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  1. Mot time for the G-Scenic 2008 again.... FAILED!! lol

    Steering and Suspension
    Well put the G-Scenic in for a MOT as due June 19th and the old girl failed... on o/s/f ball joint -- OK I admit it, I did N/S last year and put the matching O/S new balljoint in the drawer under drivers seat, where its stayed for 12 months...... and the n/s/f drop link which I replaced...
  2. voting time again

    General Chat
    so who are you going to vote for no idea how to do a poll thread :grin2: me and the mrs will be doing the protest vote for brexit as there is no one else to vote for
  3. Renault Laguna3 dashboard time problem

    He everybody, Could somebody my problem? Because I have connected my Can clip tools to My car 2009, LAguna3 2,0dci and I wanted to change the time format(12h or 24h), but the can program wrote a message "its not support" when I tried change 12h format and immediatly the time dissapear. I wanted...
  4. 1.5 dci Engine knocking, but not all the time?

    I have recently bought a Kangoo mk1 1.5 dci (132,000 miles), yesterday I noticed a knocking sound from the engine, it only seems to do it in bouts of 12, 12 knocks in time, then stop, a few seconds later do it again. Also I will sometimes feel vibrations through the car when it knocks. The car...
  5. Fluence goes into Limp Mode when Brake and Accelerator Pedals pressed at same time

    I have a question that I'm hoping some knowledgeable person on here will be able to answer. I'm looking for information on how the Stall Test is carried out on the Automatic Gearbox of a Renault Fluence. The standard safe method of doing this test is to put blocks under the wheels, apply the...
  6. 1st time posting here

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone i own a 2010 trafic passenger sl27 sport absolutely love it . Me and my kids being Batman fans have knicknamed it the Batvan as it's black with blacked out windows sad I know but hey ho. The problem I have is only a small one I hope the reverse sensors don't work it has the audible...
  7. It that time of the year again

    General Chat
    Asian snooker player Junhui once exposed himself at a Christmas party while Trotsky stood by, off his face after a cocktail of vodka and cocaine. Onlookers described it as a Ding Dong, Merry Leon high. >:)>:)>:)>:)>:)
  8. Loooong time!

    General Chat
    How's everyone doing? Been a long time since I owned a Renault and I still no longer own a Renault but just thought I'd pop my head through the door to say hi! Hopefully there's still some of the old gang floating around! My eldest is close to taking her test so it's not out of the question...
  9. **competition time**

    Get ready to become the snowfoam king (or queen)... Hi friends, please ask club sponsor Chris Knott for a quote if your car insurance is due soon and you could win our 'Awesome Autumn 2018' Prize. If you request a Chris Knott quote before 31/12/18 you'll gain automatic entry in our latest...
  10. I think it may be time to say goodbye to motoring

    Cars & motoring
    Looks like we motorists are going to get it in the neck once more..:steam:
  11. See if it shows this time

    General Chat
    Had to do a clutch on a Ford CMAX. But the site was playing silly . So could not show this.. Anyway, would Chemical Metal have worked.. Put a new one in, as was not sure
  12. Parking on Steep Hill for long time

    Wheels & tyres
    My driveway is rather steep, I need to leave my car on the driveway for about 36 days. I have wheel chocks. But question is, whats the best precautions to take while leaving it parked on steep drive? Shall I park it with the front of the car facing downhill (as in the car rolls forward) or shall...
  13. 2013 Plate Dynamique Media Nav - cannot change the time on the clock

    2013 Plate Dynamique Media Nav - cannot change the time on the clock. can anyone advise? have tried to change the time manually and automatically, tried factory reset. Appreciate any thoughts on fixing this problem. I have linked here to a video of me attempting to change the time...
  14. Mod time

    General tuning
    Well I picked up the my Laguna III coupe this weekend. In the end I opted for the 2.0t variety as much more fun to be had in the modification side. The first and most important mod has already been done (debadged - lol) And next ones are booked in with Powerflow for the down pipe back custom...
  15. Megane dci 2010 A/C blowing hot and cold air at the same time

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, my Megane dci 2010 is blowing hot air on the passenger's side and cold air at driver's side. I've have had a pressure test done and it appears there's excessive pressure coming from the engine into the radiator system. What could be the problem. Thanks
  16. Hi 2nd time Espace owner

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all just brought a new Espace so here I am! Cheers
  17. finally :)

    My mottah!
    i am NOW the owner LOL of a 1.5 dCi Megane touring. Have to say properly impressed with the comfort and how quiet it is. found settings in the menu to turn things on and off like the lights and auto door locking lol Got 65mpg from Nottingham to Rugby which isn't far really its only around 50...
  18. Engine SWAP Scenic mk2 1.6vvt 2005 k4m 782 **Sorted**

    This is more of a progress report on, rather then I need help to do, as done many a engine swap in my 16+ years in Trade. So my sorned (being given to my skint sister) Scenic 1.6vvt is getting a heart transplant, due to a smokey, rattling engine .... Today I finally started and removed the...
  19. A time to say good bye

    Cars & motoring
    Thanks for all the advice i have got on here but the time has come to say good bye as i have moved on to a nissian Qashqai as my old renault passed away last suday night
  20. Time to repair the SORNED G-scenic

    finally putting a engine in the G-scenic 2005 1.6vvt just checking where the engine code is? I think it's a k4m 812 from memory (car is 25 miles away so cant check) been told by our local french breakers a megane hatch engine will drop straight in, anybody know if this is correct?