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  1. Timing Belt Change Freelander 2

    As some on here already know I am still recovering from a bit of an illness and I'm very board. So..........thought I'd have a go at the 10 year service on my Freelancer 2 which involves replacing the timing belt and water pump. My thinking being that most of it can be done either sitting or...
  2. Trafic 1.7 Camper Ignition Timing

    Campervan Chat
    Hi All, Its been a while since I last posted and things have been going pretty well with "Fez" our 98 Trafic. He just went through MOT with small weld and I re did the rear brake lines and pistons but that was it. One thing I can't find reference to is ignition timing? I have a timing gun...
  3. Broken timing belt scenic mk3 1.5 dci

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, my timing belt has snapped on the scenic, on my old mk2 I replaced the head gasket so done abit of work on the 1.5 dci engine. However I've not really worked on mk2. I'm having trouble removing the intercooler pipe the clips are different also the the scuttle panel remove to have more...
  4. f9q timing belt advice as foggy if i've ever done one...

    in my time in trade must done 100+ timing belts, but for the life on me cant remember if done 1.9 dci F9Q belt, any way got the full gates kit inc pump, tensioner, crank bolt etc, any tips on how to make it as quick simple and painless as possible? trying to distract myself as next thursday the...
  5. K9k 1.5 dci timing belt length

    Hi all I have a 2012 grand scenic 1.5 dci tom tom. The camshaft timing pulley failed and the bolt snapped obviously this has caused top end damage. Garages were quoting up to £3200 for repairs even suggesting a whole new engine. Anyway I have decided to do this myself and now have the head off...
  6. help with timing belt

    Ask the Experts
    hi all , I am thinking of buying a Renault espace 2.2 tdi dynamique auto 2005 . the advert says that the timing belt has gone is this likely to be a huge problem and caused more problems . don't know much about cars he is asking 350 but don't want to take on a lot of problems . thank you
  7. Timing marks for 1.9 dti

    New to the group. Looking for timing marks for a 1.9dti f9 engine.. also do I need to time up the fuel pump as did not see any marks on them .. thanks
  8. Clio timing belt and accessories

    Hi all, I own a Renault Clio Hatchback 1.2 Campus. It is time to do some maintenance and change the timing belt and accessories as indicated in the maintenance booklet. I received a quote of £190. How does that sound? Thanks, Franz
  9. Timing belt

    I've got a Renault traffic 2.0 dCi year2008 and was just wondering if it had a timing belt or timing chain can anyone help Cheers
  10. Strange Metalic Rattle From Timing Belt Area

    Hi everyone, Yesterday night for some reason my car was driving strange, revs were jumping up and down and car was bopping on the road as if I was constantly pressing and releasing the accelerator. I ignored it as I thought it was due to a cold start as normally for the first few minutes when...
  11. Scenic Timing Belt Change

    Engines to the forum, have a 2007 1.4 petrol Scenic and just bought a 2008 1.5dci Scenic last week, the belt is due on the 2008 diesel one, I see there are various bhp from these engines, ours is the 86bhp as far as I know, my question is are the timing belt kits the same for all of them...
  12. Kangoo timing

    Anyone got a diagram with the timing marks for my 1999 renault kangoo 1.9 d65
  13. Megane III 1.5dci 106 timing belt cover

    Hello, can somebody help me with the part number for the plastic cover around the timing belt and auxiliary belt. I have just noticed the auxiliary belt is rubbing against the plastic cover and cover is shredded in the bottom end. I have recently changed timing belt and auxiliary belt but...
  14. Clio timing belt.

    My wife has a Renault Clio 1.2 petrol 2007. The timing belt has never been done and I know it's well overdue in years. The car has only done 6000 miles and to be honest, I'd rather she sold it and got a newer car but she loves it. How much would I expect to pay to have the belt and W/P replaced...
  15. dti timing

    hi all my farther in law has brought a non runner 2003 1.9 dti vauxhall vivaro/trafic van there is problems with the fuel pump so i need to change it .. ive locked the crank up with a locking pin and the cam is locked up. my problem is the pump timing found a dimple on the fuel pump wheel but...
  16. Replacing Timing belt kit for 1.6VVT

    Evening all and thanks for reading. I am a new user so be gentle lol. I have just been quoted a 5 hour + and bumper off job at my local garage to replace timing belt kit and water pump on my recently acquired 2007 Megane 1.6vvt. Is this correct in being a big job, or is my garage trying to...
  17. Bottom pulley for timing won't come off **Removed**

    I have a MK1 Megane soft top with the K4M 1.6 16v engine in it with a slight problem. At the MOT the tester noted it had a bit of an oil leak from the front crank oil seal, no biggy I thiught, how wrong I was. Started stipping things down and I can't get the bottom toothed wheel of for the...
  18. F9q camshaft timing

    Hi guys Been a lurker for a few years but I'm a bit confused and could use the intelligence of the forum to assist. So I've got a 2007 scenic with a f9q motor. I had the car towed to me and I've planned to rebuild it (lots of interior damage but the motor was apparently rebuilt). Because the...
  19. Megan 1.5dci Mk3 timing belt

    I just renewed the belt using the timing pins and the three marks on the belt to match the three marks on the sprockets.I turned the crank two revolutions so I can reset tensioner I was hoping that the three marks on the belt will come and match the marks on the sprockets but it seems it's not...
  20. how tight should a timing belt be?

    Working on my 07 scenic with 1.5dci engine see my last post. Only problem I've found so far is to do with timing belt, I could push the belt up/down easily and move the pointer up and down way beyond the 2 limit marks, is this normal. Would have expected it to be tighter removed the...