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  1. Laguna II - Throttle Body - Vacuum Leak - O'rings

    Hello, I am facing a vacuum leak with my Laguna II 1.8L 16v 117HP 2001. From my deduction, it is caused by the o'rings from the throttle body, although I did not have the time to truly check it. I have cleaned the intake and changed most of the seals already. There is only one left from under...
  2. Throttle with a mind of its own

    1999 Megane Cabriolet 1.6E...... Throttle revs the car on its own....Sometimes revs up to 4000 rpm when foot off the accelerator,,,sometimes tickover drops and car stalls...... Tried a couple of diagnostics but neither worked as car is just before OBD changed.....Was offered a scanner that...
  3. ining battery RENAULT CLIO * Solved **

    RENAULT CLIO DYNAMIQUE S 1.4 06 plate Hi all I have the above problem, (described below) looking for advice on my girlfriends car and have already replied to an older thread (...
  4. Megane 2 Throttle Body

    Hello folks I've did a bit of digging around here and generally on Google. My car is a 2007 megane 1.6 16v petrol. I just want some info basically on how easy/hard it is to remove the throttle body, clean it and then refit. Basically what steps should I take. Does the battery need disconnected...
  5. Throttle body?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I***8217;ve been told that I need a new throttle body for my 2002 Renault Clio, 1.2 Litre. I***8217;ve been told it needs to be an electric throttle body, however I***8217;m struggling to find one online second hand. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction please? Part number...
  6. Clio mk2 Throttle Body

    Good evening, Car - Renault Clio (2002) 1.4 Automatic Petrol I’m hoping for a little advice regarding an issue with my car. I was unable to start my car yesterday morning, it made a noise and was turning over but just wouldn’t start. The RAC came out and connected my car to one of their...
  7. scenic 3 2.0 dCi,throttle position sensor?

    Hello everyone,i have a 2010,2.0 dci auto Scenic 3 that has developed a problem. The engine hazard warning came on the dash and the mpg dropped through the floor,so i put a little cheapo code reader on and scanned for problems. U0401 P0470 P2299 I cleared the codes and p0470 and p2299...
  8. Fluence 1.5Dci throttle issue

    Hi all, love this forum, thanks for all your help! But I need more help! My fluence throttle is acting like it has a stiff throttle cable (I know it doesn't have one!!) and it's holding revs up after foot lift off pedal. The DTCs are as follows DTC 0226F1 DTC 0226F2 DTC 1525F3 Is it the...
  9. Battery Drain via Throttle valve on Modus

    Hi This is an update on the battery drain on my 2006, 1.4petrol, modus After fitting a replacement throttle valve and a new battery I still have problems. below is a typical day. Fitted fully charge battery, car started first time and completed 5mile journey, parked for 4hrs Car would not start...
  10. Throttle body cleaner

    Hiya guys. Can anybody recommend the best product to use to clean the throttle body on my 04 scenic. I have no intention of removing it from the car but I've read that carb cleaner will work but not as good as throttle body cleaner & what's the best way of applying it without removing the...
  11. K7M Individual throttle bodies.

    General tuning
    Hi everyone I am very hooked on the idea of fitting individual throttle bodies on my k7M has anyone in here done something like that? I’m thinking about using a set of motorcycle throttle bodies with MPFI and TPS.
  12. Battery Drain via Throttle valve on Modus

    Hi Last week my Modus failed to start because of a flat battery. I fitted a replacement and the engine started. When I wanted to use the vehicle again later the battery was partially flat, and a "buzzing" noise seemed to be coming from the rear of the Throttle valve. The battery was disconnected...
  13. Renault Clio 1.4 16v auto electronic throttle fault and A/c not turning on

    Hi. I have an Renault Clio 1.4 16v auto and I've came across a issue that my electronic throttle light came on car won't rev pass 3k. I've cleaned the throttle body and intake manifold I've checked the throttle body wiring everything seems new I checked all the fuses and changed them including...
  14. throttle problem

    i have a grand scenic 1.5dci, 5 months ago, after i bought it, the throttle pedal pulled away from my foot and the revs shot up, also seamed like clutch pedal and brake pedal did the same also at same time, put it into garage and they came up with a fault that the throttle pedal was faulty, they...
  15. Throttle control valve

    Hi im having problems with idleing on 2004 megane 1.6 petrol. Have had diagnostic done but want to save money and clean throttle control valve however having trouble with its location. Please help
  16. Scenic II Throttle Position Sensor

    Right, I have a 2008 1.9 Dci Scenic II (RJ08***), lately it's got a flat spot on acceleration where if you come off the accelerator and back on again it works again. I'm trying to replace the Throttle Position Sensor but not 100% sure where it is and what it looks like on my car. I've asked...
  17. Calibration throttle Renault laguna 1 1998

    Hello friends,i need calibrate my throttle on my renault laguna 1,please anyone maybe know how it make??? (((((
  18. Renault Megane mk2 1.4 16v Throttle issue?

    Hey guys, so I had my car go in for the alternator and it got replaced and I got the car back and noticed a whining noise on revving, rough idle and infact permanent 1k+ revs. I assumed it to be the alternator and the mechanic replaced it with another brand new alternator. The problems not been...
  19. Trying to source replacement throttle cable

    Hi, I am trying, without luck so far, to find a replacement throttle cable for my Renault Scenic 2001 1.6 Petrol. So far everyone I have called has told me that this part is obsolete and can no longer be purchased. I find this hard to believe. There are possible candidates on eBay but they...
  20. is something missing from my throttle body? - Clio 2 8valve 1.2 2002

    hi all, just bought a Clio 2 2002 8v 1.2 (for my sinsn :) ) Just looking at the throttle body today and is there anything missing at the back of it, it just looks like something should be there and there is a little screw/bolt sticking out. You should see what I am on about with this pic Thanks: