended up...
  13. Megane -Nno Dash display no Stereo no threads with same fault

    Hi, thanks for reading first, time poster.. I have a 06 Megane diesel and for some reason the radio will not power up and the temp,station display has disappeared...i have tried backlight but 2 days before this my airbag light come on and still is (suspect issue under seat)...any helpful advice...
  14. Mark all threads as read

    General Chat
    How can I do this with all threads at once? I'm aware that I can do it in each individual forum but this is a bit of a hassle. :)
  15. Why cant i make threads

    It seems threads i make or posts i make do not get posted is it due to the need for mod approval?
  16. Bottom end bolt threads stripped - help?

    Hi guys, After removing the rocker box cover i began to undo the head bolts (because i thought the gasket was gone) i noticed 1 bolt was very loose, you could turn it with your fingers but it was sitting right down on the head properly, so i tried to tighten it and it turns completely around...
  17. worn threads in cylinder head

    Can anyone give me an answer to my self inflicted mess. I bought 4 glow plugs today as my car was taking a few turns to start in the morning then smoky at the back. I took the old plugs out and replaced the new but have knackered the thread in 2 of the holes with 1 of the plugs stuck inside and...
  18. Search - why do most of the links in threads not work?

    Hi, I always like to use the search function to see if the topic that I would like to know about has already been covered. A lot of times it has & I find my answer without having to post the same question again. However I have noticed that the links in threads that are a year or so old...
  19. YouTube threads

    Don't get me wrong, I love the YouTube threads, but I'm wondering if they're working. As they're building up in length, we're ending up with a dozen or more embedded clips on one web page. Now I know my TalkTalk broadband is [email protected] In fact, at times, I'd swear it's slower than dial-up, but...
  20. Make forum title clickable from inside threads?

    I was just wondering if the forum title (directly below the Google search box - in this case, "Feedback Report problems, make suggestions or just generally give us feedback about the site") could be clickable - i.e. if you clicked on the word 'Feedback' it took you straight to the feedback forum...