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  1. Tiggerz_SRi's big day tomorrow

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    Well, tomorrow's the day when Tigz signs his life away! He's round mine now and we've just started the night off with some beers having spent the best part of today helping the bride sort out the reception tables etc! Speaches written and suit's tried and fitting thank god, seeing as I've put...
  2. Tiggerz_SRi, you are a true gent!

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    I would like to take this opportunity to pubicly thank Tigz in showing the true spirit of this forum. Yesterday, my daughter of 4 and 1/12 months was admitted to hospital due to showing symptoms of Raynards Disease or something very similar. Anyone with a young child will know exactly how I...
  3. Happy birthday Tiggerz_SRi

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    Lil old Me! :d:d:d