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  1. 2010 Kangoo 1.5 dci 70+ ticking noise from engine

    looking for advise, ive just bought a kangoo and find that its quite noisy, i would describe as diesel tick? ive cleaned the injectors and pump with liqui moli diesel purge and its now really quietened it at all, has anyone found that these can be noisy or if there is a solution? its not the...
  2. Scenic Recirculation Flap Ticking, motorised

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Just got that dash out for fixing blower issue. Just a week after we bought the car the recirculation valve started hitting the end stops (I presume). I saw similar threats for the megan here but this is likely different here, I think there are two ways this thing works, there should be end...
  3. Rocker arm ticking

    Hello guys! I had my cylinder head resurfaced and cleaned, when I noticed some of the rocker arms ticking at certain positions. Should I worry, or this is normal? D7F engine I made a quick video:
  4. Scenic 3 2.0 vvt auto ticking noise?

    Hi guys, My better half has a Scenic 3 2010, 2.0 vvt auto, thankfully this has been much more reliable than our previous Scenics, however it has developed a loud "ticking noise" from startup and when driving, which is more pronounced when cold. Normally I'd describe it as a tappet noise, but...
  5. Espace ticking from parking brake

    Hi,Im new to this forum and am struggling with a problem on my espace. It's a 2004 2.2dci and from the day I bought it it's had a ticking/clicking noise from the parking brake box beneath the vehicle. It all works but around 5 mins after you switch off the car it rearms again and starts ticking...
  6. "Help" Clio 1.2 4DF egine Glow/Coil Light on, Ticking Purge Valve.

    Hi Yes I know it's another 2002 Clio 1.2 16V with the Glow/Coil light coming on...... but this is such a common problem, with so many possible causes, that I need some specific advice. In our case it seems to be linked to the EVAP canister purge valve. It's my daughter's Clio. For months it's...
  7. Ticking noise 1.5 diesel Scenic megane

    My Fathers car has always ticked but it has become quite noticable over the past month, The ticking comes from the top of the engine but havent investigated further untill I've had a few pointers from here ... I've searched the internet with various diagnosis from injector to cam shaft so if...
  8. 1.5 Dci ticking engine noise in low revs

    Hi, I have 2011 Laguna III 1.5dci Just bought it couple months back, engine is having ticking noise in low revs when I press acceleration pedal hard ( if I am very gentle with acc. pedal It doesn't make the ticking noise. It only happens between 1500 - 2200 revs. Had it checked with diagnostic...
  9. engine ticking after cambelt

    Hi everyone Im looking for some advice on a clio 1.5dci 2002 I changed the cambelt on my clio on Friday but now I have a loud tapping noise. the only way I can describe it is it sounds just like a 96 plate fiesta. it drives fine with no lack of power, no smoke, no issues starting just makes...
  10. Minutes keep ticking

    i went to change the time on my megane. I chnaged the hour. I then changed the minute to the correct minute value by pressing the button. After I stopped pressing the button the minute keeps changing up one. I stopped the car and switched back on, but the minute keeps changing up as though...
  11. Strange "ticking" noise when ignition on

    Car is Clio 1.3(?) 05 reg. When the ignition is switched on and later when the engine is running, there is a regular (abt 4 seconds) ticking noise (or like a switch being activated) coming from the dashboard by my right knee. Opening the bonnet doesn't help in revaling where it's coming from...
  12. Vel Satis Handbrake ticking all the time

    Hi all this is my first go at listing so bear with me!!!! I have a 2004 vel satis with a handbrake fault showing and when its applied it ticks like a bomb from the back of the car. Seems to work fine most of the time last week stuck on a couple of times used manual release and then reset its...
  13. Avantime 2.0T ticking noise under load - with video

    I have an Avantime 2.0T and it has a loud ticking type noise when accelerating through the gears. Only under load, disappears when lifting off and also not there when reving not in gear. I have a video of the noise. Any suggestions of the cause please. Thank you very much...
  14. 1.9 DCI Megane 3 engine - ticking noise when cold.

    Hi Guys. Got a 2010 Megane MK3, it seems to have been making some ticking noises recently when it's a cold start. It's stored inside a multi story car park so not that cold and never gets below freezing. But I have noticed a ticking sound. I have uploaded a .m4a file from my phone so you...
  15. Megane 1.5dci ticking over high, no acceleration but brake pedal stops high tickover

    hello I have bought a 1.5 53 plate megane dci. bought as a none runner, got it running however... car starts no problem, will idle all day (no cutting out etc) but will not accelerate whatsoever. it seems to be ticking over a little high (around 1200rpm) but when brake pedal is applied it...
  16. 1.5 DCI engine ticking - why and how to stop it?

    I made a short recording of it. Any ideas what it is and why
  17. Ticking noise and blinking dashboard on start.

    Hi All, Driving a mark 1 megane scenic 2.0l, petrol automatic. Just charged (12.6 v) and reinstalled battery. When I try to start the engine the dashboard lights blink in time with a fast ticking coming from the right hand side of the engine bay and no start. Side note, according to the...
  18. Scenic miss fire while ticking over

    Hi i have a Scenic 1.6 sport 2000,It misses out when ticking over,has been to the garage and they say its a broken valve but its drives no problem,No smoke and just passed its mot,We have change the plugs and still the same,Has anybody got any ideas of what it could be if,Maybe someone has had...
  19. 2.5 dci ticking

    Hi everyone. I have got a 2005 ren master with the 100ps 2.5dci engine. It has developed a ticking while at idle, if revved it seems to go. The only other thing ive noticed is that it seems to do it when the engine is warm. It seems very gungey round the injectors, could this be related? Any...
  20. CLIO DCi 03 ticking when reving -audio attached

    When reving my clio or during driving there is a ticking strange noise coming from front -I can not find it please listen to the recorded files and let me know if you can think on something-it disappears in idle -listen to the the background tick tick tick -very strange :confused: