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  1. Engines
    Morning All, I have a Renault Scenic 1.5 dCi 2007. My issue is that the turbo does not start kicking in until it hits around 3000 rpm - once you eventually get there. :) There is also intermittent power loss for a split second - either dip the clutch or change gear and power resumes. On...
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  3. Engines
    hi all. im new to the forum but have been following for a couple of months.. my problem is my grand scenic ii 2005 vvt 1.6 petrol starts fine..drives fine untill it gets hot about 20-30 mins then it will stall wether driving or stationary but then it wont restart untill it has cooled. it will...
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    just bought rx4,,lovely car,,till i found prop missing,,,know one to blame but myself,,can anyone point me in right direction,other than beating it up with hammer,?????by the way hello all.
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  6. Engines
    Hi folks I have the 2.0 DCI 130 2008 Laguna... Its got a really bad flat spot, its close to being dangerous if i dont have enough revs up to pull out of junctions and so on, its fine once the turbo cuts in, but till then its got nothing, any ideas please?
  7. Engines
    Hi new to here and wondering if anyone can help. My daughter has a 1.2 16v 2001 Clio that has started to act up. From cold the car will start and runs fine but as soon as it heats up the car dies. Will start again but dies instantly A local garage has said it comes up with a number of...
  8. Heating & cooling
    Hi all, The blower in mt finances 1.2 clion Tom Tom if fully operational until you turn the dial to level 4, then nothing, any ideas to the fix for this? Cheers fraser
  9. Engines
    hi my 2003 1600 megane runs poor until it reaches 2 bars on temp gauge , any ideas on what sensor etc would be very helpfull , thanks.
  10. Engines
    Ok, I’m nearly at the end of my tether with this Renault, I hope somebody can help me out. The car in question is a Laguna 2, 02 plate 1.6 petrol K4M 710. The problem I have is after the engine has run for about 15 – 20 minutes or so, the car cuts out and won’t start again until the engine has...
  11. Engines
    Hi i have a problem with my master 2.5dci. it starts ticks over but wont rev untill the engine warms a little.The warmer the more revs but still slightly sluggish untill the turbo cuts in.Allso feels like its holding back at times checked filters,would be gratefull for any advice
  12. Electronics
    help.onboard computer works fine except for the miles till empty!jost shows a line of dots and is very annoying.anyone know of any potential cures.thanks:confused:
  13. Football
    :) AFP: Arsenal manager Wenger signs till 2011
  14. Cars & motoring
    I suppose ive told a white lie when I signed up here :) I don't currently own a 1.9 DCi laguna II at the moment, however my parents do. We agreed that when they are due to a replacement car, I would buy the Laguna off them as im after something cheaper to run than a V6 petrol. So I came home...
  15. Electronics
    Hi guys. I was wondering could someone shed some light on a problem i'm having. When the light comes on my dash to say my fuel tanks nearly empty, i check the computer to see how many miles i have left and it just reads "-----". Any other time it works fine but it just seems to be when the...