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  1. Clio II 3 door - seat tilt mechanism pic help please ***Now Fixed***

    Hi all, I've seen a few posts on here detailing issues with the seat tilt mechanism on their Clio. Both front seats on my 2002 3-door model suffer from the problem of the tilt-lever not doing anything - I've removed the seat fabric at the bottom to expose the mechanism and the cable itself...
  2. Clio seat tilt cable

    Hi I have a Clio2 1.2 16v 2005. The drivers seat tilt is not working, cable loose. I have checked & found the top cable lower outer has come disconnected from the seat frame. When i checked i can not see how it is fixed to the frame. If anyone has photo's or drawings to help that would be...
  3. Rear Drivers wheel tilt

    Wheels & tyres
    I purchased my Renault Clio MK3 1.4 07plate in October 2014. The car has been running great with no maintenance costs :d However my mothers Clio (10 plate 1.2) gets around 40mpg and thats a driving school car! Where as mine struggles to get 30mpg max and its not a driving school car! It's...
  4. Seat won't fully tilt back. Coupe sport W reg

    Hi guys, I was cleaning the car recently and while sat in the drivers seat I twisted the knob on the passenger seat and the seat back went forward quickly. Ever since then I have been unable to fully recline the seat using either knobs on the seat back. The seat won't even move forward or back...
  5. Seat broken cant slide or tilt,

    I could do with some help please guys, when i collected my kids from school today they pulled the mechanism on the top of the seat to tilt and slide the seat forward and it broke. it has a large plastic bit and i can see that has snapped so the seat now no longer tilts or moves forward at...
  6. Clio 2 (1999) tilt sunroof leaking

    Hello I have a Renault Clio 1.2 RN (v reg/1999). I have checked the threads and cannot find an answer to my particular problem. The sunroof is the tilt type which does not fully open. I have a leak which is causing wetness to the drivers side pillar. I have had problems with my immobiliser...
  7. Drivers seat tilt cable broken

    Has anyone got any tips for changing the drivers seat tilt cable on a 2003 Megane Extreme? It's definately broken, as when I lift the lever, you can see the cable broken in front of you!:confused:
  8. Passenger Seat Tilt?

    Hiya everyone...the passenger seat tilt has stopped working on my Clio. As I have 2 children I really need to be able to kids into the car safely...If I lift the lever is does nothing, it's like it's become disconnected from were it should be...has anyone got a diagram of the mechanism please...
  9. Clio 2004 Passenger seat stuck and wont tilt forward

    Hi everyone. I have a 3dr 2004 Clio (Extreme model) and bought it as my first car earlier in the week. I'm now just sorting out niggling cosmetic problems. Basically, the passenger seat wont tilt forward or move forward on its runners when using the handle on the top half of the seat. What I...
  10. Renault Clio Sunroof stuck on a Tilt

    Hey, My sunroof on my car has got stuck on a tilt...While reading through some threads i found this which had a similar problem but with a different model...It was solved by reseting the sunroof setting and i was was wondering if anyone...
  11. Tilt sun roof

    Tilt Sun roof? I now have 2 clio's one a 98 and the other 02 and both have the same annoying click or tapping noise coming from the sunroof.:mad: Is this a common fault.:confused: If so how do you stop it.:crazy: Hope there is some one out there with the correct answer. Kind...
  12. 2002 Clio Front Seat Tilt Release Cable

    Hi, My daughter has a 2002 clio, on which the passenger side front seat won't tilt forward. I have ordered the cable from the Main Agents, but now need some instruction on how to fit it. I'm told not to remove the seat as the airbag light will come on. Assuming that I have to do this with...
  13. Clio seat tilt snapped

    I have a 3 door 2002 1.2 16v Dynamique The seat tilt on the back of the passenger seat has broken, on inspection when lifting up the catch it appears that the wire inside has completely snapped Is this something that can be repaired easily, I have contacted Renault regarding the problem, and...
  14. Laguna Sunroof stuck open (tilt)

    hey guys, I'm new here so first things first... Hello to all :) I bought my 1.6 16v laguna yesturday and when I picked it up I was told that the sunroof didn't work. Me being me was playing in the car last night on the drivway and decided to 'just try' the sunroof. I moved the dail to the...
  15. passenger seat - tilted back now wont tilt forward.

    hey all, Ive got a problem with my front passenger seat in my Renault Megane sports tourer estate... the back of the seat has been put right back and now wont move. I think the cable that releases it has come loose... has anyone had this problem? if so how did u fix it sam
  16. Drivers seat wont tilt forward to allow passengers in (3 door).

    Hi All Our 3 door megane has a problem with the drivers seat. I pull the lever up to let passengers into the back but the chair doesn't tilt forward. Took off the lever at the top of the seat and the cable is attached and seems ok. Looked under the chair and the cable is there too and appears...