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  1. 1.2 16v warble rumble at tickover?

    Anyone now if this is normal. It’s like a low-pitched warble/rumble, it seems to be out of frequency with the engine speed but goes as soon as it gets above tick-over. I saw a similar video about it being the cambelt tensioner, but my noise seems to be more from the air filter side. Any ideas...
  2. Clio Mk3 1.2TCe no throttle response / 2000 rpm tickover!

    Hi all! My 2010 Clio 1.2 TCe came down with a weird fault yesterday. It had flawlessly completed a 200 mile trip on Saturday and a 20mile one on Sunday morning. On Sunday evening, the car started and the engine raced at 2000rpm (and a bit lumpy too) and the throttle would not respond at all...
  3. 2000 Laguna 1.6 16v stalling and high tickover problem

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi folks long time since I was on the forums, Laguna has been running ok for a couple of years 232,000 on the clock to date. Recently the car has been hard starting,; two or three attempts to start from warm/cold + high revs approx 1500 rpm for 10-15 mins then drops to 900ish also occasional...
  4. Air Con making tick-over unstable

    Heating & cooling
    I noticed this morning that the my Air-con is making the engine tick-over go up and down a bit, like its fighting the compressor. The Air-con is working fine but I've never had it re-gassed in the 4 years I've owned it and I don't know when it was re-gassed (if ever)? As I understand it...
  5. lumpy tickover when pointing uphill

    I have a 2003 Renault Megane Expression 16v 1390 cc. When the car is stationary on a hill pointing up the hill, the tickover becomes very lumpy, so lumpy that the engine appears to be about to cut out completely, but it does not. When the car is on the level or facing downhill the tickover is...
  6. Megane 1.9dci Poor Tickover (Hunting)

    Hi I have just rebuilt the head on a DCi after a cam belt snap. Engine starts first time but tickover sounds like the engine is hunting. Changed all of the injectors but still the same. If I crack any of the supply pipes open slightly so that fuel bleeds off, then the tickover is perfect...
  7. lumpy tickover

    car starts fine but idles roughly, pulls through the gears easily, but now shudders in higher gears, only happened yesterday, any ideas, its not coils ,theyre ok
  8. scenic 2 lumpy on tickover when cold any ideas?

    Hi I have a 2003 1.5 dci scenic 2 every morning I start it it starts first time every time but does run a little lumpy like its missing but when it warms up its fine and I am still getting over 50 MPG round town. so I looked under the bonnet and saw air in the fuel lines up by the primer and in...
  9. variable tickover Scenic 1.4

    My scenic has an unusual tick over cycle. It starts perfectly first turn of the engine then tickover 800rpm as it gets warmer tickover gets faster. After about 5mins of driving at a convenient set of traffic lights switch off engine , switch on again the revs go to about 1500rpm then drop to...
  10. car tick-over erratic

    my renault is running very erratic on the tickover.When it starts it is alright for the first minute,but then gets very erratic.
  11. Megane 1.5dci ticking over high, no acceleration but brake pedal stops high tickover

    hello I have bought a 1.5 53 plate megane dci. bought as a none runner, got it running however... car starts no problem, will idle all day (no cutting out etc) but will not accelerate whatsoever. it seems to be ticking over a little high (around 1200rpm) but when brake pedal is applied it...
  12. Tickover Problem

    Hi All, I have a strange problem with my 2.0 petrol Espace III. Apart from the problem I'm about to outline, the car is running well for its age. When driving the car, all seems well until I stop when the tickover rises to around 1800 RPM. Once in motion again, the problem subsides. BIZARRELY...
  13. Clio will only tickover......

    Searched and read FAQ, none answer this gem. 2001 Clio 1.2 petrol running happily last week. Went to use it this morning, starts first time, tickover perfect, revved once then no more revs - just sits perfectly on tickover....! Foot to the floor or anywhere in between makes no difference...
  14. Rough tickover

    Hi. I have a 1.9 Trafic, 117k Miles. tickover is very rough and power is poor and notchy up to 2000 revs. strangely the problem is much worse when facing downhill. I have cleaned the EGR and fitted new air filter. Any suggestions welcome.
  15. renault scenic 1.6 vvt no tickover and dodgy clocks

    hi all, seem to be having a few problems with my scenic and was wondering if someone could shed any light on it:( first off, the car rattles when first started, ive ordered a dephaser pulley as im pretty sure this is the fault.... my question is though, the car wont tick over at all, simple...
  16. 02 kangoo 1.9d fast tickover, f8q

    I've tried searching and testing and had a few people look at my van but the problem wont go away. I had a cam belt split which caused extensive damage so i got a new engine off eBay, the mechanic who fitted it said he only used the engine block, so all parts currently fitted are off my old...
  17. Vibration at tickover 2011 Clio 1.5dci

    Hi all, This evening I have noticed a vibration from the engine at tick over, its goes when the car is reved above 1000 rpm but returns at tick over when stationary. I have looked at the engine bay but couldn't see anything loose but the amount of plastic components it wouldn't surprise me if it...
  18. Clio RT 1.9 Diesel - Smoking on tickover

    Hi, I have a 1999 Clio Rt that is smoking like a chimney on start up, then clears whilst on a run but get into a traffic jam and it gets embarassing - can't see anything around you! My husband has replaced the injectors - but this has not fixed it. Anyone got any ideas?
  19. How to adjust idle tickover

    Does anyone know how to adjust the idle tickover on renault espace 2001 2.2 Diesel engine. The accelerator pedal is electric so can't be adjusted there. Thanks
  20. renault kangoo idle tick over running problems

    :mad: hi i am new to here and was hoping for some help please run out of ideas i have a renault kangoo 1.9d on a 51 plate this could be a long story but i will try and make it short the van starts up lovely and runs lovely until the temp gauge moves then it goes all lumpy starts smoking white...